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Team White 2017 Triple Crown Champion

With a change of venue for the championship game to Dorval after the closure of BOHA home rink, Team White adapted the boards and the swift ice much quicker than Team Black.

Team White played a great team game with swift passes and had 5 different goal scorers, Arnie leading the way with 2 goals. Team White solid Defence played amazing defence frustrating Team Black with only 8 shots allowing team White goalie Pierre Lacoste to put his clean sweater away for the season after the 6-1 win. Team Black as usual never gave up and skated hard. Just not enough on this night.

With the win, Team White not only won the 50th Anniversary crown a few years back but also becomes the first team with the triple crown title. To celebrate this, Frank Kruzich got his first championship ring ever and celebrated with the shave of his chops.

Virtual Field Reporter
Curseman Smiling After Mysterious Bugs Shut Down Championship Game

With mysterious bugs flying in the arena air, the championship night was suspended after arena was forced to shutdown. As BOHA contemplates what the next course of action is, the Curseman is claiming victory and lobbying to get declared as the 2017 Champion. Meanwhile, much chagrin to the Curseman, the breaking news is there might be a game next week to determine some sort of a champion. Stay tuned !!!

Field Reporter

Team White and Team Black In Showcase Game For 2017 Championship Rings

Facing their most important game of the season, Team Black needed to pile on the goals to get into the championship game. Team Black did just that winning 9-2 to secure second place and into the Championship game against Team White.

With a 4-3 win against Team Blue, Team White finished the round robin in first place and will meet Team Black in the Championship game. Only Team Black can prevent Team White from a triple crown season.

Team Green had a chance to get into the championship game but needing a 10 goal differential to do it was almost impossible at best especially when the opposition is Team Red. Team Red, whose chance of making to the championship game ended courtesy of the blizzard storm went out and did the next best thing by defeating Team Green 4-1.

Field Reporter
Team White Almost There But No Guarantee For The Championship Game Spot. BOHA Computer Crashes Trying To Analyze All The Permutation Scenarios. Team Gold Only Team Qualifies For Figure Skate Game

Team White Version 16.17 scores 5 unanswered goals in second half to snatch the game away from Team Red. Until then, Team Red was in command of the game and led Team White 3-1 in the first period. But with 5 rookies on the team, the urge to protect the lead was just too overwhelming and against Team White, this is a death sentence allowing Team White Dave Pollock to showcase what his 85% effort is. The Team White captain normally needs only 50% effort but in a game when a win is a must, adding another 35% effort is a must. The result shows as it became Dave Pollock vs Team Red and the match up was not even close. Team White scored 5 goals in second half and pulls away a win to get closer to the Championship game.

Team Gold, favoured by Vegas to be one of the finalists in the Championship game before the playoff round lost big money as Team Gold is first team to get relegated to the figure skate madness. In a game they must win, Team Gold ran into another hot goalie situation with Team Green who is surging at the right time and is now one of the favourites to get into the Championship game. All Team Green needed was two last minute free agent signings to get them a 3-1 win.

Team Blue, in a new season mode after a disastous regular season, came out buzzing causing a great deal of TANdamonium around Team Black net. Team Black was prepared for this, withstood the onslaught waiting for openings to pounce on. The break came when Team Black captain “Jet” Jones burst out on a two on one and sniped a far side goal on a cold Kerry Gillings giving Team Black a lead. Team Black hung around in a very tight game eventually broke open a 2-1 game with 10 minutes left in the game scoring 4 more goals for a hard fought 5-1 win. All is not lost yet for Team Blue as a win against Team White in the last round robin game still gives them a glimmer of light albeit a dim light.

Field Reporter
Team White Out Of The Pack In A Free For All Playoff Unseen Before

In a season where prediction is unpredictable, only Team White is predictable in a playoff unseen before. After 3 games, Team White is shaking off the Curseman but every team is still in the playoff picture after free agents signings have gone covert.

Team Black did not look good for most of the game down 2-0 to Team Green. But this team does not know how to quit, continuing their famous fore checking while free agent goalie Shawn Farrell staved off four late game breakaways long enough for Team Black to tie the game at 2-2 and stay in the playoff picture. Team Green, who has their own free agent goalie signing is a force to be contend with and back door free agent talent scout Bruce Bezner promises the next game will be played tighter.

Team Red goalie David Wood was not taking any chances this time and left home 3 hours before game time unlike the previous game when snow storm impeded his progress to make the game on time allowing Team Gold to score 5 empty net goals and a easy asterisked 9-3 win. This time, it’s a different scenario but with covert free agent signing by Team Blue, it was still a challenge but Team Red got through with a 3-3 tie.

Team Gold, not used to shooting at a goalie had a hard time adjusting. With a goalie in front of them, goals were harder to come by and Team White took advantage of the confusion scoring a 4-1 win and now is in control of their own destiny once again.

With 2 games remaining in the round robin, the outcome of the rest of the playoff is now predicted on covert free agent signings. All playoff protocol is out of the windows and it is free for all.

Field Reporter
Blizzard Shows No Mercy For Some Teams. All Teams Are Tied After Round Two

BOHA finally is showing parity like many predicted. After two rounds of playoff actions, all the teams that won last week got the short end of the stick in Round 2.

Team Red, who limited Team Black in the first game to 10 shots were not able to contain Team Gold on this snowy blizzard night. Team Gold, one of the elite teams this season played desperately and came out buzzing Team Red early scoring a 9-3 win to get back into the picture.

Team Black, with new strategy in place, followed it to the tee hitting Team White with a double whammy. Facing the outside blizzard was nothing in store for Team White. It was the “Blizzard of Blackness” coming their way with gale force energy that was too much to handle going down 5-3.

Adjusting their defensive and tweaking the offensive lines a bit, Team Green kept Team Blue at bay limiting their offensive chances allowing goalie Shawn Farrell to recupe his energy back shutting Team Blue offence down and getting Team Green back in the picture with a 5-2 win establishing a record of winning two consecutive games.

All teams are now tied in the standings and back to the best of three mode for all teams.

Cheers From St Augustine,Blizzard of Sunshine
Field Reporter
BOHA Playoff Round Robin Starts With One Upset. Every Team Is Still In The Picture

With 30% missing players during this perrenial headache playoff round robin, only one upset game was recorded and again the callup players did most of the scoring and the saves.

Team White took on Team Green to open the playoff season and it was no surprise. The only positive thing for Team Green was they scored first. But no panic for the favourite as Team White outshot Team Green 49-10 the rest of the way pumping in 9 goals for a 9-5 win. Team Green Purchasing Dept. now shopping for a pond hockey net to put on their side.

Team Gold came out and controlled the play and shots for the first fifteen minutes. Callup Carlo Ricciardi kept Team Blue in the game for that length of time and then a goal here and there and suddenly it was a 6-2 win for Team Blue, who had a head start preparing for the post season during the regular season for this game.

Just too many missing players for Team Black to do what they do best. Not enough juice to forecheck allowing Team Red to roam freely free whacking in front of Team Black net. Team Black came back from a 3-0 deficit scoring 3 goals to tie the game but in this night, Team Red just had too much fire power eventually winning 7-4.

Field Reporter
Team White Invites Curseman In Championship Photo As Regular Season Finale and Donation Night All in One Attracts Record Crowd

While Team White Photo Op was in progress, a record crowd attended the Donation Night Ceremony witnessing the distribution of funds to many worthwhile charities and reinforcing the mission of Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Association. A proud moment for all Bohaniens. With funds distributed, it was back to business with two important games.

With the best playoff schedule on the line between Teams Red and Gold, Team Red came out flying, scoring a pair of quick goals, let Gold score one, and added 2 more for a half time 4-1 lead. In the 2nd half, Team Red decided to play the trap. Team Gold, led by super sub Mike “Ronny Mac” Fortier tenacity and tireless forechecking, led Team Gold with two goals and once and for all proving to all critics it is the bottom line that counts, not ranking. Mike’s tenacious skating inspired his team to a come from behind 4-4 tie, keeping Team Gold in 2nd place in the standings and securing the best spot in the playoff round robin tournament. For Team Red, not all is lost. Team Red remains in third securing the best two late games in the playoff schedule. Team Red own critics are hinting the short bench policy throughout the season is leading to tired legs in the 2nd period.

Team Black well known transition play continues to play out and was instrumental in getting Team Black a 3-0 lead with 6 min to go. Team White, a dream team this season, despite missing some players, dug deep with trench player Frank Kruzich, whose only record is 90th player drafted 40 consecutive years until this season when he was drafted first by Team White. Team White GM Dave Pollock, who drafted Frank for his 39 seconds shifts per game, must have known his hidden treasure as Frank dribbled the puck into the net prompting Team White to come up with 2 more earning a 3-3 tie.

Game 3 was a wide open exciting game to watch, according to Junior Field Reporters observing this game. Team Blue came up with a couple more hidden callups to supplement their meager lineup. Simon Banbury was between the pipes for Team Blue again, replacing the injured Kerry Gillings, and did an admiral job once again, propelling BOHA Scouting Bureau to upgrade his bio status from back up to back up to just backup “goalkeeper”. Team Blue jumped off to a quick start with 2 goals before Team Green was able to get going. Team Blue was leading 4-1 before Team Green got the legs going rallying to score 2 before half time. In the 2nd half, Team Blue restored a 2 goal lead but with 4th place still in sight, Team Green replied with some late goals to tie it but Team Blue put the icing on the cake, with their 7th goal and that's how the regular season ended with a 7-6 win for Team Blue.

From Playoff Round Robin Dept.

As we go into the playoff round, as always there are some who look at the playoff with different point of views. Most look at it as just games but some want to add the championship ring to their resumes. But everyone will agree that good competitive games throughout the rest of the season should be the paramount goal for every Bohanien. For the rookies in the league who may not be aware, from day one, the playoff takes place during March break when many players rightfully so are fulfilling family duties taking them to wonderful places. Taking Trump’s famous rhetoric, “Believe Me”, the spares have a great influence on game results more often than not. The Playoff system has always been broken and more so this season. As we are witnessing this season, with basically less than ideal number of spares, the scenario of many games with very short benches are very real. It is important then that each Team Representative can help somewhat by ensuring that all his missing players click in asap to allow the spares coordinators to get a head start.

Field Reporter
Teams Red and Gold To Battle For Best Playoff Schedule In Finale Regular Season Game

Despite all the lopsided scores this season, there were still four teams vying for 2nd place. Two pretenders now have been weeded out and only Team Red and Team Gold will battle it out in the donation night regular season finale for the best playoff round robin spot. Teams that finished in second place went on to win 39 championships. A win by Team Red will get them 2nd place.

In a nothing game between Team White and Team Blue, Team Blue called up a couple of free agents and dressed up rookie backup to backup “goalkeeper” Simon Banbury. While John Glaser and Benoit Chiasson controlled the game peppering Team White goalie Pierre Lacoste who was forced to perform his best keeping Team White in the game, Simon was equally in the zone using every part of his anatomy, especially in the last 10 minutes of the game to stop Team White from chalking up more points winning 4-2.

It was a crucial game between Team Gold and Team Green. A win for Team Green would have made the standings more interesting, but long story short, Team Gold controlled its own destiny with the 5-3 win and now sits in the best place in 2nd place. Record shows that second place finishers in BOHA 55 year long history celebrated the championship rings 39 times including current Team Gold veteran defenceman Keith Imhoff record seven rings. All Team Gold has to do is tie Team Red in the last regular season game and they will be the favourite going into the playoff round.

Team Black, also in the hunt got hit with the "absent flu" and the top 4 draft picks all missed the crucial game. With valiant efforts from the rest of the team and assistance from callus Rob Boyle and Eric Gauthier, the team was competitive but just not enough juice going down 6-4 to Team Red. With the win, Team Red is the only team to challenge Team Gold for the best playoff schedule.

BOHA news ……………

The last regular season game is also the donation night where funds are distributed to the representatives of all the charitable organizations BOHA supports. Games start earlier at 7pm, 9pm and 10:25pm.

Congratulations to the BOHA 50+ tournament team in winning the Kirkland Tournament !! Well done boys !!!

Field Reporter
Breaking News !!! Donation Night Correction
Donation night is on February 28, not this Tuesday. So game time this Tuesday, February 21, is back to 8PM, 9:25pm and 10:50pm.
Team White Regular Season Champion. Other Teams Juggling For Playoff Positions. Team Green With Questionable Move Causing Team Red To Protest and Picket BOHA Competition Board Office

With two games left in the regular season, Team White has secured first place and a guaranteed only 1 late game. All other teams are fighting for 2nd place, some more intense than others. Four teams are still in the mix for this coveted spot while Team Blue is on the sideline preparing for the playoff round.

Team Black, with the best record in the second half, is definitely targeting second place, the best place to be in with only one late game and best playoff schedule. But before doing so, Team Black needed points and it did not look promising when Team Blue scored with 1.39 minutes left to go up 4-3. But Boha best forechecking Team Black forced a face off in Team Blue zone and with a quick wrister, Team Black Mike “Airhog” Rourke ties it 4-4 with 12.9 seconds left on the clock with his patented quickie face off one timer wrister, salvaging a point to stay in hunt for second place. For Team Blue, that’s just the way the season has been but it is predicted this team will be a force during the playoff.

Knowing that 2 points are needed to keep them in the 2nd place picture, Team Green pulled a move bordering an illegal move by calling up a non registered goalie, causing Team Red to picket outside the BOHA Executive Office. A sanction might be in the work for a case of premium beverages against Team Green for their under the table move which is fine for the well funded Team Green especially the 3-1 win moves them ahead of Team Red.

With short bench on both sides, it was a matter of which team was in better shape. Team White was just a tad better scoring a 5-4 win over Team Gold. With this win, Team White is officially crowned 3 games late as the regular season champ with the bonus curse in tow.

Breaking News:

BOHA Donation Night takes place next Tuesday Feb 21. First game starts at 7pm, follows by donation. 2nd game at 9PM and late game moves to 10:25pm. BOHA urges all Bohaniens to attend this important annual event.

Field Reporter
Mini Ice storm hits again. Affects some Teams more than Others

Team White is at it again, running all over Team Red for the first 10 minutes of the game, scoring 4 goals, then as predictable coasted for the rest of the gamfinishing with a 6-3 win. Team White can afford to be in this mode thanks to the preparation and brilliant moves made by CFO Dave Pollock during the draft.

Team Blue has been in frigid state since the start of the season and the mini ice storm is not helping the frozen hands some are experiencing. Team Gold saw this golden opportunity and took advantage of it scoring 4 goals in each period. playersTeam Blue just doesn't know how to find the net, and just cannot seem to put 2 wins together to get a streak going. Sadly another lopsided game against Team Blue going down 8-1.

With so many players missing, the last game between Team Black and Team Green had to be a fast moving wide open game and super sub Benoit Ducharme and consistent Steve Poirier were tested many times and both stood up to the challenge getting each team a point in a well deserved 2-2 tie.

Field Reporter ll
Mini Ice Storm Short circuit A Few Teams Causing Power Outage To Some Players

With all teams back in action after the holiday break, all players had to contend with the mini ice storm mostly west of west island, causing freezing hand symtoms to some of the more reliable players.

Team Black and Team Gold open the new year hoping for a quick start. Team Black Andre Martin was the quickest out of the gate, playing a position unfamiliar to all but effective when he back swipes the puck past an over enthused sliding Jocelyn Lauzon for the opening goal of year 2017 with only 2 minutes gone. From that point onward it was downhill for Team Gold as Team Black pretty well dictates the game ending it 10-5 and on a 2 game winning streak, sending their goalie to a 10 day Key West Caribbean cruise.

Second game was no different as Team White took a 4-0 lead and then coasted to a 7-3 win over Team Green and a staggering 98 goals for after only 18 games. Captain Dave Pollock in serious chase for the record, is not sending his goalie for a cruise but to a fast pace dry land training.

Team Blue Simon Banbury made his Boha appearance as a rookie goaltender. While the initial outing is a bit less than the desired outcome, Simon and the Team Blue brass are satisfied in his 6-3 bebut loss to Team Red as a warm up for better things to come.

Field Reporter
BOHA 3 Wise Men Celebrate Birthdays N Hat Trick As Gourmet Christmas Meal Served

As duo of Spiro Krallis and Tom Simpson prepare the Dagwoods brand sausages, sandwiches, chips, nuts, and other condiments for the traditional festive meal in Santa Cave, the year ending games finished year 2016 with festive giving and scroogie games.

Team White and Team Red played cautiously in front of the many Alumnis who showed up to this annual event, perhaps to showcase or maybe everyone just going through the motion to get to the post game munchies in one piece. It appears most players of both teams just could not get into it as the flow trickles down with the exception of Dr. Francois Gilbert, league leading goal scorer in his category with another goal and player of the game Mike Downey, a good jesuit Loyola boy scoring his first 2 goals this season, leading Team White and outshooting Team Red 8-2 for a scroogie 8-2 Merry Christmas win.

Meanwhile, there’s no scroogie game between Team Gold and Team Blue in their 5-5 tie. Since both teams cut their field reporting budget, these two teams remain a mystery in their daily activities.

Team Black continues to focus on Team bonding and it is working especially in the food and beverage department. In 3rd place now and with record number of amber magic, players from other teams are lining up and some on waiting list to gain entrance to the dressing or lack thereof room especially to celebrate with the birthday boys. With Christmas wishes arriving early, the birthday boys Presidente Peter McCusker opening tip in goal, Andre Martin 3 assists posed for a remembrance photo along with hat trick specialist Professor JP Parkhill and a year ending 6-3 win. With stringent dress code, guest Gary MacLellan was handed temporary cover up in the guest quarter.

BOHA Happy Holidays Planning Committee ….

A thank you note from all Bohaniens for the beautiful Christmas spread organized by Tommy Simpson with the usual top notch quality gourmet meal from Dagwoods Spiro Krallis with sandwiches, steaming sausages and condiment spread, chips, nuts, buns and all consumed in record time.

Number of alumnis joined in the festive mood. Among them, Alan Turpin, Bob Roe, regular fan Hughes Pollock.

Executive and all wish all Bohaniens, Friends of BOHA and family members a safe and joyeuse Happy Holidays. Till we meet again on January 3, 2017 at 8PM sharp.

Field Reporter
BOHA More Than Hockey. Love Is In The Air

Breaking News !!! There's a serious insinuation that a cheque is a guise for some illicit activity. Exhibit A submitted to BBI, BOHA Bureau of Investigation is showing cheque is coded and forensic expert has been busy deciphering what this really means. Rob Bowrin, Junior Field Reporter Emeritus uncovers this during his reporting assignment. A quick investigation is pointing towards the Russian hackers attempt to discredit BOHA saintly reputation with this titillating news.

For most of the players in the first game still dreaming or wishing they are involved in this latest scandalous activity, it was tough to concentrate. Team Blue took advantage and slipped a game changing player into their lineup bypassing the official system creating another scandal. Unaware to Team Black that Team Blue has an under the table player, most felt this game was a bit more challenging to play but in the end it did not matter as Team Black super D Jack Digiacomo potted a career first two goal performance including the howitzer looping winning goal from the point with 0.6 seconds left in the game for a 5-4 win. In the ensuing celebration at Mike “Air Hog” Rourke mancave in the “Barn”, a rowdy bunch from Team Black and party crusher “The Dude” munched on sandwiches, nuts, chips and consumed cold beverages and amber magic shots in front of the musical virtual firelogs.

Poise to move up in the standings, Team Green who has been on an offensive tear lately bumped into Team Red, the best offensive team lately. Team Red dominated the first period and then went on to win 4-2 stopping Team Green for now.

At one time, having seven callups spell disaster but since everything is going the right way for Team White so far, it’s just another game for them. Team Gold, a little confused with Team White lineup, never adjusted and went through the motion allowing Team White Captain Dave Pollock to sit out Ted Mulhern in the second half and double shifted Frank Kruzich inspiring the callups to score most of the goals winning a lopsided 7-2 game.

The 2016 year end games start one hour early for all teams starting at 7PM. Not sure what BOHA has in the plan to celebrate the Happy Holidays season but whatever it is, is always well done.

Field Reporter
More Blowout Games

In this year of offensive hockey, it is expected every week there will be one or two blow out games, a high scoring game and maybe one competitive game. Increasingly, less players are touching the puck as a handful of offensive players are rushing end to end and with some teams short benching, more offensive records are in danger of being broken.

It was supposed to be an easy 2 points for Team Gold but with a wide open game, Team Green got more open ice than Team Gold and callup specialist Rob Freire took advantage of the openings leading Team Green to a 8-2 win and now is only one point behind Team Gold.

Dr. Francois Gilbert, who once wore Cooper GPX 2000 model gloves as a rookie not too long ago has come a long way. No longer tripping over the blueline he now glides with confidence picking top corners. With two more goals last night and 8 to date, no wonder Team White is in first place. Leading 6-3, Team White, still nervous of losing players to trade, coasted a bit too much allowing Team Blue a comeback 6-6 tie.

Remembering their shellacking by Team Black in their last meeting, Team Red was not going to let it happan again. After a scary moment when they were down 4-2, BOHA best offensive team took over and rolled over Team Black 8-5 serving notice to Team Black not to “*%k with them again.

Field Reporter
Records Established In All Three Games In Week 14. Ted Mulhern 2 Goals Away From Hall Of Fame Eligibilty

After an unusual dry spell of no records established, there are suddenly 4 records established and broken in 2 consecutive weeks, including Team White Ted Mulhern whose 4 goals bring him closer to first BOHA player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the offensive category.

Team Gold and Team Red led this historic night jockeying for 2nd place and to many experienced Bohaniens the best place to be for the playoff round robin schedule . With the score at 0-0 in the first period, Team Red Dave Wood established a personal best record since joining BOHA in the early 80’s for not allowing a goal in the first period. Sadly, BOHA best offensive team was not able to hold the tie and with their offensive game timing a bit off, Team Gold took advantage and skated away with a 4-2 win and now is in the coveted 2nd place. With Team Red injured defenceman Scott Meehan testing and warming up and looking good between games, Team Red is not too worry.

In a tail spin the last few games, Team White decided that enough is enough and showed their game for all to see that they are not playing possum as some critics are suggesting. Particularly forward extraordinaire Ted Mulhern, who never cares about critics, sidestepping around Team Black Defensive corps scoring 4 goals with three quarter of the game left. With a 5 goal lead in less than 10 minutes, maybe it was time to coast and back to possum mode savoring the eventual 7-0 victory and celebrate Ted Mulhern record pace with beverage and chips and a photo op with accomplice Team Black goalie George Tan.

Mike Fortier, Team Green A1 callup, did it again. Making the BOHA Field Report is an accomplishment in itself but to be part of the news 2 weeks in a row is unheard of. But with a record goal in 3.85 seconds after opening faceoff, it has to make the news. This record will be standing for a long time. Paul Regimbal, who knows a thing or two about speed, calculated that after the drop, the speed of the puck has to be 97mph to cross the goal line. With actuarial scientist Michel Mayer calculation support using all BOHA players shot speed as statistical sample, 99.9% of the players shot speed were eliminated citing a lack of bladehead speed. With this supporting data, This record might just hold up for a long time. Despite this accomplishment, it was Team Blue A1 callup Michael Aucoin who potted two top corner goals on Team Green callup goalie TBD from the blue line to secure a come from behind 4-3 Team Blue win and taking the limelight away from Mike Fortier.

BOHA Competition Board …….
Despite all the lopsided scores after week 14, Standings remain close with Teams White, Red and maybe Gold still in the top tier and Teams Green, Black and Blue in the farm tier. Only one thing is for sure, more records in jeopardy of being broken.

Field Reporter
Ball Hockey Sensation Mike Fortier Inspires Team Green While Team Black Veteran Marc “Pea Grower” Lemery Breaks 19 Year Record

With a so so season so far, Team Green got a big boost from callup Mike Fortier, a ball hockey sensation, when he scored Team Green first goal setting an inspired peppy offense winning 6-1 easily including a roofer by Tommy Simpson to cap the victory. After a quick start out of the gate, is Team White now in a coasting mode to avoid another trade or is this it when the full team shows up? From the field reporting gallery, the opinion is the difference in this game is Team White playing with a regular roster and Team Green shelving a few “Departure lounge” class players, tipping the scale to a peppier offense by the Martians. Team White power offense just could not penetrate into the scoring zone area while Team Green designated coach Joey Strati gave the 'Green" light to his pride callup Mike Fortier whose tenacity earned him two penalties but more importantly confusing Team White and stalling their offensive players who are used to free wheeling. Is this a glimpse of Team White “2015-16 Canadiens Collapsed syndrome" or is it just a minor hiccup. All hockey pundits are predicting it is just a minor setback.

Team Blue after a few strong games went backward big time letting in a few early goals and then some more before going down 10-5 to Team Red who is about to be declared the best offensive team by Vegas. The goals came from all the forwards in this game. All the defense did was stopped Team Blue powder puff offense at the blueline to limit the damage to 5 goals avenging their last game when the same Team Blue humiliated them 7-2.

Another seesaw battle for Team Black, this time against Team Gold, a designated high echelon team. With a scoreless first period, it was a matter of which team has better stamina as both teams played with reduced rosters. Soon Team Gold offensive power showed up scoring 2 goals and led 3-1 until devine intervention by Team Black Marc “Pea Grower” Lemery who with 17.8 seconds left scored and then again in the goal mouth with a scrambling knuckle roofer with 5.8 seconds left in the game to tie it 3-3, breaking a BOHA 19 year record by .5 second with 2 goals in 12 seconds by same defenceman last held by current Team Gold defenceman Keith Imhoff who sadly was on the ice for Marc’s both goals.

What will next week’s games be like. Will they be close and competitive or will they be lopsided that is becoming a norm this season.

Field Reporter
Two More Blow out Games and More Rosters Maneuvering Surfacing

Very interesting season to date. There are more lopsided games and hockey pundits are zeroing in on call ups and roster maneuvering as exhibited in week 12.

Team White after going through a rough few games is back on track on route holy grail. Team Gold proves to be inconsequential as Team White plays with them with an easy 7-2 shellacking win. The only positive out of this is Team Gold is still in 2nd place as Team Red did no better.

In one of the few close games this season, Team Blue and Team Black, both known as the lower echelon teams battle it out with a goaltending duel between Kerry Gillings and George Tan. The result is a 3-3 tie with Team Black defending the wall with 2 men short for the last 3 minutes of the game.

Team Red, playing with less than allowable roster the last few games did it again but in this instance, with some key players missing was on the low side losing 9-3 to Team Green who is now on a one game winning streak after 3 losses in a row. BOHA Treasury is considering sending a notice to Team Red management as the responsible culprit in league loss revenue and 3 teams cutting down their food budget.

BOHA news …..

Slow trickling hearsay news has Boha/Darien exchange this past week-end with Boha splitting with a 3-2 loss on Friday night and rebounding with a big 8-2 win on Saturday and then off to the Bell Centre to witness the 5-0 Canadiens win over Detroit Red Wings while Chad Spannaus entertained a near capacity crowd at Club Dome with 3 flawless karaoke tunes.

Field Reporter

Team Black Trumps Team Green. Some Teams Start Building Wall To Stave Off More Goals

In a year where high and lopsided scores are the norms for the first 11 games, is this an anomaly or is BOHA returning back to a shinny hockey league. Only time will tell.

After a blockbuster deal between Team Black and Team White, it is only clear at this time that Team Black got a “Moose” that fits right into the team chemistry. The new Team Black member Marc Daoust fits in like a glove on and off the ice. Steady as a brick wall, Team Green just could not penetrate Marc and the defence corps. With timely goals, Brad Belvedere, Captain Jet Jones and Mike “Air Hog” Rourke led the team again for the 7-3 win. Team Green management is now commissioning for a blueprint to start a defensive wall to stave off the recent goals onslaught.

Team Red, who already has a wall moves into a tie with Team White and Team Gold in the standings but remains in 3rd place with negative goal differential after the 9-5 win over Team White. This team continues to apply the successful short bench strategy. Will this continue or will they wait till BOHA Treasury Department sends collector notices to Team Red. James Anderson, the flip side of the blockbuster trade, sadly debuts with a loss but is hopeful with a garden view on better things to come for Team White.

Controversy over a callup, Team Gold took their case directly to the source and got a favourable ruling in time for a pre-game trade. After a close period, Team Gold call up Mike Deheuval decided to take the matter into his own hands with 2 goals to lead Team Gold to a 4-2 win securing a solid 2nd place but tied in points with Team White and Team Red.

Field Reporter
After 10 Games Only Team White Has a Path To Regular Season Champion Trophy

A third into the season, debate is brewing whether the defensive game is crumbling or the offence is picking up a notch. League statisticians are looking at this year overall goals against average of 3.9 and are wondering why it is higher than past years.

Team Blue Crazy Sox Labelle was on a tear in the opening game potting a hat trick leading Team Blue who has awaken to a 7-2 win over Team Red. Back stopper Kerry Gillings closed off the bottom part of the net and only allowed Team Red to score twice winning his long overdue first game of the season in eight tries. Team Blue is on a 3 game unbeaten streak looking to extend it against Team Gold next week.

After a team “Crown Royal” rally to wipe out a bad 6-2 memory loss against Team Blue the previous week, Team Black went out and peppered Team Gold for the first 15 minutes spoiling the debut night for Team Gold goalie Richard Perron. Brad Belvedere on a hot streak lately, took a blind pass from super sub Eddie Cheong scoring a highlight goal to lead the 6-1 win over Team Gold. Team Black photographer Dave Newell is sharing Team Black secret winning Formula once again.

Team White put another notch on their gun belt defeating Team Green 4-3. With 15 minutes to go in the last period, Team White popped in 3 goals in less than 6 minutes reversing the score with Team Green and skated away with a 4-3 win.

Field Reporter
Games Are “RIGGED” According To The Losing Teams

After 8 games into the season, the runner ups in last night games are making allegation the games were rigged and are now contemplating hiring Trump Campaign as consultant.

Team Green on a 4 game unbeaten streak was on a roll until some rigged calls mar the highlight reel play of the night by Team Green Brad Belvedere who after stripping the puck off Team Green callup Pierre Traverse did a 1 6 3 move on his knees to score the play of the night goal. Sadly an uncalled “Slap shot” by perennial slap shot king Bruce Bezner and a rigged penalty call late in the game paved the road to Team Green to score 2 goals and a 5-4 win in less than 4 minutes.

Team Blue suffering a horrendous goal differential deficit unseen before stopped the bleeding tying Team Gold 2-2. The offense continues to cast a shadow but lighter hue is in the horizon a few light years ahead. Team Gold, a close pursuer of Team White picks up a point and is now in solid 2nd place just ahead of Team Green by 10 goals.

Team White who adjusted their speed to cruise control a few games ago is re-considering new adjustments after the 6-4 loss to Team Red. But this is just a minor hiccup and in no time will continue their path to claim the regular season trophy sooner than later. Team Red, another top tier team, relied on veteran goalie Dave Wood who stopped Team White game breaker Dave Pollock on the most crucial play but more importantly only allowed him to score 3 of Team White goals.

Will the games continue to get rigged ? Tune in !!!

Field Reporter
Team White Continues To Prove Vegas Prediction Right While Secret Hot Sauce Fires UP Team Black

With this year draft process going rogue this season, different teams are handling it differently. Some took advantage while others did not care as long as the food and beverages are good. Team Black continues to put out gourmet servings while Team Red slashes their food and beverage budget risking massive layoffs in Master Chef Mark Dubois Department.

Shortbenching some of the role players including sitting out Frank Kruzich who holds the record of being the first draft of the reverse order, Team White continues their path to capture the regular season with a 7-5 win over the hard luck Team Blue. Score is close but the plays dictate Team White is going to be hard to beat. Team Blue picks players based on locker room atmosphere. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be if the losing trend continues. But based on past history, this team usually rebounds back.

On the rise, Team Black took advantage of Team Red leaky pipes pumping in 10 goals with their 15 shots and then blocked 89 point shots from Team Red duo Nick Bergamin and Peter Matajic for a 10-4 win. This is a collective win for Team Black with all 13 players collecting at least 1 point. But more importantly, since their 3 game training camp mode, Team Black has been on a 4 game unbeaten streak after introducing the team secret hot sauce reluctantly being published for sharing.

Team Gold, closest challenger to Team White, is starting to show the drafting genius of their captain Jocelyn Lauzon. After convincing BOHA competition board to allow goalies to be Team Managers, Jocelyn took advantage of the newly instituted free for all draft system to craft a championship caliber team. The result is a 7-1 walloping of Team Green who is now looking closely at Team Black secret hot sauce.

Field Reporter
BOHA Back To Regular Season After Hosting Another Successful Tournament
BOHA Takes A Break. Turns Focus to Tournament

After five games into the season, some teams are happy to take a week off while others want the momentum built up to keep going. Regardless, all teams will be off for a week while BOHA welcomes other teams to partake in the annual invitational tournament.

With a 2 game winning streak, Team Black is a bit disappointed with the upcoming break but is ecstatic with the 5-2 empty net win over Team Gold. For Team Gold, it was just one of those games when players were not able to get in front of the net.

Taking advantage of 3 power plays the previous game against Team Gold self destructive penalties, mostly to call up Dave McGibbon, Team White was hoping Team Green would play the same way. But the disciplined Team Green scouted well and had Tim Brun shadowing player of the game Francois Gilbert all game long. The reward was a 5-3 win for Team Green handing Team White the first loss of the season.

Team Red plays their typical game. Blessed with a new draft system and injury replacement, the team with the best point shots took it to Team Blue winning 5-4 after trailing most of the game. Team Blue is now in last place and wonders if the new draft instituted this year is working against them.

BOHA now takes a week off to welcome teams to the annual invitational tournament.

Field Reporter
A Tie Game, A Normal Game and A Blowout Game.Team White Enjoys Early Success

After 4 weeks of play, it appears the close games exhibited in the past ten years are giving way to more blowout games. Will this be the norm or just a ploy by some teams to get better playoff schedule.

Team Red, a challenger to Team White and still in sight for first place fell back after an almost loss. After a 0-0 tie with 6 minutes left in the game, a goalmouth deflection by Marco Romani and a callup Martin Seebacher breakaway goals put Team Red in a big hole. But with a skate through the Green team goal by Nick Bergamin and a turnaround swiper Craig Miller goal got Team Red a point and now trail Team White by 3 points.

Announcing Team Black training camp over, General Manager Jeff “Jet” Jones proceeded to sign up free agent John Glaser. Result is a 1 goal and a 4 point night catapulting Team Black to a 5-2 win and first win of the season. Team Black capitalized on all their breakout chances on this game and the defence corps and Marc “Green Pea” Lemery presence took care of business in the defensive zone. After a strong start in the past two seasons, Team Blue is having a rough start but as always, this team history shows they are always in the playoff picture once the season settles down.

The final score was already projected before Team White and Team Gold took the ice. The 7-3 win for Team White is no surprise as this team continues to break records on the way to claiming the title of Regular season champion.

Count Down to BOHA Annual Turnament ………....2 weeks
Stay tune for more details.

Field Reporter
Team Black Still In Training Camp Mode. Vegas Declares Team White Unofficial Winner of Regular Season

With only two weeks into the season, some teams are still in training camp mode while others are declared the unofficial winner of regular season, based on the new polling technology.

Team Black, the plumbing team with a tenacious forechecking game, almost pulled one out of the hat but with some pipes still leaking and playing behind the eight ball since the first minute of the game, Team Black went down to a 6-4 empty net loss to Team Red. But the game was quickly wiped out from memory when Dave Newell gourmet “Pulled pork’ with all the trimmings are served with fine beverages.

Like Team Black, Team Green has struggled the first two games watching Team Gold skated away with 4 goals in the second half and a 5-1 loss. Team Gold has joined Team White in the elite section while Team Green will regroup and try for the 2 points next game against Team Black.

The earliest prediction ever made by Vegas, Team White is already declared the unofficial favourite to win the regular season. With the 5-1 win over Team Blue, it’s a matter of coasting the remaining 23 games and get ready for the playoff.

Field Reporter

BOHA Opens New Season With Mixed Results. 3 Teams Won and 3 Teams Lost

BOHA started off the 2016-17 season with Team Blue winning 3-1 against Team Green. In this cautious opening game, the only record broken is a total of 76 falls including 12 players tripping over the blue lines prompting both Team Blue Captain Paul Belley and Team Green Captain Bruce Besner to schedule some practice time to get those skating legs back.

Team Black, already nicknamed Team Plumbers, had the worst plumbing nightmare; multiple leaks from the pipes out. Using the band aid solution for the first half of the game, Team Black stayed in the game but sooner than later, the pipes burst mainly caused by Team White shinny hockey enthuse Dave Pollock who had an ice day with a BOHA personal high 15 shots, 4 goals and involved in all Team White goals single handedly downing Team Black 7-1. No worry, Team Black captain Jeff Jet Jones is looking at some tools to tighten the pipes.

Already touted as the powerhouse in this early season, Team Red did not disappoint the leftover fans earning a 2-1 win over Team Gold. Looking at his schedule for next week, Team Red captain Don Etienne is already looking forward to the game against Team Black.

BOHA News from President Peter McCusker Office ……..

The northern part of our annual exchange with the Darien Hockey Club has been confirmed! We will be hosting our friends from the south on November 11-13th. There will be the traditional 3 games played (Fri eve, Sat and Sun mornings). Please contact the Dude if you would like to participate:

Donation Night has been moved to Feb 28th (from the original tentative date of the 21st) to accommodate the 7pm start.

The tentative date for the AGM is Tuesday June 6th, 2017.

Field Reporter
Welcome To The 2016-2017 Season!

The draft was held last night, the teams have been made and Opening Night is just two weeks away! Watch for an email from one of the team reps advising you which team you’re on. For spares, keep your eyes open for sparing opportunities.

Before we move on to a few housekeeping matters, please join me in thanking your BOHA Executive for accepting the roles they were voted in for at the AGM in June:

President: Peter McCusker

VP On-Ice: Andre Blanchette

VP Off-Ice: Tom Simpson

Secretary: Dave Newell

Treasurer: Dave Wood

Tournament President: Steve Poirier

Please also join me in thanking the following people for the important roles they’ll play in the smooth running of the league this season:

· Teams Reps: Paul Belley, Bruce Besner, Don Etienne, Dave Pollock, Jocelyn Lauzon, Jeff Jones

· Timekeeping: Sarah MacLellan

· Referees: Roger and his crew

· Spare system manager: George Tan

· Spare coordinators: Ted Jackson and Kerry Gillings

· Spare collections: Gord MacLellan

· Balancing Committee: Marco Romani, Dave Pelletier, Rick Wyjad and Arnie Dort


· Tuesday Aug 16th: Face-Off at Ste-Anne’s Legion – spares are welcome!

· Tuesday Aug 23rd: Opening Game Night

· Sept 27th to Sunday Oct 2nd, 2016: Tournament

· Sept 27th: NO GAMES – Tournament

· Dec 20th: Christmas Party – early games times: 7pm, 8:25pm, 9:50pm

· Dec 27th: NO GAMES – Christmas Break (Start back Jan 3rd)

· Jan 10th: NO GAMES – BKRA Tournament

· Feb 21st (tentative): Donation Night

· Mar 7th to Apr 4th: Playoff Round Robin

· April 11th: Finals – early games times: 7pm, 8:25pm, 9:50pm

· May 6th, 2017 (tentative): Banquet


As part of our support of the Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Tournament, all BOHA members are reminded that your responsibilities also include;

a cheque for $100 payable to the charity assigned to your team (tax receipt to be issued by the charity in question)
volunteering for at least one shift during the tournament, securing program ads, donating raffle prizes, etc


o a spare that is invited to replace a regular with a long-term injury (half-season or more), will be required to do same as above for a regular

o all spares are strongly encouraged to support the tournament as mentioned above. Tax receipts will be issued for any donations made directly to a charity in BOHA’s name.

·For more information, please contact Steve Poirier, Tournament President at 514-927-6396 or

That’s all for now... more to come between now and Opening Night. Wishing everyone a great season!

Looking forward to seeing you all at face-off next week!


Peter, President

Renewal of membership for 2016-17 Season
BOHA welcomes all Bohaniens again for the upcoming season. Renewal process is in full swing and all "Regular" players are encouraged to renew your membership. There is a deadline of July 31 to indicate your choice. Many spares are eager to join as full time player so do not miss the date as you may find yourself cheering from the sideline.

For your information, all "Regular" players are autoset as Not Returning in the system. You must log in and indicate one of the choices available for you to activate your membership. No exception !!!!

BOHA Membership Renewals
Gold In Short Supply As Team Gold Wins Third Straight Gold Medal Game

In the closing night of BOHA 2016 medal games, the debate continues whether what feels better; to lose gold medal game and get the token silver or winning the bronze medal game? Judging from the reactions from the players at the finale night, Team Green players exhibited that winning the bronze medal game feels much better than Team White getting the token Silver medal.

With no precious metal left to forge for this undercard game, both Team Blue and Team Red played for the “Figure Skate” trophy. With nothing to lose and planning towards the future, Team Red showcased their future goaltending depth dressing the “Dude” to replace hard luck goalie Jocelyn Lauzon. Evaluating the save percentage and the score, Team Red draft picks continue to show why Team Red is 0 for 6 in the medal game round robin. The only positive might be next season draft lottery pick. Team Blue, a little nervous at the outset and down 5-3, turned the game around by shooting at the net confusing the Dude winning easily, escaping the figure skate trophy with a come from behind 11-6 win.

The hard luck Team Green, who went dry offensively during the critical games in the playoff round was determined to win the bronze medal. Team Black had the same thing in mind but Team Green Gord Parkinson was a one man wrecking crew taking a record 15 shots on net but just could not shake the cement hands label, counting only one in the 5-3 win but denying his feeder Ted Mulhern the BOHA assists record, own by teammate Dr. Geoff Heseltine. Still with that important point, Ted Mulhern is declared BOHA 2016 overall scoring champion by popular votes.

After 10 games into the season, Team Gold was written off by Vegas Bookie Marc Lemery. With careful drafting and stroke of luck that is only reserved for good teams, Team Gold Captain Andre Blanchette used their supplemental draft picks to complete the puzzle. Going for 16 straight win streak was never in doubt jumping to a quick 2-0 lead and then frustrating offenseless Team White all night long winning 5-2 easily along with a record third straight championship in front of the second largest noisy crowd and a history first father son on opposing teams when JP Mayer Sr unfortunately finishing on the runner-up side but nevertheless a happy man passing the torch to junior Jean Philippe to carry on. Paul Painter, Team Gold veteran defenceman rested 24 games during the season to get ready for the big one and now is the first Three peat winner in Team Gold history.

As is customary, a tribute to Team Gold members:
Goal: Steve Poirier, Shawn Farrell (Back up), Benoit Ducharme (Back up to Back Up), Brad Hemming (Back up to the 3rd power).
Defence: Spiro Krallis, Andre Blanchette, Scott Meehan, Mike Tinmouth, Paul Painter, Bryan Kaye (Draft pick), Tony Butera (Darft Pick), Geoff Kalil (Draft Pick)
Forwards: Arnold Dort, Dave Maik, Mathieu Crevier, Bob Saharov, JP Mayer Jr., Paul Belly, Wayne Hart, Simon Banbury, Tim Brun, James Anderson and all 120 callups.

With celebration continuing in Team Gold room, soon it was time and a final call from dix minutes ends a successful 2016 season but BOHA Hockey Operations is already in full swing holding first meeting next week. But to all the rest of Bohaniens, it is time to recupe or forget and with golf season around the corner, the Field Reporters Association wishes all Bohaniens a good swing to dream about, a safe, healthy and a great summer.

Some season ending BOHA news and familiar faces……

Vegas prediction was spot on although with high odds of 195 to 50 cents, not much to gain. Biggest loser bookie Marc Lemery lost big time putting all his weekly allowances on Team White.

Record breaking spares allowing BOHA to plan for a good banquet instead of tube steak. All teams thank the BOHA Executives for a great season and the free flowing pizzas and bottles of pristine Scottish beverage to cap off the season arranged by VP Off Ice Tom Simpson.

Nice to see some alumnus in the stands cheering for both teams, notably past Presidents Dana Smith and Keith Bertoia, Bob Roe, Al Turpin.

And finally, BOHA website hits a record over 1,000,000 visitors in 5 short years. We thank all visitors but most of all the website sponsors for making it possible to allow BOHA to be the undisputed leader in automated hockey spares management in the sports world.

Until then,

Field Reporter
Stage Is Set For BOHA 2016 Championship Game

With one more game to go in the 2016 season, Team Gold is going for the record breaking 16 straight unbeaten streak while Team White is going for a record 19 championship titles.

With no pressure other than tying a 15th straight unbeaten streak record in line, Team Gold, already in the championship game did not hold back. Knowing that their best chance to win against Team Blue, who needs the win to get into the showdown game, is to shoot, that they did and with too many holes, an easy 7-2 win secures the home game and the pivotal last change for Team Gold who now is going after the record 16 games unbeaten record and defending the 2015 champion title. For Team Blue, after a valiant and successful season now plays in the 7pm “Figure Skate” trophy game against the hard luck Team Red.

With no mathematical chance of getting into the showcase game, Team Green went all out offensively against Team Red. Looking good for the first half with a 5-1 lead and then strange things happened when Team Red scored 4 goals in a space of 5 minutes. But a determined Nick Bergamin took the bull by the horn, scoring his first BOHA career 5 goals and 3 assists with the last assist feeding Ted Mulhern with a 2 on one breakout with Jeff Jones tapping in the winning goal. For Team Red, it sums up their season but can easily redeem the season with a win in the “Figure Skate” game against Team Blue.

The last game of the round robin was a huge one for Team White but even bigger for Team Black. Team Black needed to win to get into the showcase and was along the way with a 3-0 lead. But trying to protect the lead got Team Black into trouble. Team White, an experienced team with 18 championship belts chipped away and sooner than later, got the tying goal sending Team Black packing and looking forward to getting the 19th championship belt at the expense of Team Gold.

BOHA Championship Night News …….

First Game: 7PM
Second Game: 8:25PM
Championship Game: 9:50PM

Don’t know yet what the Food and Beverage Dept plan is for the championship extravaganza night is but from past experiences, it should be a good one.

Field Reporter
Special Reporting From Halifax Plantation Golf Club, St Augustine, Florida. Team Gold and Team Black On Top In Critical Week 3

With 2 more games to go and both Team Gold and Team Black on top of the leaderboard, BOHA establishment is weighing proposals from players union to decide the championship title format with a one on one between Andre Blanchette of Gold and Dave Pollock of Black if the two teams are pitted against each other.

It appears playoff hockey is not about goaltending as some are suggesting. Team Blue spent all their energy maneuvering their goalie roster but backfires when Team Black pulls out a 4-1 win sending Team Black to second place while giving Team Blue another chance to right the boat.

Team Red scores 5 goals but unfortunately like their season to date, Team White scores one more winning 6-5 and Now Team Red is officially the first team to cheer from the sideline.

The critical game for Team Green against Team Gold could decide the playoff season but a well played 2-2 game solidify Team Gold in the top spot while Team Green is given another chance next week in the mother of all games.

Cheers from St Augustine,
Field Reporter
Vegas Writes Off Team Red. Five Teams Still In the Mix. Some in the Top and Some in The Bottom

In an unprecedented move, Boha official bookie Vegas has declared Team Red out of the race. With five teams still very much alive though one may be on a lifeline, the “Callup Series” continues to attract controversies from the peanut gallery, BOHA establishment is seeking advice from the “3 Wise Men” Tribunal, appointed by nominated VP on Ice Judge Marco Romani.

With the prediction that the team that win this game to be one of the finalists, defending champion Team Gold and most championships Team White looking to increase the number of championship trophies both played cautiously. Unfortunately for Team White, a few seeing eye goals found their way through quickly erasing their short lived 2-1 lead and giving Team Gold a 4-2 win who now has the odds of 1-8 to be in the championship game. Team White still has the wild card but with the tough road schedule, the lane is getting narrower. But captain Graham sees no issue with it as this proud team has been through narrower paths.

To keep up with Team Gold, both Team Green and Team Blue needed to stay in touch at least for this game. Even with better roster maneuvering by Team Blue, the game was played superbly and in a 2-1 game, a better shot here or there could have different outcome. As monitored by the “3 Wise Men” Tribunal, the integrity of the “Miss” click process was kept and the Team Blue 2-1 win will hold but Team Blue Frank Kruzich is fined with an undetermined amount along with 4 game suspension verdict causing all teams to protest the suspension and wild cheers from Team Blue. Team Green, confident the team will feel alive again with their secret sauce, retired to enjoy Judge Romani Chili with the vow to heat up the team with his exclusive hot sauce and promptly optioned goalie George Tan to St Augustine Florida for 8 days to get the swing of things back on track.

Team Red, finishing last and their second season on the line played well again but not able to shake off the hard luck that mars their regular season, the second season also has done them in. With their season spiritually over, it was time for a year end celebration and this team knows how to celebrate. Praises were made for Jocelyn Lauzon great tasting sausages!! All invited guests had enjoyment with his sausage last night!! (not sure which sausage). Squeezing in their season finale speech, Captain Ken Labelle took the floor: “Boys , we had a hard fought game - we came out with a strong game plan and we executed - first shift no goals. We also scored more this week - although Joc will certainly not thank our "Large Kieran" for that tape-2-tape pass from the corner to the goal crease leading to a late goal to make it 4-2. Best work ethic of the year - lots of pressure by all 3 lines and good defensive support. The league is noticing there is no quit in R-E-D.

Field Reporters Association Bulletin Board:

Job opportunity for Junior Field Reporter Trainee. Well paid position. No need to apply. Just take the job for the next 2 weeks and submit articles to St John Golf Club, St. Augustine, Florida

Exclusive news: 3 goalies out next week. Which team will win the goalie lottery.

Field Reporter with contribution from Junior Field Reporter
Playoff Begins With Expected Results Despite The Usual Replacement Headache

With the 2016 “Call Up Series” starting, as expected 23 replacement players were in the mix along with 5 unfilled and 5 no “Miss” click players, it is surprising the games were all competitive. With 2 more weeks of the same condition, this perpetual annual dilemma is causing the BOHA Competition Bureau to begin evaluating the future of the current playoff format.

Regular season champion Team Green, very aware of the new curse that no regular season champion has ever won the first playoff game wanted to dispel this curse and came out quick outshooting Team Black 10 - 0 but with no results and after 2 seeing eye goals for Team Black, the fear of the new curse starting a new trend started to play with some of Team Green player's mind. Acting captain Ted Mulhern and late free agent signee Dr. H were not having any of this and took the bull by the horns scoring 2 goals each securing the 8-6 win and breaking the curse before it takes hold. For Team Black, it was a moral victory and a statement made to the rest of the league that they are still very much in the playoff picture although the room is getting a tad smaller.

Second place and defending champion Team Gold, still riding a high with a 10 game unbeaten streak and averaging 6 goals for per game took on the hard luck Team Red for the second straight week. Game was tied 1-1 for a long time but soon, Team Gold figured out the new Team Red strategy and started to take advantage of defensive little leaks here and there scoring 3 more goals and a predicted 4-1 win and keeps Vegas vote to defend the playoff championship with unheard of 1-6 odds.

With the “Call Up Series” stacked against them, Team Blue, missing quality defenders Dave Morton and financial wizard Chris Wright should have been a big blow to them. This resilient team and their depth chart shows to all bettors not to write off this dark horse too quickly. Playing against Team White, historically with the most championships is a big hurdle and Team White showed it controlling the game early. With Call up Brad Hemmings keeping Team Blue in the game, the second period took a turn and a well earned 4-4 tie for Team Blue and another week to look forward to.

Field Reporter
Team Red Desperate Move to Mixed Color Socks Falls Flat Finishing Last

Let the second season begins. Dubs as the “Callup Series”, the first three games of the round robin playoff starting March 1 will be decided by who has the best call ups as over 50% of the regular roster players will be down south, out west or somewhere in the caribbean sea. By the time they’re back, the two finalists might already been decided.

With their fate decided way back, Team Red has been preparing for the second season for the past 3 games. Out of options, the team resorted to mixed color socks trying to confuse Team Gold in the first game of their back to back game. The ploy confused Team Red goalie Jocelyn Lauzon trying to pick out who’s who going down 8-3 to Team Gold. With the loss, what other ploy will surface next week when Team Red meets the hottest team in the league again.

Fighting for 3rd place, this 4 pointer game between Team White and Team Black started with Team Black controlling the game with authority and a 2-0 lead. Then all things broke down for Team Black losing 8-4 and dropping all the way down to 5th place and now must face 1st place Team Green in the playoff game opener.

With first place sewn up 2 games ago, it was a matter of keeping the momentum going for Team Green and to capture the championship last won 4 years ago. With Team Blue on a hot streak, Team Green was fortunate to go up 3-0 before settling for a 5-4 win and celebrating as regular season champion enjoying electric player of the game Greg Maloney's smoked salmon, bagels, magic amber.

Field Reporter
Team Green Clinches Regular Season Champion Title

With two games left in the regular season, first place has been taken but 2nd place, deems as the best spot heading into the playoff is still open for Team Gold or Team White. Teams Blue, Black and Red are relegated to B pool with a two late game package deal during the playoff round robin.

In the donation night, both Teams Blue and Black were very generous donating goals but Team Black was stingy enough to hold a couple of them back winning 5-3 with an open net.

After a long break and cheques given out to all the worthy charitable organizations, the middle game resumed with Team Green needing just a point to clinch the title of regular season champion. While everyone was still stiff from the presentation ceremony, Team Green Ted Mulhern took the bull by the horn, took a few two-line stretch passes scoring 4 goals to get 2 points and securing the regular season championship. But it was not a guarantee as Team Red, a proud team undergoing a tough time this season, had a glimpse of their past rich history tying the game at 5-5 after trailing 3-0. But it was just for a short while as Team Green counted one late and added an insurance empty netter for the 7-5 win to clinch Team Green 7th regular season championship since the two line off-side rule was changed.

The showdown and a four pointer between Team Gold and Team White was a showdown for one half. Tied 1-1 after the first half, Team Gold decided it was enough and went into full assault mesmerizing the whole Team White D Corps pumping in 6 goals in a matter of minutes for an easy 7-1 win and now is in the driver seat for 2nd place.

Field Reporter
Team Green Clinches “One Late Game” spot In Playoff Series. Team White and Team Gold Battling for the Other Spot

With three games left before the round robin playoff, Team Green is virtually in one of the two spots with one late game. This coveted prize still has one spot left for Team Gold and Team White to battle it out with Team Blue looking in from the cosmos.

Fresh from the one sided walloping of Team Green the previous game, Team White, full of confidence going in against Team Red, continues the goal barrage winning 7-2 against Team Red. In all fairness, Team Red is playing decent hockey but facing serious leakage from the blueline all the way to the pipes. Knowing this team, one good star aligned game will shoot them over the hump. Next week will be the defining moment when they face first place Team Green.

Team Gold suffers a temporary setback in their quest to solidify their position in the standings to get into the one late game section. Team Blue, unbeaten since voted by the fashion industry with the best color coordinated team uniform, led the game and all appears to head toward a victory but Team Gold, sight still set on defending the regular season champion came back to tie Team Blue 3-3. First place is still in grasp for Team Gold and next week 4 point showdown against Team White will decide where they’ll be.

Team Green needed 2 points to clinch the virtual first place but with Team Black mathematically still in the picture and playing well, it was even money going into this game. With 5 defencemen callups, Team Green had a strategic trap play in place. Down 5-3, there was no choice but to discard the strategy and go all out. Team Green managed to tie the game and then scored the 6-5 winning goal after Zebra Roger waves off what appears to be a goal for Team Black on a wrap around play. Subsequent video replay from Toronto judged it to be inconclusive, that the official was in the way of the camera, a big blow to Team Black who will now join Team Red in the two late games section.

Donation Night and BOHA News………….

Don’t forget, first game next week is at 7pm. It is our annual donation night when all recipients show up to receive their cheques. President Peter McCusker requests all Bohaniens to show up for this important event. The ceremony starts between the first and 2nd game and all first and second game players are requested to go on the ice. Second and last game are normal time.

New first period 30 seconds rule in effect for all postseason games.

In a secret ballot cast by the BOHA Competition Bureau, the competitive members outvoted the pro rec members 2-1 to introduce the 30 seconds stop time rule. Therefore, starting from the first game of the round robin playoff and through to infinity for now, last 30 seconds of the first period will be stop time.

and finally, more incidents of players taking wrong sticks home. Tom Simpson of Team White reports he is missing his goal scoring stick. If anyone has it, please bring it back next week. It is dear to him. This special stick has produced 5 goals in 237 games.

Field Reporter
Vegas Stops Predicting, Citing BOHA Games Too Unpredictable

With four more weeks before playoff season starts, the icescape has changed. Team Green is slowly melting and those on skid rows early in the season are back on the main stage. The true color is coming out and the new Team Blue, aided by the anti-color blind blue jerseys is back on track along with defending champion Team Gold and Team White.

In a last ditch effort to stay up in the standings, drastic measures have to be taken. Team White captain Steve Graham risked it all optioning feather weight winger Peter McCusker waivable contract and assembling Mike “Airhog” Rourke, Steven Graham and Kevin Race to form the 800 lb line. The heavyweight line responded with 21 points, scoring 7 goals led by double hat tricks from Mike Rourke and Steve Graham and a goal and 6 assists for Kevin Race for the 8-3 win wearing out Team Green Defensive Corps.
Team Green President Jeff “Jet” Jones is not panicking yet but has suspended all cruises, all inclusives and sold Team Green boat until first place is clinched.

Still under the radar, Team Gold is on the express lane and no signs of slowing down. The golden stars are now playing playoff hockey style with glistening results. With a 5 game winning streak, it was a bit tougher playing Team Black, who is playing good hockey as well, but like all good teams, a late goal from the slot and the 3-2 win keeps Team Gold ahead of Team White in goal differential and looking to close the gap even more with Team Green.

Who could predict a colour change could make a difference to a hockey team. With lighter jerseys, the new Team Blue looks much faster in their last two games and wins. Team Red, in the game here and there played with intensity but the way their season is going, got shut out by Team Blue and goalie Dave Wood 5-0 and pretty well accepting they will be playing two late games in the Playoff round robin.

Field Reporter
A BOHA Newly Created Blue Jersey Inspires Team Blue To A Long Sought After Victory

From the depths well below the Science dept. offices of John Abbott college lies the top secret BOHA hockey research facility. Led by Physicist Kieran Hackett, many brilliant discoveries have been developed over the years. Like the self-cleaning, color coded plywood food tables, “Knee brace, helmet and skate sharpener all-in one emergency repair kit, the spare player money calculator, how to “hit miss” the right way self-training module, a Mobile App to show where the men in “camo” pants are located after each game and the unique concept of timing a hockey tournament when you least expect it, i.e., in Sept.

and now in 2016 ....

Whooa!, a new (anti-color blind) blue jersey. This innovative marvel of a new anti-color blind Blue Jersey, the latest wonder from the BOHA hockey lab blindsided Team White goalie Kerry Gillings who only saw waves upon waves of Caribbean blues swarming around him. Inspires by the freshness and new things, Team Blue breaks out of the slump with a 4-2 win and now is back in the thick of things.

Needing a win to keep up with the rest, Team Red ageless wonder Rick Wijad play of the night one timer tip in from a precise pass from BOHA educator Professor Louis Pilon carries Team Red to a 4-2 win over Team Black. With only 4 points separating between the 2nd and last place, 2nd place is very much in the picture for Team Red. Of course with the zoom lens.

Now in full steam, the gold rush is on. Team Gold taking a page from roster manipulator Andre Martin with a great timed pre-arranged “Click in” goalie callup to ensure the best chance of a win did exactly that. But the credit must go to Team Gold best game of the season. Team Gold well structured breakouts were a beauty and with 3 one timer goals and a 5-2 win against Team Green, Team Gold is on a 5 game winning streak and no signs of slowing down. At this pace, Team Gold is definitely not out of it yet to defend the regular season title. At 7 points behind Team Green and 5 games to go, will there be enough games.

Field Reporter
BOHA Back On Ice. Some Had Turkey. Some Played Like Turkey

Back after the holiday break, all teams are trying to get on the pilgrimage path to the holy grail; the BOHA Championship Cup. Theoretically speaking, there are three teams that can still catch Team Green but Vegas is pegging their chances at 0.003%.

Team Green, self-crowned year-end 2015 champion, is not taking any chances against Team Blue, the first team in the way on the road to the regular season champion. Both teams came out with determination unseen anywhere and with the score tied at 2-2 with few scoring chances late in the game, a Team Blue turn over resulted in a slider goal by Marco Romani. With the eventual 4-3 win, Team Green has stretched the League standings lead to 7 points. Now solidly in first place and a well-earned week off, Team President Jeff “Jet” Jones authorized a Team Green Caribbean cruise in the Team Green private boat. Looking at the boat from the pier with envy, Team Blue is now on land evaluating Plan H to see how they could turn the slump around with 6 games left till the Playoff.

Team Gold, surging quietly as of late looks like they are not going to slow down anytime soon burying Team Red deeper into the hole with a tight checking 4-2 win. With Steve Poirier in form providing steady goaltending and a close checking system, Vegas is giving Team Gold a 2-1 odds most likely to unseat Team Green. Will the next game be the start in their head to head game in two weeks?

After a solid individual effort early goal by John Hamilton, there was no looking back for Team Black. It appears Team Black had a healthy dose of turkey gobbling up Team White 4-1 in this 4 pointer game.

BOHA News ………….

BOHA is off again for a week. Resumes January 19.

Field Reporter
BOHA Crowns Team Green as 2015 Year End Champion. Vegas Names Entire Team to 1st “All Stars” Team

Taking advantage of the upgraded Super El Nino heat wave keeping all things green, Team Green stalwart defenceman Jack Di Giacomo prediction that Christmas 2015 will be Team Green color is right on. With 3 days to go, some teams are hanging on to the heat to keep their teams hot while others are now in the Kuyper belt frozen like the comets.

As recent as 4 games ago Team Gold was in the basement going through a rough rebuilding program looking to replace two players lost to free agency after their record championship year. Since then, the team has a record 96.25 players going through the team turnstile. The rebuilding process is now yielding fruits and inspired by positive field reporting, Team Gold has a 3 game winning streak. After the year end 8-2 win over Team Black, Team Gold is definitely riding the Super El Nino heat wave and is now the exclusive gold ornaments hanging on to Team Green Christmas tree branches.

With the lucrative free agency contracts offer from Team Green President Jet Jones on the table, it was a no brainer for Maitre Hon Marco Romani and Martin Kojoian to leave Team Gold for greener pasture. Bringing their winning attitude and more importantly care takers of the pre-game beverage ritual, were instrumental in Team Green winning the year end game 6-1 against Team White, like the winter snow so far, is nowhere to be found in this game, helping Team Green to the record of 22 points out of 24 in last 12 games and voted as Team of the month of October, November and December by the unbiased Field Reporter. In customary tradition, a photo tribute to the year end Team of the Month:

Goal: George (Bo-angle) Tan
Defence: Nick Bergamin, Keith Imhoff, Darrell Irons, Jack Di Giacomo, Marc (Pea Grower) Lemery
Forwards: Jeff “Jet” Jones, Marco “Judge” Romani, Martin (single malt) Kojoian, Brad Belvedere, Dave Newell, Greg Maloney, Mike Boyarchuk, Gord Parkinson, Ted Mulhern, Geoff “Doc” Heseltine.
Super Callups: Brett MacLean, Chad Spannaus, Raynald Lachance, etc. …………..

In the finale game, touted as co-favourite to battle it out with Team Gold for league supremacy not too long ago, Team Red is back on track after a 4 straight loss slump. As reported by Junior Field Reporter Ken Labelle “Team Red came through with a magnificent comeback. Down 4 to 2 with a late 1st period goal, the second belonged to a stellar defensive core and of course "Bearded" Rob Bowrin who scored at least 2 on wrap-a-rounds (aided by the ageless Jack "what did you say" Hubert who did the hard work behind the net to get the turnover). Other notable scorers included Da Kemper who was motivated to leave his home this night with the In Laws having nested for the last 2 weeks with 2 to go. Benji Chiasson got the team going with a loverly deflection behind Mr Mcgoo Wood early on in the 1st. At the end of the game, Ben got to watch as the team rallied around Goalie Joc to protect the lead. Finally with the 7-5 win to end the year in a high note, many thanks to Barbara Hubert for the pre-game "shot", Uncle Louis for the chant, and BOHA for a fine end to the 2015 calendar year.”

Closing out the year, from BOHA President Peter McCusker, all BOHA Executives and the Operations Dept. wish all Bohaniens and families a very happy and safe holidays.

See all back in January 5, 2016.

Field Reporter
Jack Di Giacomo Boldly Predicts Green Christmas

Team Green is riding the El Nino heat wave keeping the festive season green for a little while longer while other teams are hanging on to the tail hoping to get some heat into their game.

With BOHA Christmas festivity meal of Pete’s smoked meat on the menu, rookie VP Off-ice sensation Tom Simpson was busy multi-tasking organizing an elaborate Pete’s Smoked meat extravaganza and playing an exceptional game with goalie Kerry Gillings keeping Team White in the game in the first half and then surviving a late charge by Team Red to squeak out a 6-4 win keeping Team White in solid second place. Team Red Robert Bowrin who has more success as a freelance Junior Field Entertainment Reporter than a member of Team Red, shrug off the loss that kept them in the too familiar basement and files the following headlining unedited report:

“Peter McCusker is leaving BOHA Presidency!
After a 1 week sold-out run at the DB CLARK THEATRE playing Bob Cratchit, Peter McCusker has been offered to star in the re-make of the classic “It’s a wonderful life”
Originally considered to be going to Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, PIXAR-Disney jumped at the chance to land this new star, and now have given the role to McCusker.
Shooting will begin in Madison Wisconsin in early January, and wrap up at the sound Studio in Hollywood in May.
Terms of the contract were not discussed……..”

After the 3-1 win, Team Gold is officially out of the slump category and now is touted as the team to beat in 2016. Reducing their callups rate by 50%, Team Gold now only carries four spare tires and this team’s stars are starting to play like defending champion. Team Blue in the meantime is now classified as officially in a slump status after a record first ten games but is now in the deep freeze cycle. Only 4 points out of the basement. Team Blue will either be comfortably 6 points up or 2 points away from the bottom pile next week in a 4 pointer game against Team Red in the year 2015 finale game.

Vegas is safely predicting a Team Green Christmas. Since the 0 win in 6 at the start of the season, this team of destiny has amassed 20 out of 22 points in the past 14 games and no sign of slowing down in the horizon. Team Green controlled 5-1 win over a stubborn Team Black will keep the Green Machine as the 2015 Year end champion.

BOHA 2015 Year end news …..

Some Alumni dropped by and especially Eugene Bunys, who was in full Christmas giving mode serving samplings of his delicious goose pate and sturgeon appetizers, a preview of the cuisine of his fishing and hunting venture La Reserve Beau Chene.
BOHA Christmas Festivity Meal Serves a Record 100 lbs. of Pete Smoked Meat. Some taking advantage of the 2 for 1 special. The big portions were artistically carved by rookie VP Off-Ice sensation Tom Simpson and soon to be Broadway star and current BOHA President Peter McCusker. GREAT JOB !!!!

Another early start at 7PM next week.

Field Reporter
All Games One Hour Ahead On December 15 and December 22
Christmas festivities on December 15. All Bohaniens Invited !!!
Vegas Predicts Team Gold To Finish Not Lower Than Sixth At Holiday Break

With only three more games before the holiday break and 2/3 of the regular season passé, Vegas, known for its accuracy in predicting Team Gold fate at the holiday break, has dug up some past statistics from BOHA Historical Society curator Ed Hussey showing the top 3 teams at the holiday break have an equal 50% chance of finishing in first place after the regular season.

After a 0-3-3 record to start the season, Team Green now sits on top of BOHA Standings and leading all the statistics in points, goals, goals against, etc. Now on all cylinders, the 5-2 win over Team Gold is just another step to achieve the short term mission of first place at holiday break. With the D Corps of Nick Bergamin, Jack Digiacomo, Marc Lemery, Keith Imhoff and Mike Boyarchuk moving the puck to the speedy pack of Jet Jones and Ted Mulhern, the rest of the boys are skating with the pack and lighting up the oppositions net like red glowing on Rudolph’s nose. For Team Gold, they will hibernate for now and show up in the second half to defend their prestigious dual titles.

Christmas comes early for Team Blue and Team White. Comfortably leading 5-1, Team White went into gift giving mode. Without Zuckerberg's $45 billion shares, Team White did the next best donating a few goals to Team Blue. But with the slumpititis virus in full-fledged mode, Team Blue gave the gift back and eventually losing 8-6 catapulting Team White to 2nd place only 1 point behind league leading Team Green. Chad Spannaus, used to celebrating Thanksgiving than X’mas, could only do a personal quiet celebration on his 2 goals for Team Blue stating “Would gladly give up the turkey leg for a win”.
Team White, a proactive team, getting prepared for the playoff push sends Gary MacLellan to Helsinki via Paris for scouting assignment but GM Steve Graham now wonders what Gary is scouting at. Divulging a partial report from Helsinki “Coach Steve, I am scouting hard for Team White Boys and there is a pretty good chance that I may end up at the Moulin Rouge at 3 am! I arrived in Paris Sunday afternoon and security was on high alert. Despite the heavy security presence, it is still a beautiful city to walk and the streets are crowded with people who are going on with their lives.

I went to 2 pro hockey games in Helsinki Thursday & Friday night scouting for potential Team White players for the playoff drive. Saw Jokerit play Socchi in a KHL game on Thursday & HIFK play Karpat in the Finnish league on Friday.

Wearing my Canadiens jersey allowed for some special privileges. Ended up doing a little dance with the Jokerit team girls that was played on the Jumbo Tron screen. The usher had no idea who I was or what I was about to do once I jumped up on the stage with the girls, but because my dance moves drew a positive reaction from the crowd watching, security just let me go. Ari, the guy who took my picture told me he has never seen anybody do what I did before during a game, so I may have started a new trend for future Finnish hockey games.

Yes, let's get a win Boys on Tuesday and I will celebrate our victory by climbing the Eifel Tower......”. Steve Graham shook his head and wants proof that Gary climbed the tower.

Team Red, having a hard time since losing their Captain Ken Labelle to junior Field Reporter trainee assignment has now lost 2 in a row. With another week to go on his trainee job, Ken has been submitting an objective but one sided report.

Reporting the game as “UGLY and too many spare tires to fight this one and key players missing such as Super Joey getting replaced by "Maybelline?", it was a bitter pill to swallow for the heroes who showed up for the west coast game. Lots of effort by our regulars but not enough bullets”. Unable to contribute on ice but consuming some post-game goodies “Thanks to Jamie for the Rolling Rocks and pizza delivered from Dominos HQ”. Meanwhile, Team Black, in the bottom pile not too long ago, has quietly moved up to 4th, only 1 point out of joining the teams with 50% chance of winning the regular season.

Field Reporter
Team Green Establishes Record On Way To First Place

As BOHA starts winding down the first half of the schedule, another record has been established in already a record laden year. Team Green becomes the first team to get from last place to first place after 14 games. Along the way, Team Green record is an astounding 7-1-0 after starting the season with 0 win in the first 6 games.

Last place Team Gold, in desperation mode and trying to stay with the pack, could not afford not to get their 2 points against their nemesis of the night Team Red. Briefly down 2-0, Team Gold with only 4 callups this time, started jiving and soon went on to win this important match 7-4 and avoid being reclassified as a B team. Team Red, with 7 out of 8 points in the last 4 games played well in the first half but with Captain Ken Labelle in the stands for the next little while, they were off a bit. Captain Labelle, reflecting his past actions that got him in the stands watching, wisely use the time off auditioning for his junior reporter position and files this report mostly to his team followers “ Despite the fine additions noted above, the mighty Red worked hard last night but missed its goal. Similarly, so did Big Bad Bowrin despite an early one, he left a few at the blue line, wide right ...shall we continue? Not since his last wedding anniversary special night with the Loverly Tracey has he created such disappointment from so much potential,..etc…etc..” CUT.
Note: If still interested for complete article, visit www.CNN/boha

Back on the winning track and on a two game winning streak, Team Black was eager to extend it to three for the first time this season. With rookie captain Don Etienne plan ably assisted by Councilor Dave Pelletier, scoring 5 goals was the target for a win. Team Black worked hard to get that but did not calculate that goal against has to be under 5 to get the win. With the 5-5 tie with Team White, Team Black might have to wait till 2016 to get their 3 game winning streak.

The Green Machine, now oiled with some offensive punch has pumped 17 goals into their last 2 opponents net. Unless Team Green is shutout next week, another team record for most goals in three games will be established. With a 7-1-0 record since BOHA tournament, the tournament break has rejuvenated Team Green big time and the 8-4 win over Team Blue was just another scrimmage game. Team Blue, now in a tailspin, down but not out yet showed a glimpse of their championship form in the second half of the game outshooting Team Green but with a big lead and playing the trap, it was a matter of running out the clock for Team Green and head back to the dressing room to celebrate first place with a limoncello, courtesy of Gord Parkinson.

Field Reporter
Successful Tape Drive Comes To The End

The Lester B Pearson Educational Foundation tape drive is complete and a record 270 tapes are distributed to 30 Bohaniens who know a thing or two about a good deal. To put this in perspective, tape man Jack Hubert sold 36 tapes in his entire 48 years while he had the exclusive distribution rights at BOHA. To those that did not take advantage of this offer, no worry the next sale is in 2025.

Halfway through the schedule before playoff season and with the trading period now passed, teams are starting to show their true colors although some are having issues identifying themselves with all the mixed color sweaters and socks on the ice.
Team Green is now placed in the supreme section and as league leading amber color beverage consumer. Once the whipping boys and a quick 2 points for other teams, Team Green is now 6-1-0 in the last 7 games and in solid second place. With their 9-4 win over Team White, Team Green might be looking down from the top after next week showdown with Team Blue.

Team Blue, downgraded by a few points after winless in the last four games escaped with a 3-3 tie against Team Red. A closely fought, in more ways than one, contested game, it came down to the Chief of D (Kieran Hackett?) making a saucer pass off Kneller who knocked it down and jammed it in against Team Blue callup Rick Kelertas. Unfortunately, this entertaining game was marred by some over enthused activities and some of the participants might have to take some league sanctioned vacation time.
Team Gold appears to be comfortable staying in the basement for now. Last year defending champions in both regular and playoff seasons champion lost 5-3 to Team Black. Now four points behind fifth place Team Red, it might take a few good games to get out of 6th place, maybe in 2016 at best.

Other BOHA news …..

Goalie Union Asking BOHA to Buy Some Blue Paints

With speed of skating at BOHA getting faster than NHL, relatively speaking, there are some Bohaniens who continue to be active towards the crease, the sacred ground for goalies. The Goalie Union is requesting to increase the blue paint another 10 square meters, whatever that is.

Field Reporter
Enterprising BOHA More Than Just Hockey. Ventures Into Restaurant, Bar and Tape Business

BOHA Capitalist mentor Chris Wright has been hard at work mentoring some of the Bohaniens how to capitalize their ventures causing some team presidents to investigate some of their players seen at establishment after curfew hours.

All scores in week 12 have matching 5-2 scores. Team White, Black and Red are on the positive side of the ledger and Team Gold, Blue and Green on the negative side.

Team Gold missing 8 players are now in “Lost control” category. BOHA Statistics Dept. has run out of room in their new player rolodex file. On ice, Team Gold keeping their playbook simple is only using the first 10 plays. Team White, sensing this, took advantage and use play 11 winning and controlling play and are now back in the win column. Team White Captain Steve Graham feeling a little guilty that he was seen showing the art of beverage calibrating to some unknown players during the losing streak, feels better with the win but refused to identify his students to BOHA investigators causing the League to release the photo and ask Bohaniens to call the hotline to identify them. Preliminary calls identify them as Pumpkin head Gary MacLellan, Tom Simpson and Kevin Race, both hiding last game and BOHA President Peter McCusker, who risks being impeached if validated. Graham comments “Half my team was nice enough to help me re-calibrate the beer taps at Annies last night! It was a tough job, and I needed all the help I could get. We worked hard until 3:30am, and not a drop of beer was wasted! We also celebrated Mike Rourke's bday!”. BOHA is now concentrating on finding Mike “Air Hog” Rourke.

Abiding by league rules, both Team Black and Blue are sticking to hockey instead of gallivanting into the wee hours. With Team Black winning, the standings are getting tighter and the next 5 weeks will dictate who the favourites are going into the stretch.

In the finale game, there was more pre-game discussion about post-game gourmet meal menu than hockey.
Team Red is lobbying BOHA Master Iron Chef Mark Dubois to consider their Proposal. In an exclusive report filed by Junior Field Reporter Rob Bowrin, it states:

“Subject: Forget the Iron Chef, Dude has been nominated to Iridium Chef"
Special Report by Lesley Chesterman, Restaurant Critic and Author, Montreal Gazette

After several weeks of hearing the buzz on the street, I booked a table at the newly opened "CHEZ DUDE"
Although the restaurant reeked of old man sweat, it was still quite busy for late on Tuesday night.
I first sampled the special of the night, Fajita, a la Dude.
The pork was dusted with cardamom and fresh cilantro which nuanced the gameness of the meat. Grilled to perfection, this had the start to a great culinary experience. It was accompanied with spectacular fresh tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, cheese and an absolute aromatic guacamole, etc., etc. ...........

Overall, 4.5/ 5 and a ranking of "IRIDIUM CHEF" beating out any of the IRON CHEF want-a-bees".

BOHA Master Chef Mark Dubois, reading the report, asked “Who the F&%* is Lesley Chesterman”.

The menu discussion did not help Team Green on the ice but was quickly forgotten. Judge Marco Romani, relief that he was not asked to rule on the disputed goal, served the usual amber beverage and carb loaded three garnished pizzas. Captain Jeff Jones was more concerned about Team Green inability to get the puck up, began discussion with Team Red Dr. Claude Lapointe about the benefits of prescribing some Viagra laden stick tape.

Other Important News ……

The first week of BOHA tape drive is promising. This is cloth stick tape at the highest quality endorsed by tapeman Jack Hubert. As he commented "You’d be a fool not to get at least 5 rolls each at over 70% savings and at the same time helping Lester B Pearson School Board Foundation to purchase winter clothing and boots for the less fortunate students in the West Island areas. At a $1 each delivered to your dressing room, unheard of. The best of both worlds". Team White perennial member Yves Quenneville, whose view of the world is black and white, added “Who cares about the color of tape. They’re all black or white to me”.
This unheard of offer will take place till next week at BOHA Tuesday game night and the process is simple. Bring cash in advance to your Team Rep and your tapes will be delivered to your dressing room. To the spare players, seek out Ted Jackson in the stands during game night and he’ll be happy to take your order.

Don’t be disappointed, availability is limited. Get your money to your Team Rep without delay or you’ll be waiting for the next sale !!!.

Field Reporter
Team Blue With Record 10 AWOLs Joins Team Gold 6 AWOLS on “Scrutinize List”

Week 11 is starting to define the true haves and have nots. Vegas is boldly predicting the two current top teams will be on the downward trend.

Unbeaten since Sept. 15, Team Green is on the move since Team President Jeff “Jet" Jones made a slight adjustment mixing veterans and rookies. Team Green senior veteran D man Keith Imhoff, instrumental in kick starting the team, played another strong game shadowing Team Black offensive players leading the D corps in blocked shots for the last 6 games. Since Keith came back from his Spanish 700 kilometer walking pilgrimage tour, the legs are in shape allowing the quick turn that he’s known for when he first became a Bohanien in 1981. Took 35 years to rekindle it but better late than never. With the 5-3 win and another empty net goal by league leader Jeff “Jet” Jones, Team Green is riding high and looking forward to the next statistic, to tie the 1981 Team Green record of 7 straight unbeaten streak when Keith Imhoff was a rookie first draft pick. With his league leading 3 empty net goals, Jet Jones is now plus 1 for the season.

The crunch time is here and week 11 marks the beginning of separating the haves and the have nots. Team White, like Team Blue, the top 2 teams the first 10 games are now in the real season and the pressure might just be affecting them a little bit or perhaps it is the unsanctioned late party last week at Steve Graham place attended by Peter McCusker, Gary MacLellan and Tom Simpson playing a part in the 8-2 loss. Winless in the last 4 games, Team White is now tied with Team Green with 13 points each. Team Red, underrated in the first segment is now showing how good the team is and with this win, stays in 4th place and still a point ahead of the surging Team Gold and Team Black.

With a total of 16 call ups including a record 10 from Team Blue, BOHA PR Dept. staff with only IBM typewriters available, was scrambling but could not get the players’ names list quick enough out to the Field Reporter Association. With the budget cut to Team Blue, the team had to scrounge sweaters from their 6 farm teams resulting in mismatched uniform. Like Steve Poirier of Team Gold previous week, the mismatched uniform and different farm systems were confusing to goalie Dave Wood whose memories are now measured in short term. Unfortunately, this game and Team Gold 4-2 win are entered into the official record book as “Non essentials” and both teams are now in the “Teams To Scrutinize” list.

Field Reporter
Team Blue Feels the Blues. Team Green Uses SS Recipe of Success

It is no secret that the measurement of success at BOHA is the week 10 games and historical records kept for the last 15 years show teams that win in week 10 have 17% more chances of making it to the championship game putting smiling faces on Ken Labelle, Don Etienne and Jeff “Jet” Jones, the three winning team managers in week 10.

The highlight game of the week was seeded first. Team Blue just needed a tie to get the record of most points from the start of season. A pre-curser to BOHA parent team Les Canadiens who also missed their own 10 straight win record, this game was not to be for Team Blue. Team Blue Captain Karl Boivin, in the mandatory meet the press post-game interview, while munching on the 3,000th Dagwoods turkey sandwichs served at BOHA post game meals, a record in itself, uttered “Disaster” a few times and vows changes are in the on ice menu; feels there is too much turkeys in the room and promises to change the lineups. Not happy that Team Blue predicted chance of making it to the championship game is only at 3%, utters again “Disaster, too much gobbles around the neutral zone waiting for the stretch pass, this team should be better than the 5-4 loss shown to Team Red”. Team Red, looking up at brown dirt in the past few weeks, finally dug out and played a 2 way game. Rob Kemp, the official voice of Team Red with at least a plus 2 for the game led the defensive play intercepting 26 of the 56 stretch pass attempts catapulting his team up a notch in the standings and might just be in the middle of the pack by next week this time.

Replacing Team Red and now in the bottom of the pile looking up at the dirt, Team Gold, playing like the Curseman virus is back was playing with control despite another 4 new callups. Leading the league in callup revenue, the 6-5 loss stings a bit as Team Gold was in full control of Team Black and up 4-3 even though a few boys are still in the sick bay. Soon the toll of many new faces started confusing goalie Steve Poirier who’s not sure what name to call out and what formation his D men are in. But no worry, this is just a temporary setback and Team Gold, the proud past season regular season and playoff champion is just sorting out the roster and the first step of recovery is in place. Steve Poirier has been given the list of 177 potential callup names to memorize. Team Black rookie manager Don Etienne, had to change his team play tactic a bit. Without offensive star Dave Pollock usual 78 puck possessions while sitting out with the “Verbal diarrhea” malaise, Don did a brilliant job spreading out the 96 normal puck possession times his team gets to a wider array of players and getting the result in staying in 4th place for now.

Team Green SS success recipe has been fruitful for the last 4 games. Team strategist Marc Lemery, implemented this Shots & Salmon recipe while Team Green was going through a 6 game winless streak. Since the recipe strategy is in place, the pre-game warmup shot ritual and post-game healthy smoked salmon diet is proving success on the ice. This 4-2 win was only decided when captain Jet Jones outraced Team White rookie defender Adam Leslie to secure the win with an empty netter. For Team White, it was a double let down as official notice from BOHA Master Iron Chef Mark Dubois office declares applicant Ron Carrier still in training for a while longer and handed a new training shirt.

BOHA Voice Control Dept.

BOHA Voice Dept. has issued a bulletin to all Bohaniens. Seems to be a bit of unsavory voicing going on towards the zebras. A second game misconduct with a game suspension penalty was issued for the second time in three weeks. Most of this type of exchanges is during the heat of the moment when viewpoints differ between a player and the striped officials. BOHA Voice Trainer Rob Kemp states “The league realizes in the heat of action, disagreement may surface between a player and our zebras. If the zebras won’t tell you which part of the Mara River they are planning to cross, don’t push it. It's understandable looking at what happens to their cousin in the photo”.

Field Reporter
BOHA Is More Than Just Hockey. It Is A Culinary School Full Of Iron Chefs

BOHA season 2015 is almost a third over and few surprises are surfacing. Team Blue continues to roll, Team Red success in the electoral map is not translating into wins on the ice. Then there is Team Gold, the team with the best draft picks and a high budget team hanging around in the lower part of the totem pole.

Team Gold, touted as the team to beat this season has been juggling their lineups since day one. This first game of the night is no exception. With nine new faces and mostly liberal card holders, it took a while to convince them to shift from left wing to centre. Once they did, it was a matter of jelling and get the 3-3 tie against Team White, whose captain Steve Graham was more interested in getting his D man Iron Chef Trainee Ron Carrier to prepare a proper raclette to qualify for the next Iron Chef position, awarded by BOHA Master Iron Chef Mark Dubois. It appears from the photo, Ron Carrier with endorsement from Gary MacLellan, might just qualify.

Looking at Team Red Record, this under rated powerhouse is going through a bit of a minor setback. Always in the game but nothing to show. Team Red came close again leading Team Green 1-0 for quite a while but somehow a seeing-eye roller squeaked through the short side of Jocelyn Lauzon who played brilliantly till then. Team Green with a few players wearing the new “Adrenaline” skate toe pads, took advantage of a tighter turn scoring 3 more goals before a couple of empty netters made it 6-3. No panic yet, declares Team Red GM Ken Labelle “a win might just get us to 4th place in front of Teams Black and Gold by next week”.

With the record of most points from start of season within grasp and no signs of forced trades from BOHA Competitive Dept., Team Blue President Karl Boivin has issued an all-out bulletin to get that record breaking point. Team Black, another low budget team and not in a winning groove yet, stayed close but in the end, just a few quarters short of stopping Team Blue losing 4-3. Team Blue is now one point away from establishing the record and against Team Red next week, Vegas is booking at 1 to 3.

Field Reporter
Team Blue on Their Way to Record Setting Season. Needs To Dust Off a Couple of Teams along the Way

Not too long ago, Team Green was struggling to win a game and occupying the dreaded basement dwelling for a while. Fast forward a few weeks, not only is Team Green hanging on to a 2 game winning streak after the impressive 7-3 win last night, is now in the all furnished 3rd floor in the standings. The credit to the turn-around is their controlled break out pattern engineered by the D corps not seen before confusing Team Black who was missing their regular goalie Pierre Lacoste and offensive coordinator Dave Pelletier. Without Pelletier’s playbook, the Dark Knights could rely on only one offensive predictable play but by now, all teams know how to defend that strategy. Without other plays, the Dark Knights’ wheels fell off early going down 4-0 after the 1st period. All hopes for a come-back went out the door when Team Black star D man took an early exit and as explained by rookie GM Don Etienne, “Dave Pollock’s chat with the on ice officials earned him an early end to the game. This gave him time to think about what not to say to a referee regarding their off ice recreational activities!!” but optimistically follow up with “On a positive note a second period 3-3 tie is what the Knights will ride on for motivation going into the next “on ice rumble against the cocky Team Blue who we will not allow to establish the most point record!!”

After only 8 games into the season, Team Blue has the best records of all BOHA teams needing just a few points in the next couple of games to establish a new record, currently held by team White. After a tight 4-3 win game against Team Gold, Team Blue needs just 3 points in the next 2 games to beat the 1994 Team White most points from start of season record but must go over Teams Black and Red first. According to Team Blue advance scouting Department, both Teams Red and Black are not a threat and has already issued a memorandum to all players to bring champagne party poppers upsetting Team Red manager Ken Labelle and Team Black rookie GM Don Etienne.

Team Red with captain ken Labelle sporting newly acquired right side red but not matching sock from Salvation Army liquidation sale, came out with a few quick goals against Team White and outshooting Team White by a wide margin. Team White goalie Kerry Gillings, sensing he had to keep his team in the game at least for a little while, stood on his head thwarting most of the shots aside but in the end, Team Red wanted to showcase their talents to Team Blue counting 5 times for a well-earned 5-5 tie.

Will Team Blue achieve the first step towards the record? Tune in to the highlight game next week.

BOHA Registration news ……

Only 8 weeks into the season, BOHA New player development program has already processed 21 new applicants. Many are active participants already and BOHA continues to be the popular choice to many resident players.

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Team Green Accomplishes Two Things. First Win Of The Season and Out Of Basement

BOHA resumes its house league after another successful Invitational tournament. Some teams continue their pre-tournament pace while others are just happy to get a win.

Attempting to keep their pre-tournament momentum going, Team Blue who is undefeated and no signs of slowing down came out and threaten to demolish Team White going up 3-0 after the first half. But Team White, an excellent team and only one loss so far, has other ideas. With a bit of in between period pep talk, Team White came out with their rub-a-doo strategy, pumping in 5 straight goals to win 5-3. Team Blue GM Karl Boivin, sitting out with a lower body injury was pleasantly surprised to see his team lost. In a long distance interview, he feels “Blue is a team where shining egos are replaced with incredible work ethic, individuals who give 100% every time they hit the ice (maybe he should have been there to witness the work ethics) and we’re really excited for our next game where we can renew with our winning ways. With the dismantling rumour mill in full swing it certainly takes some heat off our backs. Having the pressure of the balancing committee is not something that we wish on anyone”.

Team Red is kind of an up and down team. Since their last win against Team Green, Team Red is experiencing the down side, all the way down in the basement with their 7-3 loss to Team Black. Team Black, with a so so season so far, has climbed all the way to 3rd place but with only 2 points separating 3rd and last, Team Black rookie coach Don Etienne is not taking anything for granted. The big test will be next game when they face the up and rising star Team Green.

Team Green, the team that touted as not able to hold a lead, led Team Gold again with a few minutes left in the game. Anxiety and panic attack symptoms were starting to surface on the bench especially when Brad Belvedere over-enthused body bumped into Team Gold Dave Maik. But Dave, a bit short on discipline let Team Green off the hook with his own uncontrolled stick accompanying Brad to their respective sin boxes while Team Green prevailed the 5-4 win with a perfect defence formation newly designed by veteran D man Keith Imhoff while on his Spanish pilgrimage trip. With Team Green now blessed, the march on the path towards the Holy Grail has begun.

Field Reporter
Team Green Remains Winless After “After-Hour” Goal By Team Blue

A week before the Beaconsfield Invitational Tournament, teams are already juggling for positions. Team Gold continues with their strategy to please the BOHA Revenue Dept. for extra points later on while Team green is struggling to stay with the pile still grasping for the first elusive win.

Team Gold, the big budget team with seven free agents galore in this game, all first and second round draft choices, confused Team Red pre-game scouting report. With the wrong playbook, Team Red wingers were all playing off wing unable to dent the armor of Steve Poirier. With the 5-0 loss, Team Red captain Kenny Labelle has suspended all pre-scouting reports assembled by assistant Rob Bowrin.

Only six games into the season and first controversy has surfaced. With Team Green desperately hanging on to a 4-3 lead, a goalmouth scramble resulted in a seeing eye goal by Team Blue with the clock showing 0.00. Amidst the celebration by Team Blue, the three blind mice huddled and awarded the tying goal to Team Blue denying Team green the first victory of the season. Team Green coach "Jet" Jones is now scheduling a two a day practice session during the tournament break to avoid breaking the record of winless streak established by Team Blue during the 1996 season. After a poll conducted by the independent Karl Boivin and Associates public opinions Poll from the capacity spectators in the stands, the poll voted 50.5% to 49.5% with error rate of 99.9% to award the goal taking into consideration BOHA game time policy is + or – one second.

With pre-arranged weddings rising in popularity, Team Black and Team White, while at a 3-3 stalemate, pre-arranged without sanction, to continue and finish the game at pre-determined 3-3 tie after Team Black over-enthused call up goalie Michael Papoulias over slid this own boundary range and got winded by the far post. Unable to continue, special dispensation was given to approve extra pay to David Wood to pitch in. With a guaranteed goal against average freeze, plenty of smiles on goalies Kerry Gillings, David Wood and off night Pierre Lacoste faces.

BOHA News ……….

A message and a reminder to all regular and spare players. BOHA continues to gain popularity and to date, already over 20 new players have registered to become Bohaniens. Many are participating which is a good sign. The level of play has gone up another notch and like the NHL, relatively speaking, the game is faster than ever. BOHA is comprised of a handful of former pros, major junior, college, etc. down to players in the departure lounge waiting to go into the glory sunset. The spirit of the league on the ice is foremost safe play, team play and then goals and wins. It is with this that each player has a personal responsibility to adhere to this spirit. For those top players, BOHA relies on you to mentor those with less skills and be the quarterback of your team. BOHA does not want shinny hockey and injuries.

No scheduled games next week as BOHA Tournament starts on Tuesday, Sept. 29 and ending Sunday. Volunteer spots are still open. For the spares, this is the chance to get to know other Bohaniens. For tournament news, schedule, etc. there is a separate website

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Smooth Sailing For Some Teams. Others Struggle To Stay Afloat
Into almost a quarter of the regular season schedule, some teams are steady as a cruise ship while a few others are rolling side to side ready to tumble over sooner than later.

Team Black, not too impressive the first four games took on the elite Team Gold hoping to catch them off balance and get the first win into the record book. Team Gold, still the favourite to win it all, confident as ever gave early time off to seven players and Team Manager Andre Blanchette, sent a message "Seven Players left" to Players dispatching Dept. Unfortunately, a bit of confusion with the message, dispatch co-ordinator rookie replacement Dave Maik called up seven left wingers. Sensing the left side a bit crowded, Team Black deployed their play #5 “Right flank attack” to a tee in the second half and scoring a 4-2 win. Dave Maik is now replaced by Tim Brun as the new dispatcher.

Team Green, the leader in gourmet and pre-game shot rituals but rolling side to side a bit on the ice continues to show promises but with cross ice passes not being converted and Team White defencemen clogging the middle, passing plays around the slot is a bit of a challenge. Those that get through are stopped by all around athlete Benoit Ducharme solid goaltending. But with spirit at all-time high, no need to worry about tumbling over yet. Just a matter of time before the plays start clicking. With the 3-1 minor setback, Team Green is in the bottom of the pile but looking up for some openings.

Team Blue, steady as ever, is moving forward as charted and with no trade clause for all the players this time around, Team President Karl Boivin has a big grin. The grin extended to all the players after the 5-2 win over Team Red.

News Update:

BOHA Tournament begins in two weeks and planning is ongoing. Volunteer lists are going around for sign up. For the newer members, this is the opportunity to get to know guys around the league. Volunteering in the tournament goes a long way especially when being considered as a regular player down the road.

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Already Week 4 But Some Teams Still in Training Camp Mode

Confusion is rampant among some of the teams. While some teams are in their self-declared season opening game mode, others are in mid-season form and threatening to run away from the rest.

Team Green, in their self-declared home season opener came out flying controlling the first half and even a 1-0 short lead. But with a planned chili meal, courtesy of Nick Bergamin, in crockpot heating, temporary brain cramp set in and did not do the now habit forming pre-game single malt. With the beverage in the miniature keg sitting idle, not loose, the players felt the hands a little tight, shooting often and just a tad wide. A tight game, Team Red took advantage of some good bounces and positional screen plays, took a 3-1 lead and then sealed the game with an open net 4-2 win followed by munching on the famous Dagwoods health sandwiches.

Team Blue, quality drafted by General Manager Karl Boivin is at it again. Like last season, this 2015 version is filled with offensive snipers and the defence is no slouch either. At 24 goals for and only 10 against, they match the record Team Blue established 35 years ago. The only difference is Frank Kruzich, who won the Lady Bing trophy that year is now eliminated from this trophy race for this season after taking a roughing penalty last game. Only Team Black Glen Brown is still in the running but running out of mulligans using 5 of his 6 allowed mulligans. Team Black, in a bit of a rough start is still experimenting with the lineups, but is now getting closer. A tight game for half the game, the second half was a challenge as Team Blue pumped in 5 goals for a 7-2 win. Back to the drawing board, Team Black rookie captain Don Etienne is now analyzing a bit more on the positional play of the team. A tweak here and a tweak there might just do it.

In the finale match, with numerous call-ups, the game between Team Gold and Team White was hard to assess other than a notch faster than the other games. Team White, a few more first round draft callups in the lineup fared a bit better winning 6-3.

News and Classified Section:

Field Reporters Association searching freelance reporters and photographers. Experience not necessary. Team Reps are welcome to submit articles. All efforts are made to include the articles and photos of good taste. Submit by 10am next day to make the first edition.

Field Reporter
Some Teams Still In Training Mode While Others Are In Championship Mode

Still early and into the second week, polls are already predicting Team Gold and Team Blue in the Championship game. The only thing left is will Team Gold repeat as regular season champion as well and get rid of the Curseman for good or can Team Blue keep their current lineup and finally take it or go down again with bad trades.

Team Red, not happy with their first week performance decided to dig deep and called up their future star goalie, a first round draft choice from their Peewee affiliate who shut down Team Black for almost half a period before another call up, Ben Kiss, showed up after a late arrival. Team Black just could not recover from Team Red goalie merry-go-round losing 5-3 and now is seated in last place. But no worry for Team Black Captain Don Etienne, a rookie captain still learning the finer points of managing millionaires.

Team Green, on schedule to go forward and still in training camp mode, took another pre-game ritual shots to shake off the rust is looking pretty good. Going forward with a 4-1 lead on Team Gold, the shots wore off and soon went backward to training camp mode allowing Team Gold to come back for a 5-5 tie. No problem for Team Green, still on track and ready for their Sept. 8 home opener, Jack Digiacomo served up toasted stuffed salmon bagel with all the trimmings enticing a few Team Gold Players, Mathieu Crevier and Paul Belly to switch room for a postgame mid-game delight tasting.

In the night cap game, Team White roster was full of call-ups leaving no pre-game strategy session but plenty of introduction. With no strategy, Team Blue, predicted as a power house at least till trade talk time, had no problem toying with Team White goalie Kerry Gillings, even trying out their new point shot, the drop down “knucklepuck” shot by Mariano Castrechini, mesmerizing Kerry. The 6-4 Team Blue win is a norm for this team at this time. For Team White, once they are back to full roster and less introduction time, Yves Quenneville, the longest serving Team White member, has a wealth of strategies to carry Team White to another good season.

Field Reporter
BOHA Kicks Off 2015-16 Season
BOHA Season 2015-16 officially kicks off with 3 teams on the short end of the stick with all kinds of losing reasons and 3 teams full of compliments and a cautious grin for their opponents. With the earliest start ever, some teams think they are still in exhibition while others are in full throttle.

Team Green started the season and things did not go as planned. The 7-1 loss did not sit well with Coach Jeff “Jet” Jones but he knows in his own mind it’s only pre-season. There are still a few cuts to make and a couple of millionaires are holding out with contract issues. The coach and management are meeting this weekend in their Tremblant hide away to discuss team development and promises Team Green will be set and ready for the REAL season home opener against Team Red. Team Green is not too concerned yet as a few bright spots are looming in the horizon, about 18 light years away. A few less blind passes, a few more shots in the slot and pre-game shots will put them back on track. Team Green Defence quarter back Jack Digiacomo, a history major in his college days reminded all that the Green Machine lost the opening game in 1999 by identical score but went on to win the Championship against the 1999 Team Blue version getting attention from some but others were more interested in the beverages and carbo sandwiches in tray courtesy of captain Jet Jones. For Team Blue, a more down to earth and humble team, Team Captain and GM Karl Boivin reports “Guys had a great game. Although we won, everyone agreed it could have gone either way. The Green squad is an impressive one with lots of potential to dominate the early part of this season. The puck was bouncing our way. We’re looking forward to the next duel against Green”. But the underlying reason is Team Blue is on a strict mission to win it all this season serving only Dagwoods health sandwiches and discarding Frank Kruzich sardine flavoured kubasa from the menu.

Team White, last season runner-up in the championship game wants to erase the runner-up label. A few after season trades to strengthen the wings and off season mental puck movement preparation are paying off. The 5-2 win over Team black shows Team Black needs to get on track to get to where they want to be. Still early in the season, the first order for Team Black is to get a straighter track. Team White has a new “No Post game” interview to focus on their mission and Team Black is still searching for a PR spokesman. No post game comments for these two teams.

Team Gold, defending regular season champion and the first team to break the playoff curse and now also the defending Playoff champion continues to roll and they rolled over Team Red. With call ups on both teams, it’s hard to tell who has the true talent but Team Red, short on budget could only afford a goalie call up with one contact lens. Appealing the game, Team Red Captain Ken Labelle, went to BOHA Competition Board pleading “The rule is when your goalie loses his stick, the closest D gives him his. What do you do when he loses his contact? Closest D Joey does not know what to do in this uncharted territory and while the team committee struck to analyze the situation, Team Gold scored a few to take a close game 6-0.

Other BOHA news …

BOHA continues to be popular. Already 6 new players registered in less than two weeks and 3 played their first game last night. Welcome to Mark Daoust, Ian Booler, Nick Guezen, Patrick Victor, Pierre Travers and Derek Deveau. In their interviews, the common interest and why they want to become a Bohanien was the post-game gourmet menus.

Wheel chair man and most senior man Jack Hubert reminds all “Cans in the bag” please.

Field Reporter
BOHA 2015-16 Season Starts On August 11 Face Off night at St. Anne Legion
Draft is all done. If you have not heard from your Team rep., you will soon. The popularity of BOHA continues to grow. We have a record number of spares applying to become regulars. Unfortunately with so limited number of openings available, VP on ice Kieran Hackett an committee had to make objective hard choices.

Some important dates to remember
August 11 Face off night at St. Anne Legion, St. Anne De Bellevue. Start approx. 7:30 pm. All regulars and spares are welcome!!
August 18 Season on ice starts

More to follow

Filer Reporter
Renewal of membership for 2015-16 Season
Membership renewal for "Regular" players for 2015-16 season is now in full swing. To renew, go to your personal page and select the renew option and update your information if need be. You need to renew to be considered for the upcoming draft. Failing to do so may exclude you from the draft and replaced by a spare.

For those players that played as first year "Regular" last season, your status is still as a spare pending on the status of the return of those "Approved" leave of absent players. You need to go to your personal page and select the appropriate option to be considered.

Team Gold Makes BOHA History –- Defeating, Repeating & Beating The “CURSEMAN” Jinx Myth

In the 53 years of its illustrious history and voted as the best Oldtimers Hockey Association west of latitude 54 for 10 straight years, BOHA closes its 2015 season providing one of the best entertainment values to the largest crowd ever in its recorded history. Two other inconsequential undercard games saw Team Red unfortunately deservingly inheriting the “Figure Skate” Trophy while Team Blue took the “Bronze” medal. But this night is all about paying tributes to the two finalists en route to crowning the 2015 Champion but more importantly, Team Gold proving the “Curseman ” jinx is just a myth created by the Field Reporters Association paving the golden path for all teams to now tackle the new “Curseman 2.0”, Team that won regular season and championship game in same year never repeats.

Anticipating a huge crowd for this 2015 edition of the championship game, the OFF-ICE Vice President Dave “Dude” Connell and his sidekick Paul Regimbal started the “Championship Night” celebration with a complimentary bottle of fine single malt beverage for each team and proceeded to showcase the culinary delights for the patrons, alumni, etc. who paid premium price in the “All Inclusive” section that is only rivaled by BOHA parent team at Bell Desjardins Section.

It soon became clear that on this night, BOHA Off-Ice and On-Ice Departments are determined to provide the best entertainment experience and that they did as witnessed by one Team White wannabe hoisting the White sweater and other jubilant crowd watching and munching and gulping on the world famous “Pete Smoked Meat” and cold beverages.

On the entertainment card, both teams on the ice were winners. The score of 3-1 for Team Gold or Team White premature selling of spots to fill their Championship photo was not important. It was how the game was played. This was a game played by two teams who exhibited the spirit of what BOHA is striving for; all players contributing with the best players on each team quarterbacking and feeding their teammates resulting in Team Gold Mike Montagano scoring his first ever winning championship goal and a few records established along the way.

As BOHA closes season 2015, as is customary, a tribute to the players of both finalists and accomplishments:

2015 Champions “Team Gold”

Goal: Jocelyn Lauzon. Only player in BOHA to win the championship as a Forward, Defence and Goalie. Is now inducted into the exclusive “Championship Goalies” Club.
Back Up Goalie: Ted “Ironwall” Jackson
Defence: Andre Blanchette, Paul Painter, Paul Regimbal, Glen Brown, Spiro Krallis
Forwards: Mike “Airhog” Rourke, Kevin Gill, Marty Kojoian, Marco Romani (Captain), Dave Maik, JP Parkhill, Bob Saharov, Mike Montagano, Dave Pelletier.
Repeat winners: Mike Rourke, Paul Painter, Marco Romani, Glen Brown, Marty Kojoian

2015 Finalist “Team White”

Goal : Pierre Lacoste
Defence: Yves Quenneville, Jack Digiacomo, Joey Strati, Scott Meehan, Master “Iron Chef” Mark Dubois
Forwards: Francois “Doc” Gilbert, Brad Belvedere, Greg Maloney, Mike Downey, Louis Pilon, Jeff “Jet” Jones (Captain), Dave “Scribe” Newell, Peter “President” McCusker, Wayne Hart, James Anderson

BOHA Season Ending News ……………………..
As we close 2015, 2015-16 season is already in the planning stage. Communications will be out soon for the Annual Party, AGM and instructions on renewal of membership.

Field Reporter
Curseman Curses Wrong Teams. Team White and Team Gold In Championship Game

After a long season and the closest playoff round ever with five teams in the hunt right down to the wire, the final two teams in the championship game are Team White and Team Gold, the latter reportedly made a deal with the Curseman to find new homes in Team Black and Team Green.

Needing a win but ever mindful of the balance between offence and defence while feeling the Curseman wrath in this playoff round, Team Green went out and played their best game of the season against spoiler Team Red jumping to a 4-0 lead. Mindful of the Zebra cursed 2 goal swing the previous game, Team Green needed a shutout to get into the final. But it is not meant to be. With two minutes left in the game, Team Green biggest curse Andy Leroux blocked an attempted pass went in alone flipping his own rebound into the net closing out Team Green season despite winning the game 4-1.

The Curseman, after taking a bribe from Team Gold has left this team in search of other destructions and made a pit stop in Team Black camp after leaving Team Green. Safely secured on Black goalie Kerry Gillings mask, the Curseman played havoc on Kerry’s head all night confusing his mental well being enough for Team Gold to come back and squeaks out a 7-6 win and into the Championship game for the second consecutive year. For Team Black, the disappointment was quickly forgotten and everyone enjoyed the delicious post game s-meat-gasbord courtesy of Rick Wyjad and whoever “Ya” is.

Team White, with the most championships, needed only a tie and with so much confidence bordering on cockiness overruled Mike Downey and prematurely published the championship photo and championship cake for all to drool over. This ploy almost backfire as Team White could only muster a few token shots at Team Blue in the first half. But Team White longest serving defencemen, Yves Quenneville, holder of a record 16 championship trophies and whose success is based simply by viewing all opponents as same grey color shade is experienced and knew that a few shots here and there on a cold goalie in the second half will do the job. The ploy was smack on with the 4-4 tie and Team White is now in the Championship game again but a few players are holding back giving deposits for the championship photo spots till the crowning ceremony. But to others, there is no doubt this is their year and the photo spots are quickly filling up with only few spots left waiting for Greg Maloney, James Anderson, Pierre Lacoste, Wayne Hart to reserve and Brad Belvedere deposit to clear the bank.

BOHA Final Night News …………………

A reminder for all. First two games are only one hour long. News to follow if the sold out Championship game ticket comes with all inclusive all you can eat and beverage package.

Field Reporter
BOHA Super Laptop Freezes Trying to calculate The Two Finalists

Important Information from BOHA VP On Ice Office March 3, 2015:

Controversial last minute changes to the tie breaker format last year has resulted in BOHA reviewing the tie breaker rules this year. After consulting with key members and historians and in the spirit of our constitution, the Official Regular Season and Playoff Round Robin Tie Breaking format is amended. It is acknowledged there are different views and divided opinions on this topic but in the final analysis it is the spirit of what BOHA is trying to accomplish as outlined below:

A. To encourage recreational and enjoyable hockey competition, keeping in mind, the different caliber of players in the league and maintaining a team structured game.
B. To encourage team play rather than individual play.
C. Overall performance of a team supersedes team match play to align with round robin format.
D. Take into consideration during March Break/Playoff season when Spares more than likely dictate the outcome of a game thus distorting the true Head to Head competition during the first three games of a 5 game round robin period.
E. Discourage a team building up scores against the opponent.

Based on the above principles, the amended Tie Breaking Format will be:

1. Most Points
2. Most Wins
3. Goal Differential
4. Least Goals Allowed
5. Most Goals For
6. Head To Head
7. First Earliest goal

Note: Please note that at present Team Standings is shown in the order of most points, most wins, goal differential, Goals For and Goals Against. Should the determination of standings goes past goal differential, team with least Goals Against will place before most Goals For. Standings formula will be reprogrammed after season.

Kieran Hackett
VP On Ice

In the over 50 years of BOHA existence, there has not been a situation where 5 teams are still in the hunt for a place in the championship game with one game to go in the round robin. Only Team Red is the official spoiler team. It is calculated that a blow out here and a tight game there is likely the scenario for the last game of the round robin. Since the captains have been exhibiting mental limitation with their strategies of late, bonehead decisions will be made adding excitement to all the Monday quarterbacks who will be jeering and debating from the stands.

Team Gold, written off a week ago but poised to be the first regular season champion to shake off the dreaded curseman is now favoured by Vegas and BOHA Super Laptop to be one of the final two. With help from some early goals, Team Gold was able to play an intense balanced offence and defence game against Team Blue the rest of the way winning 8-3. Team Blue, not paying attention to their defensive game, is now facing a must win against team White.

With most Team Red players resigned to the spoiler roles after abandoning their quest a week ago, all the AWOLs were rejuvenated to do the spoilers duty. Mission accomplished squeaking by Team White with a 2-1 win delaying Team White celebration for at least one more game. Team White 8th alternate captain Mike Downey, not happy with players reserving their photo spots has suspended the reserving for now, annoying Brad Belvedere who had paid his deposit. Still leading with 6 points and playing the twilight game next week, Team White has the luxury of knowing what strategy to employ before they step on to the ice.

Team Green, after losing a heartbreaking game to Team White and catching the “Team Redquitalitis” virus for last night game, had 6 clicked Miss players from the lineup. With a short bench and some experience call ups, Team Green survived the first half against a speedy Team Black while jelling but got it going in the second half with nifty plays and a 7-3 wins. While happy with the win, Team Green filed a petition for reviews on a couple of goal resulting plays but was rejected. With a two goal swings in the goal differential formula, It might just be the nailer. Team Black, still in the picture but as a filling background only, is hoping for a repeat of history. Back in 2002 season they bounced back from 2 consecutive losses taking out Team Gold in the final game of the round robin.

Field Reporter
Five Teams Still In Playoff Hunt. Team Red Players Abandon Team

In the closest playoff series ever, five teams are still in the picture, some in wallet size and some already hanging the portrait wall size. Six Points may now qualify. The best chance is to strategize and balance the offence and defence as it may come down to goal differential to break the tie. It is predicted that most teams will now play the trap game from here onward.

Team Green, appropriately dressed for St Pat’s day was all pumped up thinking the spirit of the saint will carry them over the hurdle to victory. But Team White, relying more on their speed and less on superstition went out to show why they have the most championship trophies. Briefly down 2-1 after the half, this experienced team shifted into overdrive and beyond what Team Green could cope with. With the come back 4-3 win, Team White has a 94.2 rating to be in top seed and Team manager Jeff “Jet" Jones is now offering players to pick their preferred spots in the championship photo. Yves Quenneville, Joey Strati, Scott Meehan and Mark Dubois have already reserved spots with 11 more spots to go.

Team Black, in a do or die situation did their “Zulu Warrior” rant, went out and replicated the 1879 Battle of Isandlwana scalping Team Blue 8-4 with no mercy. King Labelle, in an emotional speech to his Team Black Mutual Admiration Society warriors stated” What can I say but great effort starting on the backend with our silent but resilient goalie. Let's remember the skating effort and see if we can replicate for next game. Nike says 'there is always better" and lastly practice on the pre-game Zulu warrior rant is on for this weekend - DJ Kemp to advise on location and time. Thanks to Ed for the fine uncut bagels - whaddya mean you didn't cut them?
Team Blue Dave Morton sole survivor of the scalping onslaught, fortunately had a St Paddy Green wig to cover up the scalped spot.

Team Red reputation is now tainted causing the competition board to take over the management for the rest of the season. With ten players AWOL and not enough call ups, it was an uphill battle on slippery slope all the way. With no chance to practice the team rant, all the call ups could do is to introduce to each other in the pre-game huddle. For Team Gold, it was the break they needed having been stymied by hot goaltending in their first two games. Valiant efforts by the Red callups but with the heavy weight all on goalie Steve Poirier, it was all he could do to keep it at 4-1 keeping defending champion Team Gold in the playoff picture albeit just wallet size for now but no problem in opening up the wallet splurging on an unsanctioned gourmet meal with full service. BOHA SS Division now looking into possible post-game meal violation of Article 6, something about presence of the opposite species in Team Gold "AZ>" fraternity mancave.

BOHA News …………….
BOHA Super Computer has calculated 90 possible outcomes who the finalists will be but no result yet. BOHA IT Dept. is postponing the prediction for another week citing too many variables. Teams are playing the roster maneuvering game and Call ups are distorting a true prediction.

Field Reporter with contribution Ken Labelle
Roving Photographer Spiro Krallis
Vegas Refuses To Roll Dice. Playoff too dicey to Call

In a short playoff round robin series, historical statistics show 7 points get you into the championship game 93% of the time. 6 points might get you in and only when tie breaker rules are changed in mid-stream. With the official tie breaker rules now recorded and void of last minute changes, every team needs to look at getting 7 points to have a chance at being one of the finalists except Team Red or Team Gold. One or both of these teams will be in the sideline at the end of next game.

Team Blue, with full roster now after suffering much of the regular season trading free agents, is in full steam and looking good to get into the championship game for only the second time in the last 20 years. Captain Karl Boivin, trying to lead his troop to a first Championship, pulled another brilliant move by signing last minute free agents John Hamilton and Eddie Cheong who got Team Blue going with a goal and couple of assists to go up 3-0 forcing Team Red to change their trap tactics. Not used to changing so early, Team Red fell into their own trap giving up more goals going down 7-1 and is now one of the teams more than likely to be spectators as early as next week.

Team Gold, regretting finishing first in the regular season by now, was determined to be calm and collected against Team Green and that they did. Team Green strategy was to be in the game for the first half and then see what happens. Momentum picked up for Team Gold soon and playing their best offensive game of the year, peppered Team Green with 89 shots but with the entire Team Green on the lookout, blocked 95% of the shots and with their transition breakouts, Dr. Heseltine with surgical hands, Don Etienne and Nick Bergamin scored to take the bruising game 4-3 and remains in the hunt. For Team Gold, goals by Mike "Air Hog" Rourke and Andre "Cheeky" Blanchette fell short and it was one that got away and now will face Team Red in the most important game of the season. A tie is no good for both teams. A win might prolong the hope for another week. Could come down to which team will be the first to pull the goalie for the extra attacker?

Team White, drawing the experience that won them the memorable BOHA 50th anniversary championship game at Bell Centre and winning the season series 4 games to one against Team Black, did not have to change their strategy. Outscoring Team Black 22-11 during the season, it was just a matter of playing the same way out pecking Team Black to a 3-1 win and now has their own destiny in their hands. A win and a tie will be enough to get them in to the team’s 26th championship game, a record that will be hard to break. Team Black, a proud team, is looking at the full half and happy with their game so far feeling the taste of victory is just around the corner and as good as Kerry Gillings smoked meat.

Field Reporter with contribution from Kerry Gillings
Upsets in Full Bloom. BOHA publishes Official Regular and Playoff Standings and Tie Breaking Format

The Curse is in full bloom and bookies lost big money when both favourites went down to upset losses. As expected, call ups dictated the results of the first game of the round robin playoff.

Team Gold, heavily favoured to break the curse jinx fell into it instead dropping a 4-3 decision to Team White despite outshooting them 33-8. Team White Captain, Jeff “Jet” Jones, is starting to get noticed for his moves with a last minute signing of free agent Johnny “Apple” McIntosh and goalie Carlo Ricciardi who stymied all the volleys Team Gold threw at him. In a post game interview, a Gold player provided reasons of Gold demise but only on condition of anonymity agreeing to show only his behind face. BOHA president Peter McCusker, thought it was a cheeky interview and is now asking all Bohaniens to assist in identifying this player by matching the two faces on the only available pictures.

Team Black still shaking a bit after finishing last in the regular season for the first time in their rich history, went out and slug it out with Team Red and a well deserved 3-2 win. In their man cave, an inspirational verbal diarrhea from Ken Labelle shown in part ensued:

“We don't need no stickin' guys who go on spring break! We got what it takes with the rest of us poor slubs! With our D depleted in Chiasson, Gord and Big Jamie getting sand between their toes, Andrew out searching for Dan G (where is Waldo?), the tough certainly got going last night. Great game starting in net with Kerry who responded to the pre-game threats with a solid performance. Then the D Men bending but not breaking, Big "Shot Block" Ed and Rick (playing hurt) taking out the big guys on the other team. Judge Rob Kemp scored a few also and the f&*king spare scored top shelf where Gene's mother keeps her teeth. Even Gene was happy that he got his pre game song request on the "Air". Armed with a new and better DJ, the team and legion of spares played a helluva good game.

Prompting some responses from Team Black “Mutual Admiration Society” members:

RoB Kemp: Boom! Team Rope A Dope's plan of finishing dead last in the regular season is working out perfectly. Great play at both ends of the ice. Team practice to get the returning sun bathers up to speed will be announced shortly.

Eugene Bunys: Agreed ... good fun last night!

Jamie Heward: Well done boys. Solid win. One of the lazy big D enjoying a little fun in the sun. See you next week at 11

In the meantime, Team Blue, their ship upright again with the return of John Vernon to complete the puzzle, played to the speed of Team Green but controlled the game well enough for a 4-3 win. Team Green, down 3-0 for the 15th time this season never gave up but with Team Blue trap box system in effect, could only muster a few shots in the second half. Came close with a couple of late goals but no cigars to light up.

With all the favourites upset, resurgence of Team Blue, all predictions are out of the windows. The only certainty is the standings will be tight and the League newly approved Official Playoff tie breaker format might play a key role to who the two finalists will be in the championship game.

Statements from BOHA VP On Ice Office:
Controversial last minute changes to the tie breaker format last year has resulted in BOHA reviewing the tie breaker rules this year. After consultating with key members and historians and in the spirit of our constitution, the VP On Ice Office is ammending the Official Regular Season and Playoff Round Robin Tie Breaking format. It is acknowledged there are different views and divided opinions on this topic. Our league schedule of 24 or 25 regular season games, followed by a 5 game round robin playoff series, followed by the Championship games has been in place for over 50 yrs and our tie breaking rules should remain consistant from year to year.

The decision in amending the format is based on:

A. To encourage recreational and enjoyable hockey competition, keeping in mind, the different caliber of players in the league and maintaining a team structured game.
B. To encourage team play rather than individual play.
C. Over all performance of a team supersedes team match play to align with Round robin format.
D. Take into consideration during March Break/Playoff season when Spares more than likely dictate the outcome of a game thus distorting the true Head to Head competition during the first three games of a 5 game round robin period.
E. Discourage a team building up scores against the opponent.

Based on the above principles, the amended Tie Breaking Format will be:
1. Most Points
2. Most Wins
3. Goal Differential
4. Goals Allowed
5. Goals For
6. Head To Head
7. First Earliest goal

Field Reporter with contribution from VP On Ice, Ken Labelle
Team Gold Mocks Team Green After 7-2 Humiliation Game with Goal 9 seconds left and Photo Shoot

In the last game of the regular season, some teams are vying to move up the standings to get home ice advantage in the late game while others like Team Gold chooses to embarrass struggling team like Team Green.

In the all important game to start the final regular season night, Team Blue needed a win to have a chance of finishing in second place, but more importantly, wants to avoid drawing Team Green for the first momentum builder playoff game. Using history as his main motivational tool, Team Captain Karl Boivin sent a message to his troopers that the team finishing in second place has the better statistics when it comes to winning the championship. Taking it to heart, Team Blue went out and quickly scores two quick goals on Team White rookie Benoit Ducharme, who was still adjusting to the idea of playing goal from his normal forward position. But the rookie versatile goalie quickly adjusted and the rest of the game was quick with chances on both sides. Team Blue was just a bit hungrier than Team White and skated away with a 5-3 win, but with their destiny in Teams Red and Black hands, Team Blue had to wait till the end to see if they could avoid drawing Green in the first game, who has shut them out in their last 2 meetings.

The malaise of Team green that haunted them for the first 11 games of the season is back. The team is struggling again. The shinny individual rushes have surfaced again and with no passes on the breakouts and no one in front of the net for rebounds it was an easy game for Team Gold to defend. Team Gold simple strategy is let Team Green defencemen carry the puck, poke check and with quick transition go on the odd man rush. Team Gold potted 7 goals using this strategy including a goal with 9 seconds left for an easy 7-2 win. In the post game Team Gold dressing room photo shoot, Team Gold snipers Bob Saharov and Air Hog Mike Rourke mocked Team Green flashing the 7 goals and his hat trick signs with their jubilant curseman drawing some unpleasant unmentionables from Team Green Don Etienne who was on the ice for all those goals.

Since Team Red settled their Share a Goalie program, their record has been impeccable with Vegas giving them the early 3-1 odds to win it all. Adam Belley, who was hired away from Team Blue to manage Team Red this year duplicated his goalie drafting prowess from his previous team and now has Team Red in solid state and in similar position as his last year’s team with the exception that everything is pointing up towards a championship this time. They needed a win to take second place from Team Blue who earlier had won. It was not an easy chore as Team Black was giving their full effort to get out of the basement. Game was tied for the first half but soon the flood gate opened up in the second half and Team Red flooded Team Black with 4 goals capturing the coveted second place along the way in the 6-2 win.

And now the March Break round robin playoff, dubs as “The Battle of the Call Ups” begin with:

Team Gold vs Team White, Team Red vs Team Black and Team Blue vs Team Green.

Field Reporter
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Team Gold Clinches BOHA 2015 Regular Season Embarrassing Team White in The Process

With one game left in the 2015 regular season, every team except Team Gold is short of games to catch up. It is now safe to declare Team Gold officially as BOHA 2015 Regular Season Champion. With the round robin playoff commencing two weeks from now, the battle of the spares begins and by the time all the vacationing regular players are back, some teams will already be eliminated from the championship game.

The crucial games on week 23 started with Team Black desperately trying to get out of the basement drawing Team Blue who is still clinging to an outside chance of catching Team Gold. A hard seesaw battle and one of the fastest games all season long, Team Blue franchise player Ted Mulhern was in no mood to finish second. But tonight was the goalies night in more ways than one. At 1-1 tie, both goalies; Team Black Kerry Gillings and Team Blue David Wood were not going to let in more than 1 each. But soon, Team Black Goalie Kerry develops a contactlitis in his eyes and needed his backup George Tan to finish the game. The TANdem duo did the job keeping it at 1-1 ensuring Team Black a chance to get out of the cellar about this time next week. For Team Blue, Ted Mulhern had a record 14 shots and 14 scoring chances while Gino Pallante establishes a skating mileage record skating 29 miles mostly in figure 8’s and 1 pass to Frank Kruzich.

A four pointer game and second place in line, the dark horse Team Red, quiet all year has been gaining momentum in the past 5 games and this game against Team Green was no exception. The strategy for this game is to allow Team Green to play their shinny hockey brand, let them play the passing perimeter game and then counter attack on turnovers. With the successful strategy led by Andy Leroux who is exhibiting his trick plays in the 5-3 win, Team Red is now in second place and one more good game will give them the most coveted spot as teams finishing in second place has a record 31 playoff championship titles in BOHA 53 year history.

Team Gold did not care who they play against as first place is what they want regardless of the Curseman. To Team Gold, this is the year the Curseman jinx will be rid off once and for all. Unfortunately for Team White, they drew Team Gold and there was no holding back by Team Gold. On the short end of a 10-2 shellacking, Team White is in disarray and may have to arrange for another bonding get together sooner than later to right the ship.

BOHA News …….
BOHA is witnessing a record ballots sent in from all roving and field Reporters voting for the annual All Stars teams and individual awards. Tune in to see who the All Stars to be announced in the final game of the 2015 Regular Season game. Some past awards winners are already on edge hoping not to be on the ballots.

Field Reporter
Team Gold Stock Soars As Team Black Implodes

February 10 at BOHA is all about giving. Funds raised from BOHA Annual Invitational Tournament were distributed to a number of worthwhile recipients. In less than 20 minutes, a record time, all funds were distributed and the games resumed. A few teams were also generous and in giving mood particularly Team White, Team Black and Team Blue.

Drawing the early starting time, Team Green is focused in this game not to be the giver. The only giving is the relentless fore checking continuing their quest for second place, still in sight. Team White, with BOHA most championships but only 1 point up on Team Black fighting to stay out of the sewers this season, put up a great fight. Scoring chances on both sides plenty but no goals to show till half way through the second half when Team Green Simon Banbury took a quick stretch pass hitting the top corner and then breath a huge sigh of relief later when the insurance goal somehow went in from the back of Team White and president Peter McCusker for a 2 goal lead. With the third shutout of the season and would be record less than 2 minutes away, a self induced turnover gave Team White a bit of life but Team Green has been learning how to defend this type of situation lately and prevailed with an open net 3-1 win. Celebrating his goal, Simon Banbury shows his Master Chef skill afterward with a hot and juicy pulled pork and cole slaw treat but application for iron Chef Designation was denied by BOHA Master Iron Chef Mark Dubois, victim of Simon’s goal.

With a chance to practice after the long break from the Donation Ceremony, Team Gold practiced on their shooting skills while Team Black was practicing on their breakout plays utilizing the 5th D. Unfortunately last minute roster maneuvering sent Team Black 5th Defenceman to the other side causing unforeseen disarray in Team Black breakout pattern. With superior shooting skills, Team Gold basically secured first place with the 6-2 win. Reports coming into Field Reporter office have Team Black somehow imploding, but this has yet to be confirmed. The unconfirmed story is Team black was "poached" mid-way thru game - why take the 5th defencemen when they could take one of our forwards, said Team Captain Ken Labelle but quickly added, “After game scotch eased pain - thanks Dan Goodale for paying the fine.” But there is still some reporting where his allegiance is; to Team Black or Red while still exhibiting black and red socks. In the meantime, Team Gold stock is soaring inspired by Air Hog Mike Rourke lecture on how to raise their wing men some heights on breakouts with great attention coming from Glen Brown.

Team Blue, still struggling despite new blood in the lineup, is just about out of options. The trades have severely affected their offensive output by 50% plummeting by more than 3 goals per game. Without the goals production, the defensive game needs to tighten up but the pressure to score is just too great affecting the defensive game allowing 20 more goals than the first half of the season. Sensing this, Team Red went for the kill winning 5-2 easily prompting Team Blue Captain Karl Boivin to opt out next week’s game to do some soul searching moment and maybe a bit of scouting.

Interesting Facts About Trades. Statistics Tell the story ……

The two teams that saw the most trades were Team Green and Team Blue. Field Reporters Association collected some data before and after trades and came out with this inconclusive report.

In the first 11 games before the trades, Team Blue was on a record pace scoring 62 goals and giving up only 38 goals. Since then the last 11 games saw their goal production plummeted by 50% to 31 goals while giving up 51 goals, goal differential of -20.
Team Green on the other hand, has cut their goals against by 36 goals compare to the first 11 games and is leading the league in GAA with 2.91 since the trades. Lesson is Defence first and then offence wins games.

Last 11 games Goals Against Stats:

Green 32 2.91
White 42 3.81
Gold 44 4.00
Black 49 4.45
Red 51 4.63
Blue 51 4.63


Field Reporter with

Contribution from Ken Labelle, Mike Rourke
Standings Getting Tighter. All Bets Are Off Who Will Finish First

With 3 games left before the regular season ends, only Team Gold, Team Blue and Team Red are in the hunt for League supremacy. There’s an outside chance for the surging Team Green but with only 1 point to show in the first 10 games kind of sealed the fate. There has been negotiation with the Curseman Trade Union to suspend the curse for this year and it appears a deal might be struck at a cost to be named later.

Team Black who leads the league in missed games this year and with losses piling up because of top picks hurting for entire year needed to dig deep especially when they drew Team Red who is surging of late in the first game. According to roving reporter Ken Labelle “With a new song mix to stir up the faithful, Team Black went in to the game in 10th place out of six. Forced into a short lineup with several last minute cancelations including "Food/Suds Guy", forever to be humiliated and hazed in Team Black lore, a new tactic of 3D and 7 forwards paid dividends for the struggling Team Black. Herculean effort by Andrew Robertson to convince Ted Jackson to get some beverage for the room AND paid for and subsequently the good deed was rewarded with 3 goals albeit on 7 empty nets! The 6-4 win still keeps Team Black in the basement but only 1 small point to move them past Team White. With music as part of Team Black new found winning tool, rumor is radio man Rob Kemp will be bringing in some bootleg music next week!”

Bolstered by late signing of free agent Brian Olney, Team Blue took on Team White in the mid frame game confident that their offensive game will be back in tune. Team White had other ideas especially when staying out of the basement is a priority. Long story short, the 1-1 tie kind of did nothing for both teams. Team Blue is still struggling offensively and Team White is only 1 point out of the basement. In an exclusive interview with Team Blue Manager Karl Boivin “the boys at least felt like a team again. It felt good to be able to compete once again. It’s been difficult lately to keep the moral up but with the latest addition to the Blue Experiment we can only have a positive outlook on the upcoming games. All systems go for Blue!” A little Heads up for Team Red, their next opponent.

The hottest team in the second half of the season, Team Green continues to refine the winning formula tools. Having won 8 out of 9 games and no signs of slowing down, it was a cautious battle between Teams Green and Gold. Team Green D Corps was instructed to play conservatively and controlled the first 2/3rd of the game but Team Gold is not in first place for nothing. Soon, the skating game took over and for the last 10 minutes, was all over Team Green but it was tough to pick the corners when the net was moving around a little bit and eventually vertigo set in for Team Gold snipers going down 5-3 giving up a final seconds empty netter.

BOHA News ………………….

Next week start is 7PM. News should be forthcoming about the Donation night. Second and 3rd games might start a bit early than published time so players are requested to get there earlier to take part in the ceremony.


Field Reporter with contribution from Ken Labelle & Karl Boivin
30 Points to Finish First Still In The Horizon For Team Gold But Now 56 Light Years Away

With four games left in the regular season, all teams are applying different strategies for playoff positioning. Some are struggling on ice while others are leery about the Curseman. But most of all, the Standings gap is separated by only 10 points and may get even tighter. Who will reach the now predicted 30 points first to claim the title as 2015 Regular Season Champion.

Steve Graham, Team Green Representative promoted to General Manager and recently voted by the Field Reporters Association as the rookie of the year manager for his brilliant trades, has his team jelling as predicted. It was still a tough start against the proud Team Blue, who has a tough 1-6 record in the last seven games. Team Blue controlled the first 18 minutes of the game with 10 scoring chances between star forwards Ted Mulhern and Gino Pallante. But Team Green goalie, fresh and relaxed from the Norwegian Epic Cruise and a Jamaican beverage at hand, shut the door and now has two consecutive shutouts against Team Blue in the 6-0 win. Team Blue rookie manager, Karl Boivin, still reeling from the consequences of his success in the first half of the season is not concerned as he has one more rabbit to pull out of his hat. A rarely used BOHA Parity Bylaw found in Chapter 6, subsection 4A stipulates teams losing 3 or more free agents during mid season are entitled to additional beverages quota or an upgrade replacement. It was a hard vote but with Karl’s superior rhetoric skills, managed to convince a few holdouts to let go the beverage option and take the upgrade. A bit of paperwork left to do but Team Blue should be back in contention sooner than later.

Twitted by Team Red Groupie fans as the most entertaining game of the night, it was a close game right up to less than 2 minutes left in the game. A break down in Team Gold zone left two reddies in front of the net for a tick toe goal with a minute and 45 seconds left. Another breakdown seconds later, Team Red potted the insurance goal and a 4-2 win. Team Red, with a 3 game winning streak is showing no signs of slowing down and taking advantage of their moon and the stars in perfect alignment for now. Team Gold is facing a big simple dilemma. Where to finish in the Standings. Their DNAs are synchronized to win but the Curseman is now good chum with Glen Brown and Andre Blanchette. This proud team is going through a 3 game losing skid but not to fear, the core players are still intact and the duo defencemen Glen Brown and Andre Blanchette have been ordered by Team President Judge Romani to sever all ties with the curseman.

The last game between Team White and Team Black was marketed by BOHA Promotional Dept. as “The Battle of The Inept”. These two teams are bottom dwellers for now but far from inept. News is Team Black was all pumped up but some glaring music of some sorts was blurring through Team Black room to Team White. According to Team White Captain Jet Jones and confirmed by their press secretary Dave Newell …“The white team heard music coming out of Team Black room prior to puck drop ... Dancing Queen by Abba appeared to be the theme song to rally their troops. We suspected the Black team wanted to be more `light on their feet` , so to speak, once on the ice….. This was rather disturbing for the high testosterone filled White room. We were wondering if there was some awkward male bonding event in Team Black dressing room. Not trying to pick a bone with them but just sayin`..... the black dancing queens` put on a solid effort but in the end Team White prevailed with a 5-2 win. Indeed they did put in the efforts but sadly, both teams are still bottom dwellers, but moved a notch closer to Team Gold, still in first place.

Field Reporter with Contribution from Dave Newell
Bottom Teams Are Moving Up. Top Teams Struggle But Still On Top

With BOHA back on ice after another week off, some teams are having trouble re-adjusting with the on off schedule. Teams Blue and Gold are contemplating on joining the Ringuette Tournament next year citing the donut is easier to handle than the puck these days.

Flushing with pride after getting the coveted "lead in pre-game cheer", Team Black Goalie Kerry Gillings stopped all 3 pucks that were sent his way in a 4 - 0 shutout win against the mighty Team Gold. After the game, Kerry had this to say: "Pass the chicken"; referring to Big Bad Bruce Besner's Lebanese offering of shish taouk chicken. Team Black employed a new strategy of trying to score some goals and with almost all players showing up for the game for the first time since Oct 3, the evidence points to a new working strategy. Time will tell.
Although never before accomplished in such tight surroundings, Team Black reports honorable mention to Rick Wyjad for trying to get by big Mike Montagano along the boards. Despite giving up 300+ lbs, Rick almost squeaked by Mike. Both went down and were carried off somewhat dazed but still eager for the playoffs. "Put me in coach, I am ready to play", says Rick.

Team Green and Team White faced off each other in the middle frame. Team Green, once the whipping boy of BOHA is now on a 3 game winning streak and the plan devised by Team Captain Steve Graham is now in fruition. It was a close game up until the last few minutes when team White opened the door ...bada-bing , bada-boom ... a couple missed assignments by Team White coach and its 5 to 3 for the Martians... an empty netter made it a 6 - 3 final.
Tough start to the new year for Team White, Coach Jet Jones isn't enjoying the "one game on, one game off" thing... can't get any consistent play out of his millionaire players... He promises a better response next week.
In an effort to shake things up, Coach JJ is in negotiations with Team Blue Coach Karl. Seems D-MAN Keiran Hackett isn't happy with his ice time and as result spent his post game with Team White (straight from the ice to Team White dressing room!!) missing his team’s post game meal ritual. Coach JJ kept quiet about who might be on the move from Team White, the guy was probably still in the room.

Despite a prolong slump and 7 – 4 loss to Team Red, Team Blue is still in good spirit with some nice team work on the late nite feast with Claude Lapointe bringing in the cooking hardware for Ted Mulhern’ food night. According to Team Executive Karl, it was nice to see teamwork off the ice and the feast was succulent. Unfortunately, the feast was without D-Man Kieran Hackett who was in Team White dressing room yapping with Team White coach JJ about nothing. For Team Red, it’s a continuing upward movement trend as described by financial wizard Chris Wright, now looking for his second career goal.

BOHA News . . .
A reminder to all regulars and Spares. Use Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox when you need to click Miss, Unmiss, Apply or Request for games. Do not use Internet Explorer (especially newer versions 10, 11). It is still causing issues with the links. We will wait till off season to investigate further.

We operate on a self-served auto system. Should you need to change your personal information (email address, phone, etc.), do not register again. Administrator will not process it. You need just to log in and click on your name just above the “Welcome” button (top left of page). Your personal info page will show and you can update the info. Should you want to look at your personal account, click on “Account” in the same area and it will bring you to your Account status.

Field Reporter with contributions from Ken Labelle, Jeff Jones and Karl Boivin.
Photo supplied by Team White
New Year Brings Wins To 3 Teams and Losses To The Other 3. All 6-4 Scores

After 2 weeks of rest, BOHA is back on track with 3 games on the agenda. Three teams are starting the year right while 3 others are back to reviewing their playbooks.

Team Red, in the middle of the pack and continues to juggle the goaltending rotation is one of the happy teams winning 6-4 over Team White. Back to reviewing their strategy, Team White Dave Newell imparted his wisdom that before the review, Team White needs a mascot and promptly introduced “Whitina” to a big round of applause.

The greatly anticipated game between Team Gold and Team Blue finally took the centre stage with Team Gold heavily favoured by Vegas. But tonight, Team Blue did not let their recently decimated lineup and losing streak get in their way. All players were focused on Team Gold and with Goalie Dave Wood closing the doors early in the game; the 6-4 win shows the depth of Team Blue. Team Gold is still in first place but the Curseman is not leaving anytime soon, yet.

Mike Kneller, who signed as a free agent with Team Green after his release from Team Blue scored his first BOHA career hat trick leading Team Green out of the basement and finally a 6-4 first win of the season over Team Black and sending Goalie George Tan, who has a 6 win bonus contract clause to a self expense cruise trip to Western Caribbean. Team Black is suffering a bit but should just be a minor setback for now.

No game next week due to Ringette Tournament.

Field Reporter.
Curseman In Cahoots WithTeam Gold. Team Blue Collapses Again

With one game left in the schedule before the holiday break, some teams are riding on top of the waves while others are drowning in the kiddie pool.

Team Blue, out to prove that they are better than their recent records are showing, started to convince a few skeptics and with a 5-1 lead, they were poised and in position to take the lead in the Standings for at least momentarily. Content with the lead but a little bit concern to catch Gord MacLellan's mumps, Team Blue sat on it. Team Black, a team not to mess around with, especially when they are trying to break their own slump, started taking control in the second half and soon the momentum shifted. A goal here and a goal there and Team Blue is now officially in a slumping state drowning in a 6-5 loss to Team Black. Ken Labelle, despite warnings for dress code violation, is not matching his socks anytime soon now that team Black has a one game winning streak.

Team Green, playing well lately is back into a temporary minor setback. Almost eliminating the odd man rushes, the team is now concentrating on a work in progress in defending the slot areas. Not a big concern yet. The schedule is to put all the pieces together in the new year and go from there. In the meantime, Team Red did not care what Team Green is doing other than owning the slots all night and counting on all their chances for a well deserved 5-4 win. In a Christmas spirit of giving, Team Red and BOHA past Grand Pubba Terry O’Neill, already has a goal credited to him, discussed just a little bit before giving up his tip-in to teammate Chris Wright with an early X’mas present. Gladly accepted, Chris Wright has broken a personal slump of 2 seasons without a goal.

Team Gold, receiving accolades from all over the place, first as Team November and now as the Golden Boys and soon the team of the first half took another step forward taking care of Team White. Team Gold had total control leading 4-1 and then gave a couple back in a giving spirit but hung on to the 4-3 win to go 2 points up on Team Blue and assuring them of first place during the holiday break. Their performance to date is so convincing that the Curseman is showing up early for an X’mas photo with Team Gold.

BOHA is healthy, website Popular with over 560,000 visits and growing ...........

Over 30 new registrants this season, believe it or not, 17,672 visit to our site just this past week. While it is estimated 500 are clicks by Bohanien players, who are the 17,172 visitors? Boha has over 560,194 visitors in just 4 short years. BOHA is now number one in Search Engines and not slowing down. There are over 30 Friends of Boha registered including our alumnus and past president Fred Steer and Jacques Aube, both with BOHA parent team Les Canadiens. And from Vancouver, Jim Pitt is a regular reader and critique.

Stay tuned for the Mid-term report……………………

Field Reporter
Field Photographer Dave Pelletier
Price of Gold Jumps. Team Gold Now Hottest Commodity

For the first 11 weeks, Team Blue dominated plays as never seen before to the point of Vegas declaring them the “Almost Regular Season Champion.” Fast forward to three weeks later, that designation has been retracted and is now up for grab with Team Gold making an application to take over the declaration and remove the “Almost”.

On a five game winning streak, Team Gold is rolling and on course to tie a team record of six game winning streak. All indications is it’ll get done and an easy game for Team Gold as Team Red has only 2 points to show for in the entire November and is still reeling from their loss to Team Green. With a two goalie switch system, Team Red defensive formation is kind of mixed up on how to defend. The game was close for a few minutes before Team Gold scored the first goal. Then it just went downhill for Team Red. Team Gold Dave Pelletier who sidelines as a city councilor, had a field day including scoring 2 quick goals in less than 10 seconds to seal Team Red Fate. In his first ever two goal performance against Team Gold, a photo session ensued to commemorate the occasion but the publication has to wait for clearance, just a procedural thing to avoid allegation of collusion.

Despite the return of Mathieu Crevier, Team Black was unable to break the 3 game losing streak. Team black skated and skated but could not blow the house down. Black special weapons were ineffective in this latest battle of Boha rivalry night but Ken Labelle, Team black Captain, who recently got more budget and is now dressed with same color socks, in an interview, vows that changes for next game are coming. Labelle was quoted "next game my socks will definitely not match". Sign of a desperate team. Stay tuned. As for Team White, the 3-0 win was a solid team game and a shutout well deserved by Pierre Lacoste and the entire D Corps of Yves Quenneville, Iron Chef Mark Dubois, Joey Strati, Scott Meehan and quarterback Jack Digiacomo.

Tide is turning for Team Green and Captain Steve Graham is serving notice to all who cares to listen or pay attention that the team is ready to take on all comers. Once the whipping boy of BOHA, it is no longer the case with the signings of free agents Nicholas Bergamin and Rob Bowrin, but more importantly a team commitment to pay attention to the defensive game first. Team Blue on the other hand, has lost some free agents. Still competitive but no longer a force to reckon with, their stock is down and Standard & Poor has downgraded their portfolio by a notch especially when their franchise player Ted Mulhern is not there to provide the offence. But for Team Blue, it is not panic time yet. It’s just a minor setback that a week of rest would not cure. For Team Green, the 4-0 win celebration started shortly after the win with a culinary gourmet presentation courtesy of Steve Graham.

Field Reporter with contribution from Field Commentator Ken Labelle
Black Tuesday for Team Black and It’s Not Shopping

At the half way point of the season, and with last night less than normal replacement players, all teams played with a more or less regular team roster and the scores are indicating the latest moves by BOHA Competition Board is paying dividend.

With the trade made last week to ship Rob Bowrin to Team Green, Rob was a no show having to go to Kansas City to clear up his “No Trade” paper work issues. Apparently, he has a clause with the historic Kansas City Flames organization, former parent team of Team Blue who was still silent protesting the trade and holding Rob as hostage until Team Green hands over the agreed upon 12 beverages or an approved culinary delight. Team Green President Steve Graham, reluctant to give up the precious beverages, requested BOHA Chief Iron Chef Mark Dubois to provide proof of approval and the subsequent photo shows the approval and proclamation of the delight as the “Official BOHA Shrimp Pate”. A subsequent tasting was conducted by the Official BOHA unbiased panel consist of Jack Digiacomo, Scott Meehan, Craig Ross, Mike Downey, Gord MacLellan and Ted Jackson and all members validated the choice. Without the newly acquired player, Team Green continued their defensive play of late and squeaked out a tight and eventually 6-3 win over Team White extending the winning streak to 2 games and now officially qualifies for the Playoff continuing the long established record of all teams making the playoff round every year since BOHA was established 53 years ago.

Silent protesting over losing Rob Bowrin but content of getting a defensive and Team analytical player of Claude Lapointe stature, Team Blue accepted the “Shrimp Pate” trade. With a more defensive team, Team Blue adjusted their mental preparation quickly and did not lose one step, especially when the five Defensemen, Dave Morton, Karl Boivin, Howard Gosselin, Ron Carrier and Kieran Hackett, voted as D Corps of the first half, are just not allowing anyone to go pass the ringuette line. Team Red, down by a goal was relentless and culinary delight taster Craig Ross scored on a beautiful screened inside the post slider to tie the game on a well fought and deserved 2-2 game for both teams.

The fastest game of the night and a back and forth seesaw battle, the fans in the food included section were treated to one of the best played game this season. For Team Black, it was desperation time. All players injured or not were subpoenaed to report including one-armed Gord MacLellan, who needed BOHA MD JP Mayer to sign off the waiver trying to stop the losing skid. However, it was Team Gold leading late in the game, but Team Black, with everyone on board was motivated in this game and Ben Chiasson scored on a howitzer from the point picking the top corner to tie the game. With less than 2 minutes to go and the game tied, Team Gold fore-checked vigorously and got the puck into the slot and an inside the post counter. Sadly for Team Black the losing streak will stay a bit longer or at least for another game with the 4-3 loss.

BOHA News ……………..
League announced that the X’mas get together games on Dec. 16 will start earlier at 7 pm, 8:25 and 9:50. There will be food and beverages but more info will be communicated. This is open to all Bohaniens. All is invited to come and participate.

Another regular games night is scheduled for Dec. 23 starting earlier at 7, 8:25 and 9:50. This is out of norm as BOHA Players Association collective Agreement calls for 2 week break. The Spares Coordinator Committee is appealing to all Replacement players to get ready for a call. All submitted requests will be honored.

Field Reporter
Glimpse of Team Green Playoff Tactic Showcased Early. Trade Rumor Running Rampant

With the regular season almost half over and Team Green in danger of missing playoff invitation, Team Green employed their Strategy #872 and the result was impressive. But this did not impress Team Gold and Team Blue who continue to move forward with solid games.

A close game for most part of the game and Team White showing signs of better than a fifth place team as predicted in the BOHA teams depth chart report, Team White lost sight of their defensive play towards the end and soon proves the depth chart report to be more or less accurate going down 11-5 to Team Gold. Predicted to finish in second place, Team Gold exhibited their odd man rush proficiency scoring 6 quick goals to burst the game wide open. Team White defensive corps, much like BOHA Master Chef Mark Dubois recent cooking recipes, got burned on a few plays causing Mark Dubois to look into revamping Team White Defensive play recipes.

Team Blue in the meantime, amidst the trade rumor of losing a top tier gunner, did not let it bother them, went out and destroyed Team Black 5-2 to get back on the winning track and serve notice to all that they are untouchable and focusing on establishing a never achieved BOHA record of more than 40 points in a regular season. The only concern now for Team Blue is have they reached their pinnacle yet? A page from history shows Team Blue 1999 version ran away during regular season with 39 points but failed to make the Championship game settling for the embarrassing “Figure skate” trophy, awarded for finishing in last place in the Playoff round with 1 point. Team Black in the meantime, is trying to get back on track. With the latest loss, Team Black is still 4 points ahead of last place team, plenty of time to right the ship.

Deploying their #872 tactical play, a playoff strategy that Team Green was forced to deploy early, paid dividend as the cohesiveness of the offensive and defensive formation was impressive albeit the opposition Team Red fielded a farm team. Nevertheless, it was good enough for a 6–3 win despite playing without newly signed free agent Rob Bowrin, who missed his connecting flight for the game. Arriving just in time to cheer on his new team, Bowrin boldly stated the dynamic of Team Green is now tilted in its favor much like the 1999 version when Team Green won the championship after a second half season push of 20 points that catapulted them from last to second place and eventually the 1999 Champion.

Vegas Prediction and odds for Games on Nov. 25:

Team Green even money over Team White
Team Blue 3-1 odds over Team Red
Team Gold 7-2 odds over Team Black

BOHA Tight lipped About Trade rumor. Field Reporter Sources Indicate ………….

Team Green newly appointed General Manager Steve Graham has been negotiating hard for a missing winger and after a 2 minute negotiation, finally announcing the signing of Rob Bowrin for the rest of the season. Rob Bowrin, a part time Junior Field Reporter and now former Team Blue member, wrote himself into Team Green by exhibiting the tenacity of a two-way player Team Green sorely misses. Team Blue General Manager Karl Boivin, who could not reach a long term deal with Bowrin has this to say “In preparation of our long term strategic vision, we needed medical care for our team’s playoff drive and Team Green is rich with medical consultants. We hate to lose an inspirational player like Rob Bowrin but we believe we have met our long term medical strategic goal”.
Team Green, the team with the largest budget, is not worry as the team still has two medical consultants. But which medical consultant did Boivin get. Stay tuned ...

Field Reporter
More Of The Same In Week 11. Most Teams Competed. Some Did Not.

Nothing new for week 11. The four middle teams in the standings competed while both Teams Green and Blue, two teams on each end of the spectrum did not.

Unable to sign a replacement for their vacated number one draft player, Team Green is officially out of the regular season Championship hunt. The dilemma facing Team Green executives is how to tackle a rarely used clause in BOHA unwritten bylaws not used since 1989. It stipulates that team must have a minimum of 20% of the total available points in order to be invited to the playoff round. After the 9-4 shellacking at the hands of Team Black, Team Green is at 8% and no light at the end of the long tunnel yet. But a team with a book full of strategies, Team Green will deploy strategy number 23 and see what happens. As for Team Black, with their only 2nd win since mid September, both against Team Green, the minimum of 10 points threshold is met and is poised to challenge those teams above them.

The middle game saw Team White mix it up with Team Red and the result was not PINK !! White spotted Red a 1st period 2 goal lead… White regrouped during the intermission and came out firing in the 2nd scoring 4 unanswered goals.. Brad “ Steamroller “ Belvedere finally found his hands for the first 2 , they followed that up with a shorty and 5 on 5er and for the last 10mins it was hang on tight it’s going to be wild ride… The Zebra’s accepted a brown envelope from Andrew “ who me ? no ? It was him..don’t you see the Halo above my head “ Leroux … a revolving penalty box door was installed for easy access for Team White… the wheels slowly fell off White’s wagon and they settled for a 4-4 tie with team Red… In a short quick interview, Team White Captain Jet Jones mumbled a few words, that “RED got luck in this one… WHITE will take the point and now has points in all columns and qualifies for an invite to the Playoff round”.

In the closeout game, Team Gold has supplanted Team Blue as Team of the week with a 6 - 0 shutout win. This team is shining like a 24k gold and all cylinders are in synched. Of course with key call ups on both sides of the coin, could this be an anomaly or is it for real. The next few games will tell. Stay tuned …..

Other News ……………….
No details to report but Darien boys are in this week-end starting Friday night and ends on Sunday.

Field Reporter with special contribution from Jeff “Jet” Jones
Status Change For Team Blue. Former BOHA President Investigated For Referee Threat Scandal.

By unanimous agreement, BOHA Competition Board upgraded Team Blue status from “Almost” to “Just About Regular Season Champ” while at the same time has formed a committee headed by BOHA legal counsel Team Gold Glen Brown to investigate a threat scandal on Team Gold Terry O’Neill, allegedly threatening to send the Nile crocodiles against the Zebras. The threat came about after the former president was dismissed for too many poor behaviors in front of the net. No worry for Team Blue, about to break BOHA 38 year record of most wins with zero ties after 12 games. Couple more wins or even losses and Team Blue will own the record. In the meantime, Team Red just could not penetrate Team Blue solid back end wall. Actually outplayed them in the second half but in the end still short changed by a few goals losing 6-3.

A close game and 0 – 0 after the first half, Team Black disintegrated once the puck was dropped in the second half. The leveler shows the ice was tilted 1 degree towards Team Black net resulting in an uphill battle. With less energy spent, it was an easy night for Team Gold especially for Air hog Mike Rourke take off moves and a record 7 goals in the second half to go with the 7 – 1 win breaking a 23 year record owned by Team Black who took down this same Team Gold with the same 7 -1 score. Team Gold is now flying sky high after two wins in a row and will battle Team Red in the second tier the rest of the season.

In the third tier game, Team Green, boosted by a computer aided "Jacksontouch" glitch, brought in some formidable call ups and was ready to take on Team White, the only team with a blemished record against Team Green. After a quick 2 – 0 lead, Team Green went back to their shinny hockey strategy. Against a hot goalie in Pierre Lacoste and a defensive formation devised by Team White perpetual defensive coordinator Yves Quenneville, this was not the night for Team Green to break out of the slump. The only positive is the goals against is now under 6 in the 5-2 loss.


Field Reporter
Now Official Team Blue Declared “Almost Regular Season Champion”

Still 2/3 of the season to go, the Field Reporters Association has declared Team Blue as the “Almost Regular Season Champion”. All other teams are just sparring partners for Team Blue hoping just to get a jab here and there and not knockouts by Team Blue.

Week 9 started with both Team Gold and Team Red trying to break out of a two game winless streak and both started out cautiously trying to play a mistake free structure game. Unfortunately for Team White, the structure fell apart just a bit too soon allowing Team Gold to score 6 goals and closed them out with a 6-4 win solidifying their third place Standings. No worry for Team White, they are still in solid fifth place despite only 6 points out of a possible 18.

Team Green, with renewed hope and a new warm up formation, just has no luck this season finding themselves 3 goals behind Team Red early with three deflected goals. Team Green came back and even led 5-4 at one point. But the way the season is going for this team, an untimely leak here and there soon turned into a 7-5 loss and now has broke a 12 year old BOHA record of least points after 9 games. Despite the loss, Team Green retired to the dressing room to enjoy new replacement regular Nick Bergamin first ever gourmet meal presentation of Chili with AAA meat sauce. Enjoyed by all Green Martians, most let out some gaseous comments about the game and what the next game new strategy will bring to stave off a BOHA record of least wins after 10 games currently held by Team Blue of 2002. A hint of some jelling is surfacing. Just need to jell for more than 3 minutes. Credit must go to Team Red brilliant defensive strategy. The team blocked 97 shots while taking advantage of their 23 puck possession time creating 22.5 two on one rushes.

When things are rolling for you, you roll with it whichever way. This is precisely what Team Blue did. Whether it is a slugfest or jab session, Team Blue knows how to play it. With half the team missing, Team Black had to play the jab session game. They were almost perfect for most of the game but Team Blue is no ordinary team. They are the “Almost Regular Season Champion”. The knockout punch came when speedy Gino Pallante, leading BOHA MVP vote getter, hustled again to put in the knockout jab for the 2-0 win and securing a shutout win for Dave Wood who needed just to be steady. Team Blue is now poised to take on Team Red next week and a chance to tie BOHA most wins after 10 games record, a record held by Team Green of 1986.

Field Reporter
Green Back To Normal. Blue Continues To Roll

After 8 games into the season, for the first time since recorded history, BOHA is going through an imbalance period. Some teams continue to glow, some shine once in a while and others may not even be invited to the Playoff round.

Team Black, reeling after a couple of embarrassing losses, was happy to draw Team Green. Jamie Heward and Darryl Irons solidified the D line not allowing any Team Green players near Goalie Kerry Gillings and a plus 6 for the game while call ups Richard Clarke and Rob Friere were relentless providing the scoring power for the 8-5 wallop of Team Green. Coach Ed Hussey had this to say after the game: "fore-check, back check, equals paycheck" but admitted that the recipe for success is easy against Team Green. Zero in on the puck carrier, they don't pass. Heward apologized to team that the Scottish beverage he brought back from Scotland was deemed illegal. But the pizza and beer are just as good especially after breaking a losing streak. For Team Green, it’s back to the basics. A scheduled class “How to Pass 101” is in the works.

No matter how Team Blue is juggled, another 2 points follow, but this time a bit more work at the back end. Without top draft picks Ted Mulhern and David Morton, Team Blue back stopper Dave Wood had to step up to the plate. That he did, stood up to Team Gold Andre Blanchette, not once but 4 times including a couple of breakaways and took away the Game MVP trophy with the 7-4 win. In the happy dressing room, new replacement call up Tim Brun, was initiated with the food duty on 24 hour notice. A kind of a calculating guy, Tim happily obliged with not only the food but celebrated his birthday with it and handled it like a pro with only premium beverage on tap! In the other dressing room, with only regular beverages, Team Gold Rep Judge Marco is preparing his arguments with BOHA to search for a last minute 24 hour notice replacement call up.

Team White may be the second last team in the Standings just above Team Green, but the tally is complete and the results are in...Team White declared the undisputed winner of having sold an additional 145 raffle tickets over and above the league allocation (in other words $1450 additional to support tournament charities), Team White has $150 to spend as they wish. Knowing the team leader's proclivity towards 18yr old, a fine Scottish beverage may be in the cards. When asked how they did it, Speedster Jet Jones carefully articulated in his trademark coaching style "I rode their behinds every week, I rode them HARD, yee haw"!
Congratulations to JET JONESY and Team White!

By the way, Team White lost 5-4 to Team Red.

Field Reporter with Contributions from Ken Labelle, Karl Boivin and Greg Maloney
Team Blue Continues To Roll. May Get A Special Bye To The Championship Game

On a roll before a game was even played, Vegas has already crowned Team Blue as “Almost Champion”, a crucial step just before the official crowning. It’s proving Vegas odds right so far. With 17 games still left in the regular season, the odds set for Team Blue winning it all are unseen in the history of Vegas bookings. At never heard of before odds of 1 – 59.9 Team Blue has now added a self induced pressure of keep on chugging. All other teams are hovering at more or less 28 -1 with the exception of Team Green, now suspended from trading and on probation till they get a win.

Team Blue is so confident in their lineup they sent top pick Ted Mulhern on some scouting mission and gave work horse Gino Pallante the night off. Team White, barely hanging onto the slippery totem pole at just a notch above Team Green, could not skate with Team Blue going down 6-2 despite some heroic saves by Pierre Lacoste.

The Teams Red and Black game was marketed as a filler game. No reporter attended the game and the 6-4 Team Red win was reported by a freelance walk in reporter.

With 2012 first overall draft pick signed for the rest of the season, Nick Bergamin added some puck clearance dimension to Team Green defensive game, cutting down the defensive turnovers by 256% while increasing the offensive output by 1.34%. Down 5-4 with a minute left in the game and the goalie pulled out, Team Green Gary MacLellan won a crucial face off with a clean toe pick back drag to Nick. With a power loft shot from the point, Team Green got their second point of the season with the 5-5 tie and looking a bit better in their quest for a win next time out.

Field Reporter
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Regular Season Back On After Tournament Break. Some Teams Rusty

After a week of rest, all teams are back on the ice to resume the rivalry. 3 teams are continuing their good forms while the other 3 teams have been resting.

Team Red and Team Gold got the puck rolling and both goalies showed they are well rested. After the 9 - 7 shootout win for Team Gold, it is back to the drawing board for Team Red.

Team Green, recipient of a trade, had to retool their strategy. Team Green who has been practicing hard with their breakout pattern, was confused with the trade and resorted back to the now ingrained one man breakout pattern against Team Blue, whose journeyman and record holder Frank Kruzich, traded 96 times, outskated the entire Team Green potting in two goals for the 9-3 win and now has 3 goals in his illustrious 36 year BOHA career. Hope is high for Frank to graduate out of the journeyman label and into the Hall of Fame status as he looks forward to his next game against Team Green.

Team White, not happy with their loss to Team Green the game before rebounded back with tenacious skating giving Team Black with no room to breathe. Sooner than later, the puck started going into the net and a 6-2 win for Team White.

Field Reporter

Special BOHA report from junior Field Reporter Rob Bowrin......

Karaoke Killers Storm the Mike!!
Thursday Night at the BOHA tournament saw more action off the ice then on.
Scott Broady, Andre Blanchette and Kevin Race entered into a death match Singing Showdown
Scott drew first blood with a rough and tumble rendition of LONDON CALLING by the Clash.
ANDRE was taking no prisoners with CREEP from Radiohead. Not too be out done, Kevin Race was tackling everyone from U2 to Neal Diamond to Brittney Spears.
After 14 beverages each, no contestant was left standing, but alas, they kept on singing/ slurring.
The judges could not decide on a clear winner, so all contestants have agreed to return to the BOHA Christmas Party for a” DANCE OFF"
BOHA Tournament Website
Click here to go to BOHA Tournament website
BOHA 2014 Charity Tournament Raffle Prizes Winners

Click here for Raffle Prizes Winners

Team Green Finally On The Board With 1 Point. The hard Way.

Already Week 4 and moving on, teams are beginning to jell or not jell. For Team Green, their highly paid skating coach from Mexico did such a great job that all Team Green players exhibited great technical ability in the figure eight maneuver for the first 10 minutes of the game and rewarded with a 4-2 lead while Team Red stood around admiring the skating exhibition. It was just a matter of time before Team Green got back to their normal style and Team Red took care of business taking advantage of Team Green no back check policy allowing a free roaming Red team to score 3 unanswered goals to lead 5-4 at the half. The second half was a different game as both sides started to play more cautious with Team Green scoring the only goal in the second half for a well deserved 5-5 tie.

Team Blue and Team Black, two teams that have jelled from day one continue to impress Vegas odds makers. Seeded as the two teams to finish one and two in the Standings, it was a tight 2 -2 game heading into the early second half. Then the floodgate opened for both teams and a last goal win the game type of play ensued with Team Black scoring the last goal and the 5-4 win. This baffled Vegas who have yet to figure out who is the favourite son to win it all.

The closing game between Team Gold and Team White was no different. This game could only be described as fast and furious. Lots of shots and both goalies had to be on their toes. Team White had a bit of the more dangerous shots scoring 2 more goals and winning the game 6-4.

Balancing News and others …..

After 4 games, it is looking like there are five teams that have jelled and Team Green who has yet to jell. For the first time in a while, BOHA competition Board will be busy and some major trades are in the forecast with new look for some teams after the Tournament break.

The game at BOHA continues to get a bit faster for some and accidental “Touch” is beginning to take place more often including players who are intruding into the goalies’ crease or whacking at goalie’s pad 6 or 7 times. The Goalie Union has filed a preliminary petition for danger pay.

Field Reporter
Team Blue Early Season Powerhouse. Vegas Predicting Early Crowning

After three games into the season, BOHA is already holding an emergency meeting to discuss the competition level of some teams. Discussion goes as far as creating a new "Power House" Division for 5 teams and a "Powder Puff" Division with Team Green as the founding member.

Looks like Clear Blue Skies ahead for the first place Team Blue. With 20 goals already in the pot and 4 players in the top 4 Scoring Leaders Board, this team is already pegged at 5-1 by Vegas to go undefeated this season, a bold prediction but attainable. To top it off, all Team Blue players have no trade contract clause, a clause BOHA legal Counsel Glen Brown is already reviewing and a decision ruling soon from Judge Marco Romani, both Team Gold players and on the short end of the stick last night going down 7–3 to this same team.

Team Red circumvented the system parachuting a replacement goalie without clearing waiver first but in the end, it did not matter as Team White deployed their famous weave in and out game for the well deserved 4-3 win. Team Red is now under BOHA Disciplinary scope and facing yet to be announced sanctions.

The finale was a barn burner game for Team Black against Team Green. Team Black opened the first half action with a 5-0 lead. Team Green stormed back in the second half on a relaxed Team Black but in the end was short a goal losing 7-6 in a well fought game. Team Green CEO Steve Graham is deciding what strategy to adopt for the next game; score a few more or let in a few less. No panic yet, the team is still ahead of the schedule especially when Gary MacLellan is taking skating lesson from a qualified instructress?


Jr. Field Reporter
BOHA Season Opens. Some Teams in Shape While Others In Somewhere Else

With all the preparation done during the off season, BOHA opens its 2014-15 season to what promises to be a banner year at least to one or two teams.

Team Green drew Team Blue for the first game and that was the first mistake for Team Green. With Team Green still in pre-season mode, Team Blue, who has been on a two practices a day since the draft, quickly took advantage of it scoring a 6-3 win. Team Green rookie manager, Steve Graham, who had difficulties in signing Free Agent Johnny Apple MacIntosh to a one year deal, is now focusing on some other free agents to find that missing link. For Team Blue, early watchers have already pegged them as early favourite to win it all.

Team White, whose budget has been cut severely, disbanded their last year all stars Defence keeping only Yves Quenneville to mentor his new D Corps. His new defence partners are all adjusting to Yves “Sweater color distinguishing system”. On route to their opening game 5-2 loss to Team Black ending a streak of 9 straight season opener wins, Mark Dubois, Team White new D and BOHA reigning Master Chef commented he needs adjustment time for this new system. He’s seeing too many grey shirts on the ice and some with black stripes.

Game between Teams Gold and Red was still in pre-season speed. It was costing Field Reporters Association overtime pay to keep the reporter on site so reporting task was assigned to local affiliate. Telex just came in reporting Team Red won 6-2 winning their first season opener in nine years.

Other News………..

Rob Bowrin, Junior Field Reporter, on his first assignment, sent in this unedited report fron BOHA entertainment scene:

STANDING ROOM only as Tom’s Army storms Legion

Boha’s own Tom “Boy” Simpsom had the crowd on its feet last Friday night as his two man mega-group stormed the Legion
Along with fellow axe-man Randy Man, Tom put on a three hour musical extravaganza.
The set list ranged from Proclaimers to Neil Diamond and everything in between.
The band tried to leave at closing, but hungry fans would have none of it. Chairs were about to be thrown. Tom pulled out Johnny Cash’ “Fulsom Prisom Blues” as an encore that could be heard all the way to Pierrefonds.

In other news…..Tom has left his wife of 20 years and is now shacked up with the crazy dancing chick from last Fridays show.

Field Reporter
BOHA Draft For Season 2014-15 Completed. Team Green Squeaks By Salary Cap

With the draft completed and BOHA Public Relations Dept. planning the big Face-Off night on Tuesday, August 19 at St. Anne De Bellevue Legion, all Bohaniens (Regulars and Spares) are requested and welcome to attend this important Face-Off night where you might meet someone inte;393ent and learn a thing or maybe two but more importantly experience what BOHA is all about.

Find out how Team Green circumvent the Salary Cap issue enabling Team Chief Operating Officer Steve Graham to draft three doctors allowing him to put in place a billing system to recapture some of his spending. In his interview with the Field Reporter, Steve is offering other teams to subscribe to his all inclusive Medical plan: Flat rate, By per shift or season coverage, all payable to Team Green. Only cash or beverages accepted.

More news to follow and email happy New Secretary David Newell will be informing all the time and where to go.

Field Reporter
Renewal For 2014-15 Season Closed
If you have not re-activated your status online as "Returning as a Regular", you are now a spare.
50% Renewals To Date. Record Number of Spares Requesting For Regular Spots

The popularity of BOHA keeps on rising. The online renewal system is showing wonders with real time up-to-second reporting.
Don't be late in renewing your Regular Player status and send in your deposit to Dave Wood to keep your spot.

Field Reporter

BOHA Busy Planning For 2014-15 Season

New season has not started yet but BOHA Planning Department is already busy meeting and planning for another successful season.

To kick it off, there is the renewal process for both the "Regulars" and the "Spares" categories. Each player in the system has been sent the renewal instructions.

For the "Regular Player" members, remember to renew and send in your deposit by July 30, 2014. Don't get left out in the draft or worse, replaced, because you did not take it serious enough.

In case you have already forgotten how to renew your membership, below is a general instructions for both "Regular and Spare Players".

BOHA Renewal Instructions for “Regular” Players 2014-2015 Season

To be a Player classified as “Regular”, BOHA is pleased to announce that the membership fee will remain same as last season. This amount includes: the cost to play 30 games; the cost of the year end banquet and the non refundable amount for the tournament tickets.

To renew your membership as a BOHA Regular, you must log in and click on your name (Above Welcome button). This will bring you to your personal information page. Take this moment to update your information if need be. Select the option “Switch to or remain as a regular on the lower right corner of the page and click “Save” to activate your status as a “Regular Player”.

Should you decide not to come back as a “Regular Player”, you must still log in, and select the option suitable to your decision and click “Save”.

To keep your “Regular” status, a deposit must be received by July 30, 2014:

Please note if there are outstanding unpaid fees from previous year, this amount must be paid before your status can be confirmed as a “Regular”.

Make your cheque payable to BOHA and mail to:

Beaconsfield Oldtimers Hockey Association,
Attention: David Wood, Treasurer,
1974 City Lane,
Beaconsfield, QC.
H9W 4A7

Pay Pal method of payment is not available.

BOHA has many spares waiting to join as regular players. If you have not activated your status and your deposit is not received by the deadline, you may be replaced and your status changed to a “Spare”.


Should you have any questions, please contact David Wood at 514-487-6272 or by email at

George Tan
BOHA Registrar

BOHA Renewal Instructions for Spares Season 2014-15 and those players who replaced players on leave of absence.

If you were a spare last season and wish to remain the same, there is nothing to do.

If you wish to be considered for a “Regular” player position when a position is available, change to another status or update your personal information, please log in and click on your name above the “Welcome” button. Once you are in your personal page, you can update your information if need be, select one of the options available on the lower right corner of the page and click “Save”.

Please note that if you were replacing a player last season, that position is not guaranteed. Availability of a “Regular” position depends on the number of returning “Regular players on approved leave”. You still need to select the option “Switch to or remain as a Regular” to be considered.

A deposit from spares who would like to become a regular player is not required.


Should you have any questions, please contact David Wood at 514-487-6272 or by email

George Tan
BOHA Registrar
Price of Gold Skyrockets as Team Gold Wins 2014 Playoff Championship Game

Before the showcase began, Team Red used the spirit of their resting Goalie Ted “Stonewall” Jackson and corralled Team Black 4-2 sending Team Black into the abyss and in last place. Team Black, once a mighty champion and touted as the favourite to win it all not too long ago by Vegas now will send their longest serving member Ed Hussey to accept the dreaded “Figure Skate” trophy for a record 21 times.

The game voted by most as the “Championship game never to be played” between Team White and Team Blue gave it all in the middle game. Rivalry between these two teams is fierce and this last game will decide once and for all who has the bragging rights for the off season. As usual, the game is close with no room to maneuver until Team Blue Andrew Wozny got a breakaway, panicked and flipped the puck over the net. It was all downhill from then on. With the 4-1 win, Team White salvaged the season by establishing a new record as BOHA only team with Goals Against Average of under 3.00 in same season in Regular, Playoff Round Robin and Championship Night Game, a tribute to Team White defensive game.

By now, with over capacity crowd deafening roars, Pete smoked meat consumed at record pace, four officials system and Pied Piper blowing unknown off pitched tune, the 2014 Championship Game between Team Gold and Team Green got underway. A close 1-1 game with both goalies hanging on, soon it became 4-1 for Team Gold after a couple of individual efforts by Gold’s Dave Pollock. Captain Marco Romani, judging the game carefully, gave the instruction to start the reverse skate trap system but Team Green still has some tricks left and with James Lavoie top corner goal starting the comeback tying the game 4-4, the momentum shifted. With two minutes left in the game and sensing his presidential term about to expire and no legacy yet, Team Gold winger and BOHA President Terry O’Neill bursts down the right seam and slid a slow glider underneath Team Green Goalie David Wood stick for the winning goal. An empty net later and a 6-4 win, Team Gold sent the gold price sky high and tasted their first championship in the 21st century.

BOHA and Teams Green, Blue, White, Red and Black salute Team Gold Championship Players:

Goalie: Pierre Lacoste Backup Goalie: George Tan

Defence: Glen Brown, Karl Boivin, Paul Painter, Darrell Iron, Dave Pollock

Forwards: Eugene Bunys, Wayne Hart, Martin Kojoian, Greg Maloney, Peter McCusker, Terry O’Neill, Andrew Robertson, Marco Romani (Team Rep), Michael Rourke, John Glaser (Free Agent)

Field Reporter
Team Green Squeaks By Team White To Qualify For The Championship Game

With the second place for the Championship game on the line, Team White just needed a tie to get into the Championship game for a record 27 times. But with a good record against Team White this season, Team Green was full of confidence especially when Team Green Rep Gord MacLellan threatened to stage a hunger strike if Playoff Format is not changed. The rogue tribunal formed of Team Green with advice from BOHA counsel formed of Team Gold, overruled the current Standings format. The classy Team White took the high road, but the road was just not wide enough to counter Team Green offense who came out like gangbuster and got a 2-0 lead. The proud Tem White, did not give up and tied the game with 2:30 minutes left. But it was not to be as Team Green, on their next rush came back to score off a knuckle shot rebound, added an empty net goal and eventually got into the Championship game with a 4-3 win.

With all other teams playing as supporting cast, the schedule next week to close out the 2013-14 season will have Team Red vs Team Black playing for the Figure Skate trophy at 8PM. The cursed Team Blue will try to take one back from Team White at 9PM and the Championship game will feature Team Gold and Team Green at 10PM.

BOHA Annual Culinary Delight Award:

BOHA Master Iron Chefs Spiro Krallis and Mark Dubois have unanimously awarded the 2013-14 Culinary Delight award to Team Black. Voting was close and only won on the last night when Paul Regimbal presented a four course meal of heated hot chicken Wings, Meatball, Seasoned pork strips and garlic bread, courtesy of Mrs. Regimbal.
Most often ordered award goes to Dagwoods Sandwiches with 98 times out of 186 opportunities, a 52.69 market share.

Field Reporter
Both Teams Red and Green Collude To Pull Goalies For Extra Attackers. Backfires For Team Red

With one more game in the 2014 round robin playoff, Team Gold has clinched a spot in the Championship game. Three teams are officially out of the playoff picture. Team Blue, Team Black and Team Red are the candidates to play for the dreaded “Figure Skate” trophy. Team Green and Team White are playing for the other championship game spot with Team White holding on to a 5 goal cushion over Team Green.

For Team Gold, it was to secure first place and a bye into the Championship game. For Team Blue, it was desperation time. Less than a win and Team Blue will join the other 52 BOHA regular season champions as cheerleaders in the championship game. With the curse in full bloom, the curse man’s assistant “skate blade saboteur” did a number on Team Blue Free Agent Defenceman Craig Ross’s skate knocking him out of the game early. But the pressure was on the entire Blue team to perform. Not the case in this night as Team Gold Andrew Robertson was on a personal mission, scoring two goals and sealing Team Blue’s fate with a 5-1 win. The soaring Team Gold is now Vegas favourite to win it all with 2-1 odds despite a streak of 13 runner up position in their 13 appearances in the championship game. For Team Blue, they’ll be playing for the Figure Skate trophy and belting out Ladies Sing the Blues with lead singer Paul Belley.

Team Black, out of the picture already and the founding member of the 2014 Spoilers club did their best to be a good member and was looking good when they jumped to a 1-0 lead against Team White with 12 minutes left in the game on a fanned whack by Robert Bowrin. But Team White stayed on course and soon a stretch pass to Captain Ted Mulhern sent him on a breakaway and with his quick hands made the one two back hand move through Kerry Gillings five hole to tie the game. A minute later, it was Team White multi-tasker Jocelyn Lauzon turn with the night’s electric goal, a front slide reverse flip for the 2-1 lead. Then it was a matter of Team White’s four big D’s playing their game and playing out the clock for the win and began focusing on a new play book to limit Team Green to 5 shots before munching on Pete Smoked meat, courtesy of Yves Quenneville.

The only two teams left that had a chance to get to the final; Team Red skated and jumped to a 3-0 half time lead while Team Green was still trying to find their shooting game. Then James Lavoie took a shot to start the comeback and then it was 3-2. But a proud Team Red rebuilt the 2 goal lead on a two on one break with jet Jones scoring from a tape to tape pass from Mike Kneller. Team Green then took over and with two more goals tied the game with 4 minutes left. Desperate time for both teams to win, both teams pulled their goalies for extra attackers. The logic behind this move is still being debated but this unusual move is now being investigated for possible collusion between the teams. Some indications are pointing to potential payoff by Team Gold’s Mike “Air Hog” Rourke who prefers Team Red or Green in the Championship game. But no one is counting on the investigation to go anywhere as both BOHA legal counsels Marco Romani and Glen Brown are tied in with Team Gold. Nevertheless, the strategy messed up both teams but Team Green found a small hole through the crowded ice and slid their 5-4 winning goal into the empty net to give them a chance to qualify for the Championship game, albeit a small chance.

Field Reporter
Vegas Uses Brain Computer Technology Predicting 6 Points Enough To Get Into The Championship Game

With every team still in the hunt for two Championship Game spots, Vegas has put the odds at 2-1 that the final two teams will only be known after the end of the final game in the final night of the playoff round robin. One thing is for sure; every team is refocusing their strategy as goal differential tie breaking formula is now in play and Week four will be the do or die game for some teams.

After a great start capturing 2 deserving points from Team Blue, Team Black is in a bit of a downward slide. Losing to Team Red in their last game has confused Team Black defensive strategy especially against Team Green, BOHA fastest breakout team this season. Two quick goals by Team Green set the game tone. With their reputation as BOHA best offensive team on the line, Team Black kept going but a few hit posts including one on a breakaway by Chris Wright when it was needed may have sealed Team Black’s fate. The unlucky Chris Wright is fighting through a personal -15 slump, but it is predicted that he will break out of it in the final game. For Team Green, the 5-2 win is still a one game at a time situation but kind of looking forward to knocking out Team Red in their next pivotal game.

Team Gold, confidence soaring after two impressive wins felt they deserve to do a bit of forward planning to the Championship Game until appointed BOHA VP Tournament Greg Maloney cautioned about predicting the unpredictable. Team Red, with their big win against Team Black the previous week, has their own idea against the full of confidence Team Gold. That they did, quickly jumping to a 3-0 lead. Another goal would have done it but a Seeing Eye goal got Team Gold back into the game and a few goals later, a momentary 4-3 lead. Taking matters into his hands, Team Red Dr. Heseltine diagnosed the team malaise and quickly filled his own prescription, scoring the tying 4-4 goal to keep his team in the hunt and in the process, voted unanimously as the "Electric Player of the game" by the 38 Field Reporters covering the game.

Owning the season against Team White with a 2-0-3 record, Team Blue was going for a three-peat. Never more than one goal differential in all the games during the regular season, this game was going to be no different and the bounce has to be just right for both teams to score. A tense game never seen before in front of a record breaking rowdy crowd, it was a seesaw battle. Using the blue line transition trap strategy, Team White played it to a tee and kept Team Blue snipers to a few perimeter shots. With the 3-1 solid win, Team White is now devising another play in the 379 plays book for the next crucial game against Team Black.

Field Reporter
A Wild Playoff Week From Kissin' Cousin To Predicting the Unpredictable

Week 2 of BOHA Playoff is revealing the true nature of this hockey League unmatched anywhere. It is a wild league from kissin’ cousin to wild shootout. Las Vegas took a heavy hit when Jack Hubert, veteran Bookie hoodwinked Team Black Pierre Tardif into predicting the unpredictable losing entire Team Black Asset Portfolio.

The feature game of the week between Team Gold and Team White is exactly what it was advertised to be. Everyone knew it was going to be a tight game. It was so tight that Team Gold squeaked all the way to a 2-1 win when Team Gold Peter McCusker out stretched Team White Jamie Heward size 11 skates and deflected the winning goal with 2.5 minutes left. With the offense stymied by Team Gold defence all game long, Team White tried desperately with six attackers but could only managed to increase the total shot output to 8 for the game.
In the Team White closed door post game meeting, Team White honorary game analyst Claude Lapointe took the floor to voice his observation and imparted a passionate explanation:

“malgré une performance époustouflante de notre gardien nous avons encaisser la défaite – je crois que nous avons beaucoup de travail à faire du cote de notre attaque avant le prochain match …….. »

Unfortunately, speech was interrupted by pizza delivery and attention switched quickly to munching the all dressed, pepperoni and vegetarian delights courtesy of Jamie Heward.

For Team Gold, jubilation and excitement were quickly cautiously halted by Team President Marco Romani who’s seen this situation before when Team Gold went 2-0 in the 2010 playoff and then 0-3 the next 3 games missing the championship game by one point.

Realizing that their previous game was lifeless at best, Team Blue brought out their groupies to add encouragement to their do or die match against Team Green, who is also on the tight rope. One more loss by either team and the status might change from playoff contender to member of the exclusive spoilers club. Team Green came out using their well known speed to go up 2-0 and silent the groupies for a while, but not for long. With their own bright light peeking around the corner, a desperate Team Blue needed some life to get them going. Louis Pallay, with a bit of shady connections, got his groupies going, distracting Team Green Goalie Dave Wood long enough to let a few meaningless shots found some holes and instead of a projected 3-2 win and sending Team Blue to the afterlife, Team Green has a noose around their neck with the 6-3 loss and bright light is about to glow, 7 days away.
A very happy Team Blue Louis Pallay, got his reward and did not care about violating a very strict BOHA ‘Limits of Celebration Statute’ and now is under investigation by BOHA Morality Division. Evidence has been submitted to BOHA Judge Marco Romani and Legal Counsel Glen Brown, both members of Team Gold, Team Blue next opponent.

Odds of winning increasing to 190,000 - 2 odds, experienced bookie Jack Hubert and Team Red super senior, in the underground booking business since time immemorial, quietly took a side bet from Team Black Captain Pierre Tardif, who gambled with Team Black entire Pooled Funds into Jack's coffer and loudly and boldly predicted tripling their asset. It was looking good with a 3-0 lead but somewhere into the second period, entire Team Black disappeared without a trace and with capacity crowd cheering on Jack Hubert’s second goal of the season, Team Red broke their 4 month winless streak with the 8-5 win and back in the playoff picture at least for another week.

With all search assets deployed to the Indian Ocean area, Team Black might be out of luck finding their game and their asset.

Field Reporter
JP Mayer Jr. Two Goals Sinks Regular Season Champion Team Blue

BOHA 2014 playoff starts off predictably with a first game loss handed to the regular season champion for a record 43 times since BOHA officially started some 52 years ago.

Team Black, with history on their side, lives up to it playing one of their best controlled games of the year. Ken Rowe, the game changer, caused havocs all game long to Team Blue, controlling play, back checking and scoring a beautiful top shelf goal. But it was JP Mayer Jr. quietly scoring a couple of goals, the second one a stretch pass from Chris Wright and a rehearsed one two angled backhand move that catapulted him into the record book. With his two goals, he has one more career playoff goal than the Senior Mayer and first player to join the “Curseman Club 2014”. A happy JP Mayer Jr. happily posed a picture with Curseman President elect in their private section. Team Blue did not go down without a fight but the heavy burden was just too much to handle especially when BOHA parent team Canadiens 1984 number 18,019 draft pick Kerry Gillings stood his ground keeping the 3-2 lead and closing the door despite being run over by Team Blue Goon Squad, not once but twice. Team Blue players, facing a heavy burden, must get back on track. Team Blue still has a chance but must practice on their 6 on 3 power play formation.

Team White, watching the previous game, took note and with an inspirational short speech from Team GM Ted Mulhern…..

"""""We "springed" that must mean it's BOHA playoff time or March madness for you basketball fan(s). With no curse to overcome, we now have no excuse or so I am told. Besides, we don't want Blue to win this thing after all their whining last week.Play hard, play safe, go easy on our refs!""""""""

went out and played their famous conservative defensive game to a tee. Team Red was not going to buy it and with everything to gain, played proudly, even briefly holding on to a 3-2 lead for 20 seconds. But tough time still looms over Team Red this season and eventually succumbed to a few more goals and a 7-3 loss. Still a bit of light at the end of the cosmic tunnel to look forward to, it is however 28,000 light years away for Team Red.

Known as the possums of BOHA, Team Gold and Team Green are waking up just in time. It was a seesaw game with plays edging towards Team Green. Even holding on to a 2-0 lead. But Team Gold took some seeing eye shots and sooner than later, it was a 3-2 lead and a win for team Gold. With Vegas giving them a 6-3 odds to win it all, Team Gold is predicted to be right up there in the mix. Advanced ticket sales are going strong and will be sold out when Team Gold takes on Team White in the feature game of the week in Round 2.

BOHA Darien Announcement …….

Only 2 weeks away, Adam Belley asks those interested to bring in the deposit next game to secure a place in the BOHA mobile. BOHA mobile takes off from Beaconsfield Arena on March 28, Friday 8am and returns Sunday around 8PM. For those not sure what’ it’s like, you will not regret it !!!!

Field Reporter
BOHA and all Teams Salute Regular Season Champion Team Blue

Seems like only yesterday when all the team representatives were drafting their players and already 24 weeks later, the regular season champion will be decided in the last game of the regular season.

During the off season, Team Blue unloaded a few contracts to make room for the new salary cap. Fast forward to March 4, Team Blue faced their biggest game of the year. Two points ahead of their arch rival Team White, a tie will secure the long elusive title of Regular Season champion. With a few brilliant moves by General Manager Adam Belley during the off season draft and some mid season moves, Team Blue went on a rampage securing 24 out of 28 points in the last 14 games to the showdown game. After a brilliant in the air swipe goal by BOHA 2014 MVP Andre Blanchette for a Team Blue 1-0 lead, Team White scored 3 goals to lead 3-1. A few rare mistakes by Team White created a couple of 2 on one’s for Paul Belley who did not make any mistake scoring 2 and tying the Game in the first half, raising his goals to a career high of 3 and goals per shot average to 0.00009. Team White kept pressing, scoring another to go up by one but another errant pass to Gino Pallante in the slot sealed the deal for Team Blue. With the 4-4 tie, Team Blue, after a long 52 year wait, is finally crowned the regular season champion.

Another 4 pointer game, a win for Team Green would have given them third place but more importantly, a couple of better 10:50PM games. But after a close 4-4 tie in the first half, a few leaks here and there near the end of the game finished that hope and handed Team Gold a better schedule. Team Gold has high hopes for the playoff round robin with history on their side. Teams that finished in 3rd place in even year have won 29 playoff championships.

Another filler game and going nowhere, both Team Red and Team Black captains gave their players the night off, on and off the ice. The game was fast, time wise, and sooner than later Team Black prevailed with a 5-3 win and happy to close off the regular season and start fresh next week.

BOHA Playoff and Competition Board Newsletter ……

The preferential treatment to teams is now abolished for the Playoff round. Every team starts off even, more or less. As Captains are formulating and arranging behind the scene roster settings and maneuvering, BOHA announces that all players missing must clicked in and allow the system to do the work when replacement players are needed. Pending is still in place and Spares Coordinators are instructed to interfere to ensure fair competition. Only Team Blue is approved for an additional player, the Curse Man.

A few BOHA Regular Season Awards:

Best GAA award: Team White, 2.92 including 4 empty net goals.
Best Versatile Player: Team White Jocelyn Lauzon, Goalie, Defence and Forward
Best GM and Maneuver man: Adam Belley
Shortest Game: Keith Bertoia, 8 minutes
Most Cement Hands: 99.99% of Bohaniens

Field Reporter
Team Blue Guaranteed a Chance for First Place. Team White in Perfect Spot.

With one game left to go in the regular season, a few scenarios are developing, some good and some not so good. First game next week between Team Blue and Team White will decide the Regular Season Champion and the first team in BOHA history to break the curse of Regular Season Champion never to win the Playoff Champion. The second game is basically for salvaging the pride and the last game is just a bonus game for the loyal fans who bought their tickets on points.

Week 23 started off with Team Blue continuing their dream trip. Not since 1984 has a Team Blue been as high in the standings when current Team Blue stay home Defenceman Keith Imhoff was the Norris Trophy finalist. Thirty years later, Keith has earned a trip to Vietnam and a few walking tours to refresh and recharge those legs and get ready for the playoff drive. With the depth of this team, a 6-0 win over Team Black was like a short but pleasant stroll. For Team Black, who is still satisfied to close out the year in 5th place, it was frustration for most of the night trying to score on call up goalie Carlo Ricciardi causing some comments in the dressing room perhaps sending a few of their players on a one way trip somewhere. For Team Blue, Team GM Adam Belley will be on a scouting trip to continue the quest but the team is in good hands for the battle against Team White in the team biggest game of the year so far.

The most dangerous team under the radar lately, Team Green has been on a winning streak. Extending the streak to a season high 3 games and no reason not to continue, the latest victim was Team Red who continues to struggle with their defensive game. Trying a bit harder to break out of the slump since November, a few unlucky slips caused some turnovers as is with the case this year, all mistakes seem to end up in the net. Still, led by Alan Turpin who does not want to be in the record book with the most losses in his BOHA career, the team fought hard to get back but the gap was just a bit too much for a comeback. Officially in last place, Team Red is not giving up and plans are already in the works to surprise the doubters when Playoff rolls around.

Not knowing what Team Gold, who had ten AWOL players, is going to ice other than quality call ups, Team White 6th assistant strategist Glenn Watt, a seasoned traveler, mostly to warm spots, impart some of his worldly experience and devised a Gold Medal strategy game. After a deflection to go down 1-0 to Team Gold early in the game, Team White stayed on course and soon strategy version 6.2 paid off winning 3-1, securing at least the perfect 2nd place position in the Standings and maybe a second choice first place next week against Team Blue.

BOHA Call Ups Dept.

With many regular players missing or will be missing in the next few weeks, BOHA Call ups Dept. is asking all spares who are not clicked in and who can play in the next few weeks to communicate with our spares coordinators Kerry Gillings ( or Ted Jackson ( in advance. They can assist and get you a game even if you do not match the ranking.

Field Reporter
Large Crowd at Donation Night ! New Playoff Balancing Group Looks On

Looking proud and fit for the occasion, Charity Tournament President Paul Regimbal, Donation Committee Chairman Scott Meehan, BOHA President Terry O’Neill and many Bohaniens distributed cheques to many worthy recipients. Just a bit of extra financial assistance to assist them in continuing their great missions. Trying to sneak in was Team Blue looking for funds for their high priced two goalie system. Keith Bertoia, after a long respite to strengthen the hip core, got approval from his personal trainer to go into action putting Team Blue in a salary cap situation.

The pre-donation game saw Team Red came out peppering Team White with precision scoring chances while Team White new Defence Corps was still introducing to each other. But so often this season for Team Red, their fate was sealed early when Ken Labelle found himself in front of the net and shot into the goalie basket and then shot into the goalie stick handle knob with 30 seconds left in the first half on a breakaway. Then it was Team Red offensive Defenceman Ben Chiasson who took to heart Team White goalie George Tan advice during the warm up to shoot off speed if he wants to score and getting himself all confused. Once Team White new D Corps got to know one another on a first name basis, it was a matter of putting a few shots together and then protecting the 7-1 lead and on the way to winning the Ron Burla Trophy. For Team Red, with two games left, a small hurdle still to go over. Win one of the last two games or it’s another record for first team in BOHA long history not to win a game in the second half.

Team Gold, now 3 points behind Team White for the coveted second place and a slight chance to take over Team Blue for first place, took the every man on his own strategy against Team Blue for this important 4 pointer game. Not a worry for Team Blue who is refining their goalie system for the Playoff. With a potential salary cap violation, GM Adam Belley took a chance to sign hipster Keith Bertoia to a warm up and 10 minute tryout contract. A few spectacular new technique saves and a 3-1 lead, Keith gave way to back up goalie Steve Poirier to mop up the 7-4 win. In an exclusive photo and interview with Field Reporter, Keith confirms he’s passed the physical push up test of two and feels ready and confident his new technique, the side flop double pad stack move, will be his go to save. Dilemma looms in the air for Team Blue while waiting for league decision on the salary cap of the two goalie system.

The fill in game between Team Green and Team Black was just that. Win or lose, both teams were going to stay where they are, in fourth and fifth place. Nothing to win or lose other than to extend a winning streak, Team Green continues the win streak with an easy 5-2 win. Team Black continues to struggle with their roster with two unapproved misses, but Team Rep Pierre Tardif is still satisfied staying put in fifth place. Team Green was jubilant in their win and celebrated Gord Parkinson 2 goals with Subway Specials, much chagrin to Spiro Krallis who thought he had Dagwoods exclusive, but congratulated Gord anyway for the long awaited goals, since 1989 and the Player of the Night award with a trial membership with BOHA newly formed exclusive soft hands club.

Field Reporter
Pop Fly Net A Tie For Team Red But Broke Winless Streak Record

Important Broadcast:

BOHA “Donation Night” Ceremony is next week, February 18. The first game is at 7PM. Donation ceremony is at 8:20PM centre ice. The next two games will be normal at 9:25PM or earlier and 10:50PM or earlier. BOHA requests that all Bohaniens attend the award ceremony to show the many recipients what we are all about.

With three games remaining in the regular season schedule, Team Gold has now officially joined Team Blue and Team White in the hunt for the regular season trophy and become the first team to get the chance of breaking the longest winless streak record in BOHA history of regular season champion never to win the playoff title. Vegas has predicted that this is a very good year to break the dreaded record as Jupiter will be aligned with the moon and has adjusted the payback odds to 1 - 2,400,000, an improvement over two weeks ago when the odds were 1 – 5,000,000.

Week 21 started with Team Green applying the same winning strategy the last time they played Team White. Unfortunately, Team White also applied the same losing strategy the last time they played Team Green. The result was fifteen breakaways and odd man rushes counting six goals. With the 7-4 win, Team Green still has a chance to catch up to Gold, maybe White. For Team White, GM Ted Mulhern on a Chicago scouting trip, heard the result from CHUM radio man Rob Kemp and text messaged to whoever cared to read and ordered no more putting pictures on the Team White Championship photo.

Meanwhile, Team Gold is putting up a drive that’s never seen before. With 8 out of 10 possible points since the Christmas break, Team Gold is now favoured to take it all; especially Greg Maloney has changed the combination on the lock to keep the Golden Curse behind bars during the drive. Satisfied being in 5th place but still vying for at least 4th, Team Black goalie Kerry Gillings had a shutout game going to keep his team in the game. On the south side, Team Gold goalie Pierre Lacoste had the same idea till the halfway point of the third period when his Team Gold Dave Pollock rushed in and scored a top shelf backhander. A few more goals later, it was a 3-1 win for Team Gold. No big deal for Team Black. GM Pierre Tardif is still satisfied staying in 5th place.

With Guinness Book of Record officials at hand to validate the potential record breaking game between Team Red and Team Blue, Team Red finally played like there’s no tomorrow and matched Team Blue stride for stride and goal for goal. With 26.2 seconds left in the game and Team Red down 5-4 goalie Ted Jackson was pulled. Looking from the bench with six attackers crowding in front of the Blue net, the puck popped up 15 feet in the air. A few bounces and swipes later, jubilant Team Red players celebrated the tying goal. A moral victory and a confidence booster in the 5-5 tie game. Sadly for Team Red, the Guinness Record Officials had validated their archives and confirm each of the Red Players will receive a certificate for the unwanted record.

Certificate of Non Achievement Award to Team Red for Team Longest Winless Streak:
General Manager and Team Representative: Kieran Hackett
Defence: Benoit Chiasson, Andre Martin, Dave the Dude Connell, Tom Simpson
Forwards: Kevin Gill, Dan Goodale, Geoff Heseltine, Jack Hubert, Jeff Jones, Mike Kneller, Kenny Labelle, David Pelletier, Bob Saharov, Alan Turpin.
Guinness Record Association, Hockey Division

Field Reporter
Team Gold Edges Team White in Team of Month Award by 1 vote

After week 20, games are as tight as ever and the top three teams continue to go after the dreaded first place with Team of the Month Team Gold gaining one point on both Teams Blue and White and picking up momentum along the way. Team Blue, feeling the heat has requested BOHA Curse Committee to release the Golden Curse who is currently in custody behind bars.

Team Red, determined not to break the “Longest winless streak” record in their illustrious history, competed and held the edge for a while, even a brief 2-1 lead for almost the first half. But sadly, the way the season is going for this proud team, it was a matter of time before Team Black found their skating legs scoring six more goals, winning 7-3 and assisted Team Red in establishing a team record of longest 8 winless streak since the founding of BOHA 52 years ago prompting Team Spokesman and can collector Jack Hubert, who was in that 1964 Red team that held the record as a 35 year old rookie to speak out while Ben Chiasson, Mike Kneller and Alan Turpin were more interested in munching 12 lbs of chicken wings courtesy of Andre Martin.

Promoted as BOHA “Game of the Week”, Team Blue and Team White did not disappoint the capacity crowd of eight huddled in Section 1A. Team White came out fast and furious, controlled the first 10 minutes then it was Team Blue turn to pour it on in the last 10 minutes. 0 – 0 tie going into the second half, game was intense but long story short, Team White needed a goal with 26.2 seconds on the clock to earn a 3-3 tie. Both teams were exhausted but enjoyed what has become the type of game played whenever these two teams meet. They meet one more time in the last game of the regular season to see who might just clinch first.

Team Green, sensing a win will get them to one point behind Team Gold, dominated Team Gold for most part of the game. A great skating team, Team Green did just that but was countered by Team Gold strategy of trap play by their 5th line of Wayne Hart, Eugene Bunys and Martin Kojoian while Team Gold sniper and Call up Chris Parkinson threw a couple of Howitzers from the blue line at Team Green Goalie Dave Wood to set the tone and easily winning 7-3. Team Gold, the now up and coming team is officially in the elite top tier group especially after earning “The Team of The Month” award.

Field Reporter
Three Way Race for the Regular Season Champion With 5 Games To Go Before Playoff

With five games left in the regular season, it looks like it is going to be a three way race for the dreaded first place, but momentum is what Teams Blue, White and Gold want and all three teams are going all out to get seeded as number one into the playoff round.

Not too long ago, Team Green was in the basement and on the protected species list with “Quality Callups” status. Judging from their 5-1 win last night against Team Blue, they are now off the list after outplaying and outshooting Team Blue in the entire game. They are now classified as the premier team in the lower echelon. For Team Blue, nothing to worry about yet, just a minor setback but now is recalling John Hamilton for the next crucial game against Team White for first place and in the meantime, brilliant draft strategist Team President Adam Belley takes the next game off to do some "Next move" planning.

Team Red appeared to be on the road back after previous week disaster against Team Blue but a few quick goals started off by Team Gold and BOHA Legal Counsel Glen Brown dampened that plan and now must wait for another week to break out of this horrible slump since November. Team Red, the team with 15 regular season championship rings has a proud history and might deploy their yet to be tested strategy #9, the inverted block shot formation in their next encounter with Team Black, as soon as they know which players Team Black will have on the roster.

With two premier defencemen missing and all Callups reserved by Team Black, Team White 3rd alternate captain Gary MacLellan along with inputs from offensive coordinators Rick Wyjad, Glen Watt and Mark Uchwat submitted roster #7 to Sister Sarah MacLellan at the Master Clock station. With BOHA most versatile position player Jocelyn Lauzon in the rear guarding the “Wall of China”, it was a matter of keeping the score close in the first half and then chip away and taking the two important points in the 4-1 win to keep Team Blue at sight and stay ahead of Team Gold who is only 4 points behind and pursuing hard with their 5-3 win over Team Red. A sigh of relief after the game and third consecutive Dagwoods Sandwiches courtesy of Dr. Claude, Team White Captain Ted Mulhern delivered a post game statement to the Field Reporters Association:

"Team Black loaded up with mostly "primo" spares were primed to take on a depleted White squad.
Team White management was forced to make an executive decision and pressed the "polyvalent" Jocelyn into D service. Using a 3D rotation and the ol' forcheck, backcheck = paycheck formula ok the trap, White skated away with a much deserved 4-1 win and foiled the Spare Gods in the process".

BOHA Callups Department News ....

With missing revenue from four unfilled callups, BOHA Callups Dept. is putting on a special for the rest of the season. Teams who click Miss early will get special "Quality" callups.

Field Reporter
Team Blue Is All Business While Team Green Solves Team White Secret Recipe

After another negotiated “week off” by the powerful BOHA Players Union, every team is eager to come back to start the Playoff preparation. While most teams are struggling to win or lose, only Team Blue is coasting and serving notice to the rest that they are determined to go over the curse hump no matter what you throw at them and after last night, the curse gods are busy devising new hump strategy.

The curtain opened to two teams fighting to be in sole third place position. Team Black controlled the first half of the game and the lead till Team Gold dusted the dirt off their sweaters collected during the off week to mount a comeback. A seesaw battle to the end, Team Gold prevailed in this playoff type game and kept second place at sight with a very close 5-4 win. No one is writing the Black off yet. It’s a matter of time before Ken Rowe who had one or two goals and the best offensive team gets going again.

Team Green did not care about being in fifth place. They were focused on this night’s game and that they did, employing the trapezoid defence box to the tee, frustrating Team White attacks again and again and then unleashed their reverse two on one breakout formation with precision scoring 3 goals off the planned rebounds and a deserving 5-2 win giving them a bit of a breathing room from Team Red. As for Team White, it was a temporary breakdown that is easily corrected, according to Team analyst Claude Lapointe and then started munching on Dagwoods sandwiches, courtesy of Brad Belvedere.

Team Blue, who has lost only one game since September is now entrenched as Vegas favourite with the odds of 1-1.05 and that is after the Take, unheard of in the booking world. Even Team Blue Investment manager Keith Imhoff is temporarily suspending his bets on his team. Team Red, trying to stay close to Team Green, appealed and got a couple of quality call ups through some connections in the city council, but sadly for Team Red at least for this game, Team Blue showed no mercy and took no prisoners, found many holes and smashed Team Red into submission with a 12-5 win.

BOHA Click Miss Dept.
After a couple of games since the new “Click Miss” policy was in effect, things are going well. The Defence Federated Union is happy now with only four D’s most of the time. Only one hold out, a Team Red player who shall remain nameless did not click Miss and now holds the record as the first player in BOHA history to get billed for the “Spare fee”.

Field Reporter
BOHA ALL Stars Website Support Team

With the off week, we thought we might share with all Bohaniens what makes BOHA tick. No doubt everyone realizes a volunteer organization cannot run without people putting their valuable time in. Financial support is also critical. All you business owners who have a website with applications can appreciate the expense of building, maintaining and enhancing a site. BOHA is very fortunate to have a great support group to keep our SpareManager site thriving. So we thought we should salute each of them and share some highlights of what they do. Give them some considerations when a need occurs. Support those who support us.

Freedom55Financials – Like it says, it’s a great place to build your business. If you’re looking for a career change or to run your own business, give Roger Richard a jingle or click the ad, fill and send the simple confidential “request for information” form and he’ll promptly get back to you. Hear him out, you have everything to gain.

Location Ideal – Got some renovation or construction work on the go or in the plan? Why spend big bucks for tools and equipment. Location Ideal is perfect for you. Tools big and small, containers, field operations equipment like trailers for long and short term rentals. Take advantage of the January special, rent a tool and Mike will let you get around him!!

Dagwoods Sandwiches – No doubt support by the Bohaniens is here from all the Dagwoods sandwiches in the dressing rooms. Spiro and all his associates appreciate it and we all appreciate Dagwoods for their continued support!!!

Don Vito-O’Neill-Gagne & Associates – Not sure how to handle what the financial marketplace has to offer or simply to get your asset in order to protect the family? Better yet, get your portfolio to the next level especially when RRSP season is just around the corner? Let Terry guide you through this complex topic with personal and professional sound advice.

Pazazz - To provide the convenience of a one stop shop, you’ve got to have the equipment and services all under one roof. The only printer in Canada to qualify for this category, their Digital, Print, Label or signage equipment and services make them a true partner for all your marketing and packaging printing needs. Pazazz serves the Pharmaceutical/Alcohol and Spirits / Food Manufacturing / Fashion / Marketing Agencies and other industries. Give Dave O’Hara a call.

Marine St. Anne – To the water craft owners, need maintenance help? Parts, accessories, repair work, docking or just plain advice about your water vehicles? Kerry Gillings is your guy to go to. Just like keeping the goals out, he’ll keep the water out of your craft.

Real Estate Broker Lynn Gauthier - It’s almost that time. Looking for a property? Need your real estate value properly assessed? Need to know the market condition? With a solid agency like Remax and efficient marketing tools, Lynn Gauthier personal attentiveness is the foundation to guide you through to a successful transaction.

Sorella Mayer – In trouble or just need some counsel on corporate, business and family legal opinions. Jean-Philippe is your man to go to. Quiet but effective is what Jean-Philippe is all about.

Elan Skis – The most innovative brand in sports equipment, visit Elan Skis website and see all the latest Elan skis, products and the ski world. Give Eugene a call if you need a retailer to go to.

Fiscale-Expert - Need some tax guidance or tax preparation for you, family, business or consultation? Visit Fiscale-Expert website, there's a wealth of information and give Will Oliver a call.

Gargul General Contractor – Quality is synonymous with the work Neil does. Pictures speak louder than words. Check out the website and you’ll see the attention to details and surroundings. Taking the time to understand your needs and seeing it through is what Neil Gargul is all about. Reliability is paramount for him and attested by all the missed games in order to finish a commitment.

Here they are, BOHA ALL Stars Website Support Team. Want to get on this team? Some exciting spots still available. Contact George Tan (450-458-2816). The financial support is minimal and the site visitors continue to grow.


Field Reporter
Cold Showers Greet All BOHA Teams. Affected Teams Red, Gold and Green

BOHA opens year 2014 with predictable results. Cold shower, all the underdogs lost and the league reporting an increase of 300 kilogram from the season opening weigh in back in August 2013 to now a total weight of 8181.81 tons including the executives. Councilman Dave Pelletier took in this consideration and had the ice surface increased by 2 inches to handle the load. Nobody including the zebras could see the markings on the ice but it held up well and no cracks.

The opening bell started with Team White and Team Red both cautiously weighing each other. Team Red had the upper hand in the first half by a slight margin but Team White Defensive Corps played big and kept it at 0-0. Predictably, Team White forwards started to come around and long story short, a 6-0 win. Back at the dressing room, a confident Team White opened the doors to the Field Reporter for some photo shoots during strategy discussion about whose picture to go on the championship photo including Team Red's "Dude" who is listening attentively to Brad Belvedere advice while everyone munches on Dagwoods sandwiches, diet chips and some cold beverages courtesy of Team GM Ted Mulhern.

Team Blue, whose weight increase is mainly from the bogeymen curse on their shoulders, continues their quest to dislodge the unwanted creatures and routed Team Gold 5-2 to remain in first place. How long can they hold on remains to be seen especially when the bogeymen are happily entrenched as shown in their recent photo. For Team Gold, it’s just a slight setback. With their talents, it’s a matter of time before points start coming in again, maybe as early as next game when they battle it out with Team Black to stay in third place.

A 6-2 loss is not what Team Green has in their recipe to start the year but remaining in 5th place and out of the basement is better than nothing, at least for another week. Still one point ahead of Team Red, Team Green tried all kinds of move to get some cushion points including a deceptive “Sweater color” move resulting in a goal by call up Ben Lesperance who wore an almost black green sweater for a brief 1-0 lead. After a mild protest from Team Black goalie Kerry Gillings, a sweater change was ordered and things went downhill for Team Green and uphill for Team Black easily winning 6-2 and in solid third place, 4 goal differentials ahead of Team Gold.

BOHA News Dept.
You will notice that “Pending” replacing some missing players. These are players that are not replaced. BOHA happily announce the new “Pending” rule is working well despite a few hold outs. It is expected these holdouts will join the mainstream once they are tired of paying the spare fees and will start clicking miss.

BOHA stipulates after the grace period which expires on January 21, regardless of reasons, anyone who does not click miss will be billed the spare fee. BOHA Legal counsel advice that if you’re not sure you could make it to a game due to family or work commitments, you still need to click miss and if you are replaced, show up anyway and play with full roster.

The “Pending” rule was introduced by the Defence Federation and unanimously voted in by the 30 members.

Other news ……….

It appears a few Bohaniens were not good boys and did not get a present from hockey Santa. Notably Greg Maloney shredded pants, Ken Labelle still sporting 2 color socks from his peewee days.

And finally, no games next week, January 14. A reminder to those spares who clicked in as available to play. It’s gonna be a long wait.

Field Reporter
BOHA Closed Year 2013 with Great Entertainments and Great Shredded Beef

In the last games of 2013, all teams were desperate to win or at least get a tie to close the year off with a smile. Unfortunately for Teams Black, Red and Gold, there was no smiling. Only the great food & beverages by BOHA Culinary Dept. of “The Dude” and “Spiro” made the holiday rest a bit easier to digest.

Leading off the night, Team Black came up blank early and then individual play started setting in when they got behind against the now undisputed heavyweight of BOHA, Team Blue. With the 4-0 win against the best offensive team, it is projected that, Team Blue will be crowned, relatively speaking, as the regular season champion in not too distant time, barring unforeseen and uncontrollable events and the everlasting “Curse” bonus.

No one wants to finish the year in the bottom of the pile so for Team Green, the solution was easy. Win and 5th place is theirs. Team Green did just that, outscoring Team Red 5-3 to move up in the standings to 5th place for the rest of the year, the best they could do for now, one point ahead of Team Red and more importantly out of the damp basement. Team Red fought valiantly but in the end, an open net goal by Team Green sealed the deal against them and the remaining 2013 will just be a little damper and longer for them.

In front of the biggest crowd of the year munching away the culinary delights, Team White, making sure they stay abreast to Team Blue and creating a bit of separation room with the surging Team Gold, had their “before the game” shot ritual again. Since it was a crucial game, it had to be a double dose. It was a hard fought game and both teams did not disappoint the capacity crowd with entertaining moves and the old “Loyola vs LCC” rivalry going on. Team White Jamie Heward and Team Gold Peter McCusker had a bit of a tango along the boards, not once but twice. And then it was David Newell and Glen Brown. Finally Brad Belvedere and Paul Painter had disagreement between them. In the end, it was playoff hockey style and Team White Jocelyn Lauzon sneaked the 2-1 winning goal by Team Gold Call up Shawn Farrell. If history is to repeat, the interim Standings now is identical to 1992 when Team White went on to finish the regular season in second place and won the Championship game with then and now retired goalie Ron Burla, who was in his prime before tangling with the CP train. Ecstatic with the news and the win, Team White Jamie, David and Brad extended their hands to Peter, Glen and Paul. All happily put their differences aside and took the photo shoot opportunity except Painter, who was still griping about nothing while finger point something to Brad.

And soon, rink attendants Yves and his cohort Terry, happy with the annual X’mas gratitude provided by all Bohaniens, gave the “DIX MINUTES” sign and after all the well wishes said and done, each Bohanien went into his own dream world hoping to wake up outshining the sun and what 2014 will bring.

BOHA 2013 Last Night Awards:

Best Player:

Team White Jocelyn Lauzon. Versatile forward and only undefeated goalie to date. Scored the last 2013 winning goal receiving 36 first place votes. Tie breaker vote was from Team White awesome President, General Manager and Team Rep Ted Mulhern. To commemorate this event, the Team White famous Championship picture has resurfaced and Jocelyn is the first face to fill the picture.

Runner up Best Player:

Team Blue Spiro Krallis. Solid D in the 4-0 win receiving 35 first place votes. Unfortunately Team Blue also awesome President, General Manager and Team Rep Adam Belley went to some Seamen Brothers Convention and did not cast a vote. But no qualms from Spiro, he is delighted to be named as Super Iron Chef 2013 by BOHA Master Iron Chef Mark Dubois.

Hockey Operations Announcement:

BOHA Spare program is working very well. However, not many are buying in to the “15 Players” roster causing shortages in many nights. Starting in 2014, BOHA Executive has approved the “4D’s Roster” rule. The process will be automated to assist all and take away Team Reps manually handling it.

During the holiday break, IT Dept. will be implementing and enhancing system to handle the “4 D’s Optimal Roster”. VP on Ice Jack Digiacomo will communicate with Team Reps what to expect. More of this and other news to follow.

From The Field Reporters Association, a Happy, Prosperous and Safe Happy Holiday to all subscribers,


Field Reporter, Associate Field Reporter, Asst. Field Reporter and all Field Reporter Trainees
Team Blue Undisputed BOHA Team of the Month

One week before the Holiday break, three teams got their early presents and the other three are hoping to get one next week.

Not too long ago, Team green was right up there battling for first place with Team White. That is now a distant memory after a 4-3 loss to Team Gold, their 6 straight losses. Team Gold, with 10 points in their last 6 games, is steadily climbing the Standings board. Keep playing like they do and first place by the New Year is within reach.

Team White, in first place most of season, has been toppled by the new kid on the block. Team Blue, another team steadily on the rise and voted by the Field Reporters Association as Team of the Month, shows why with a 4-3 win and the first place to go with it. Team White, in the second slump of the year, is now looking for another pre-game beverage and team President Ted Mulhern has suspended filling in the faces in the Championship picture.

Team Red, who is averaging 7 goals for or against in the last three games, did it again, this time, on the against side losing 7-4 to Team Black. Next week is the crucial week for Team Red as their opponent, Team Green, will be going after them in the "Battle of the Inepts" game next week to close out the 2013 schedule.

Reminder to all …………………

Games are one hour long next week. 8, 9 and 10pm. BOHA X-mas Committee is planning the food & beverages. All Bohaniens; Regulars, Spares and Alumnis are encouraged to show up, mingle and shoot the s..t with the boys before the two week holiday rest.

Field Reporter
Team Blue BOHA New Destiny Team. Voted as Team of The Week 14

With two games left before the holiday break, every team has different agenda. Some to finish first. Some to get out of the bottom pile. But every team has one common goal, to get a few more points before the end of 2013. After last night games, 3 teams accomplished the goal and the other 3 have to wait for next week.

After a long layoff, Team Red back stopper Ted “Stonewall” Jackson made his debut with a roundabout game. Signs of the glorious past were there but after the long rest, it was a bit rusty and a few left shots went right and a few right shots went left confusing his defencemen who stood to watch Team Gold free whacks at the rebounds and down 4-1. With the rust out of the way, Team Red did not give up and soon it was 4-3. Overall, it was a satisfying 8-5 loss especially when Ted stopped Eugene Bunys 4 times and keeping Eugene at the bottom of the league in goals/shot percentage of 0.00090.

Team Black, in cahoots with the other teams to unseat Team White, accomplished it with a 4-3 win grounding Team White at least temporarily for another week. With the minor setback, Team White may have to stop filling in the faces on the champions picture, hit the pre-game bottle again and downsize the plan to just finishing on top for the holiday break. Team Black, voted by the Field Reporters Association as the best offensive team continues to live up to its reputation with Rob Bowrin now leading the league with 102 shots and finally climbing out to second last spot in goals/shot percentage of 0.00091, just ahead of Team Gold Eugene Bunys.

Team Blue who has amassed 14 points since their food & beverage hunger strike, has put that aside and is now playing awesome hockey, best in the league for over two months. Almost 2 points assured every time they step on the ice, Team Green was not going to let it happen easily. A close game and a 1 -1 tie, Team Green came close to going ahead with a few minutes left, but Team Blue new addition Andy Wozny took the matter in his own hands, skated in and scored on his own rebound. Another goal later and Team Blue is now Team of the Week and might be in first place after their game against Team White next week.

Field Reporter
Team White Impressive. Players Picking Spot To Put Their faces In The Championship Picture

In the critical week 13, BOHA Prediction Dept. issued the projected Champion of the season. Upon hearing the broadcast, all the remaining teams are now in full battle mode placing a huge target on Team White and to prove the league wrong in their bold prediction. Statistics already showing roster maneuvering by some teams to teach Team White not to be so coc...

Team Green was given the first task of unseating Team White and came out in a blockbuster fashion easily scoring 5 goals and a 5-1 lead. The score would have been higher if not for the heroics of Call up goalie Jocelyn Lauzon making a few flop saves. With pressure now on Team White to uphold the prediction, the chip and fore-check game soon started and by the end of the buzzer, a 6-5 win and another 2 points collected and looking forward to the next game. With this impressive comeback win, Team White players retired to the dressing room to start picking the spot where each face should be in the Championship Team picture released by BOHA while enjoying the Kojak wraps, chicken in aluminum foil, eastern rice topped with lettuce cuisine and tequila rimmed with lime, courtesy of the yet to be defeated goalie Jocelyn Lauzon.

Trying to get 2 points at BOHA this season is a big challenge. Most coaches are trying to move up the standings with the goal differential. Thinking alike, Teams Red and Blue went out with the trap game. After a close first half, both Coaches Kieran Hackett and Adam Belley soon realized the strategy is not working and gave the order to open up. Like good listeners sometimes, the troops went to their offensive formation and a 6-6 tie and 0 goal differential. A satisfying one point each, both coaches went back to their dressing rooms to dream up other strategies for the next game, especially Team Red, who now drops to fourth place behind Team Gold.

Team Gold, in the basement not too long ago, has been taking off steadily climbing the standings under the wings of their pilot Mike “Airhog” Rourke. With an impressive 6-2 win and finally in third place, there’s no reason to touch down just yet. Setting their sight next week on Team Red in the “Game of the Week” opener, another win will keep them up in the air for a little while. Team Black, in a downward spiral since goalie Kerry Gillings has been experiencing back pain, is not panicking just yet, especially when their medical team has now come up with the Arthri-Plus spray. Team Black Historian Ed Hussey gave a quick lecture that their 2003 Team Black version was in last place that year at Christmas break before charging in the new year climbing all the way to the top before stalling in the championship game against Team White.

BOHA Call Ups Dept. Bulletin ……

A few anonymous calls to the department requesting higher ranked call ups. A statement issued by the department suggests that statistics show that the earlier a franchise player clicks in his “Miss”, the better chance of getting a more “suitable” call up.

Those players that click in late and it is happening quite often, are costing their team competitiveness as they are most likely replaced by lower rated call ups in order to meet the budget line. BOHA operates in a socialist business model. Steaks for all instead of ice time for few.

Field Reporter
All Games Lopsided And A Few More Goalies Reporting Lower Body Issues

With both Teams Blue and White PR Departments reporting goalies lower body injuries, teams affected are revising their game plan. If this pattern continues, it’ll be a record year for missed goalies, physically speaking. BOHA Goalie Union is now negotiating with soon to be Website sponsor “Location Ideal” for long term lease on pylons.

For Team White, goalie or no goalie makes no difference as the defensive wall continues to hold up except this time, Team White came out with their offensive game from the get go scoring an easy 7-3 win over Team Gold. With their 6 shots, Team Gold felt Karl Boivin missing stick was the primary reason why they have lost some glitter and why they are back in the basement tied with Team Black. But with a few more shots and wins before the holiday break and maybe a shooting stick pre-X’mas present, Karl Boivin and the Gold diggers might just shoot their way out from the underworld again.

Cabbage rolls on the menu fermented to perfection, Team Blue is the hottest team at least from the menu point of view registering another convincing and easy 8-4 win over Team Black. Not a big deal for the Black. Just a minor setback and a bit of in season rest before the playoff push. They’ll be back soon to live up to their reputation as BOHA best offensive team. As for Team Blue, they’re just happy to have something to nourish on and hydrate.

A shot here and a shot there and the next thing is a 7-2 win for Team Red over Team Green but more importantly overtaking Green in third place with a 4 goal differential advantage. If Team Green continues to let in a goal here and there, they will be playing two late games when the playoff starts.

BOHA Treasury Report:

Billing notice is out for all regulars with outstanding balance. While the grace period is extended for a bit. Field Reporters Association has reliable sources that those with a balance after the grace period may not be invited back next season. Something to do with the economic theory of positive supply and demand curve BOHA is enjoying for the last few years.

Field Reporter
Call Ups make the difference, and almost everyone gets a cold shower.

This article is a special from Junior Field Reporter Trainee with limited editing.

In a disastrous 3 minutes for Team Green early in the game, Team Black potted 3 goals on their way to building a 4-0 lead over a lackluster Green Team by half time. Green managed to score 3 in the second half but Black added 2 more to finish at 6-3. Black moved the puck with authority throughout the game, while Green seemed to be going in circles. Could the fact that Green had 4 call ups in the forward line and with 5 defensemen have anything to do with their lackluster performance?

In the second game of the evening Team White out scored Team Red in both periods in spite of having a short bench to finish at 6-4. Did a couple of White's players "forget" to click "MISS", or is the team rep roster maneuvering? Maybe it's time the league executive cracked down on this blatant disregard for league regulations.

In the 3rd game of the night, Team Gold managed to outscore Team Blue 2-1 in the 1st half, and then went on to score two more in the 2nd half. However, it was evident that Team Gold got the benefit of a huge upgrade, a League Standings adjustment tool, according to BOHA Call Ups Dept.

Many players were not happy in the dressing rooms after their games as there didn't seem to be any hot water for the showers. A mechanical breakdown, or a cost cutting measure by our new City council. A protest letter from BOHA Shower Committee is on the way to Councilor Pelletier.

News From BOHA SS Dept.

In reviewing last night games, BOHA System Services Dept. has monitored that some teams and players are manipulating the system. A poll is indicating that most, especially the defensemen, don’t like the extra man on the roster. A win win solution is in place and on the priority agenda list. Last night there were 4 players who did not click "MISS", resulting in 8 misses in two weeks and substantial loss of revenue. The Treasury has informed that to date, the lost revenue to date due to this violation is now equivalent to one annual fee and is affecting the menu. The soup is now cut down to cup size.

Not So Cheerful,
Junior Field Reporter Trainee
Vegas Stymied. Too Many Low Scoring Close Games To Set Odds

After 10 weeks of action filled games and sometimes boring trap system exhibited by Team White, Vegas Odds Setting Committee has temporarily suspended BOHA from the preferred list. With potential loss of commission revenue, BOHA Treasury is now looking into investing in Blackberry, but must wait for one of its Investing teams to get on board. Team Black has been under performing in the spare revenue department causing a delay to BOHA Treasury Dept. to submit a deposit.

Team Blue, on the surge since Adam Belley pulled off the silent trade went head to head with Team Red, another hot team with 7 out of 10 points in the last 5 games. It was a great tight game until Team Blue, inspired by John Hamilton top shelf tying goal, took advantage of Red’s few defensive lapses in the last 5 minutes with 3 quick goals to continue their surge with a 5-3 win spoiling Team Red post game BBQ spare ribs menu. A content John Hamilton took a bit of time in the shower to reflect on his achievement costing Team Blue extra dressing room rental fee, happily paid for by Steve Graham, another team Blue goal scorer.

With another short benching strategy, Team Black is leading the league with 16 “Did Not Click Miss” putting the league’s Christmas menu on hold till further advice. With 3 short of the legal roster, Team Black just did not have any juice left to mount anything in the second half. Along with the loss, invoice for the loss revenue is in the mail to the Team Black 3 offending players. Team Gold, playing above board and with a bit more conviction earning the 3-2 win, is only 2 points out of 5th position but still satisfied being in the top 6.

Following the same pattern since day 1, Team White played a tight first half, survived an onslaught by Team Green near the end of first half and then with quick and precise transition passes, scored a 4-1 win against Team Green. Like many other teams, Green just could not figure out how to get around the brick defensive wall.

Field Reporter
Junior Field Reporter Trainee's Highlights From Week 8 Games

Black's Bob Bowrin miffed as substitute goalie leads Team Green to a 3-1 win. Team Green defenseman Mark Dubois finally realized that getting his shot on the net could result in scoring a goal.

Team Gold gave Team Blue a run for the money, trailing 3-1 going into the final minute they pulled their goalie to get an extra attacker on the ice. Unfortunately Team Blue had a couple of snipers on the ice and they potted 2 empty net goals from their end of the rink for an easy win.

Team Red, lead by Ken Lebelle, wearing 2 red socks this week, came out of the starting blocks flying and had a 3 goal lead built up in the 1st 4 min of the game. They potted another 3 goals by the 16 min mark of the 2nd period, and coasted to a 6-2 win over White. Team White is officially in its first slump of the season.

Junior Field Reporter Trainee
Silent Trades By Team Blue Cause Concern To BOHA. A Rogue Balancing Committee Watchdog Committee Formed

Controversy is now in half bloom after week 7 saw secret trades and maneuvering by some team executives are causing concerns to BOHA that a self-proclaimed Balancing Committee Watchdog Committee is now in play. Led by the controversial veteran player Frank Kruzich, who holds the record as the 90th player drafted annually since he joined BOHA some 40 years ago, somehow hoodwinked Spare Coordinator Kerry Gillings, Geoff Kinnear, Treasurer Dave Wood and innocent bystander and committee body guard Andy Wozny into this rogue committee and a solidarity photo proof. A red carpet hearing is in the horizon.

In the meantime, Adam Belley, silently accepted a recommended trade for Team Blue. Along with the trades he made during the pre-season draft has catapulted Team Blue into the Premier section of the League and should be out of the bottom tier by next game. With their 3-2 win over Team White, Adam Belley was voted by his teammates as Executive of the Year for his silent moves and then celebrated with pizzas, healthy field grown vegetable with dips, courtesy of Steve Graham. Everyone agreed that this was a big notch above the previous week’s “Foodless and Beverageless” menu. For Team White, it was a big relief that breaking up Team White Big D machine is not going to happen soon now that Team White has been on the short end the last two games.

For Team Red, another team on the move upward has their own remedy of breaking out of the slump. Tired of losing, Team Red Defensive Captain and League VP off ice Dave “The Dude” Connell permutated that dehydration was the main cause of the team malaise. He was spot on with the 3-2 win over League leading Team Black after bringing the “Hydration Beverage Equipment” and tested by Team Rep Kieran Hackett. Another red carpet hearing on this too.

The closeout game was just that. Team Gold, broke out of their slump scoring 2 quick beautiful tape to tape pass goals by outgoing President next season Terry O’Neill and a quick 4-1 lead. Team Green, with 5 replacement players, soon started jiving and made a game of it but in the end just not able to dent a quality team like Gold, also under microscope by Balancing Committee for possible illegal call ups. For Team Green, a good sportsmanship team, a 4-3 loss is still a respectable runner-up position, avoiding a third red carpet hearing.

Field Reporter
Regular Season Back On Track After Successful Tournament. BOHA Introducing New Face Off Rule

After a record breaking successful Tournament, BOHA regular season was back in full steam to finish off the first cycle. Some teams handled the off week better than others and some did not know or care about the first cycle. About 25 players were still experiencing some type of post tournament stress disorders requiring replacement players to fill in. But most missing players were just disguising their maladies while enjoying a hot dog or two at BOHA top farm team opener who lost 4-3 to the Maple Leafs.

Team Black, the best offensive team in the league, proved the analysts right with a quick jump on Team Gold before allowing Team Gold back into the game but finishing with an easy 5-4 win and going 2 points up on Gold in the standings. Team Black is now looking forward to handing Team White first loss when they meet next week to begin the second cycle.

Team White, surviving a barrage of attacks from speedy replacement players from the Team Green farm team and down 3-2 but not out yet, took over the pace in the last 10 minutes of the game to score the tying goal with 1:39.31 left on the clock earning a 3-3 tie. Team White survived 5 short handed situations but may not be as fortunate starting next week when the ensuing face off after a penalty will be in the offending team zone. In the meantime, the team celebrated going undefeated in the first cycle but Team assistant something Yves Quenneville cautioned that every game is going to be a challenge from now on.

Team Red, desperately holding on to 5th place, was not looking good for a long while against a determined Team Blue. Trying to finish the first cycle with a first win and get out of the bottom of the totem pole, Team Blue Rick Wyjad, who found out earlier he was traded to Team White, was flying and trying to prove his worth but in the end, with 0 goal and no assist, found out why he got traded. Team Red, with the goalie out, came back to tie it 3-3 with 29.3 seconds left on the clock. Boosted by yet to be announced new players in the next cycle, Team Red might just be a contender somewhere down the road.

Report from BOHA Spare Coordinators Division:

BOHA is experiencing higher than normal missing players. But many are clicking in their Miss very late during game day. The result is opportunity lost since spares have made other commitments. While it is understandable that last minute affairs do surface, BOHA newest Miss detection software indicates many just do not bother clicking in till last minute. At this point, tube steak is replacing prime rib in the banquet menu.

Appeal also goes to spares who click in “Request for Games”. The coordinators use this list extensively. They are requesting that if your availability has changed, please go back in your “My Schedules” and remove those games you clicked in as available.

Field Reporters Association Insider Report:

Although not confirmed or denied, Teams Red, Blue and White have made trades.
Team White Roger Richard has cleared waiver, opening a spot for Team Blue to trade Rick Wyjad to Team White reducing their cap space.
Team Red Mike Kneller traded to Team Blue with future considerations. Both teams discussing how many beverages to include in the trade.
Gino Pallante is signed to a one way contract by Team Red President Kieran Hackett.
Bob Saharov is signed to a two way contract by Team Red dual position holder General Manager Kieran Hackett.

Field Reporter
BOHA 2013 Tournament Documents
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BOHA Taking a Week Break To Host the Annual Charity Invitational Tournament. Field Reporters Association Announces the Virtual “Manager of the Best Draft” Award

With 16.666% of the season completed, BOHA is taking a week off in preparation of the BOHA Invitational Charity tournament. At the virtual “Manager of The Best Draft” award ceremony, Team White President, CEO, General Manager and Captain Ted Mulhern graciously accepted the award for his draft move of now talk of the league big D Corps. Finishing a close second by ½ vote is Adam Belley for trading his first round goalie pick to last in exchange for a # 1 defence pick. It is now look at as a brilliant move after a new goalie will be named shortly to back up Team Blue. For Team Blue, the prospect of moving out of the basement apartment is looking very good.

To start off the night, Team Red, missing some key players just did not have the kind of game to match the quick rising Team Green losing 6-3. Game was close but a few breakaways broke the game wide open causing Team Red Captain Kieran Hackett to review his Team Roster.

Team Blue Captain Adam Belley, a close runner up in the virtual “Manager of the Best Draft” award, is still in control of his happy team even though another 6-2 loss to Team Black is keeping his team 6 feet underground. For this team, it’s all about having a good gourmet meal after the game. But this is a possum move as news is circulating that they are about to rise up to the occasion.

Team White continues to play the “Curse Free” playoff style hockey. Team Gold came out very quickly, caught Team White off guard just a little bit with eight shots in two short barrages but could not dent the net. Soon Team White system took over, put Team Gold to sleep, scored a goal here and there for a 7-2 win and finishing the first segment in first place and a deserving week rest.

Field Reporter
BOHA In Full Stride. Cracking Down On Those Not Clicking Miss
With increased competition and some teams already in danger of not getting an invitation to the playoff invitational round robin series, all team representatives are whipping their players into shapes; some square, some round but most just stayed on whatever shapes they are in. Some Teams are going into as far as roster maneuvering and BOHA Revenue watchdog committee has identified the culprits and now will impose a “Missing tax” + HST on these players, with 3% commission to other teams.

Team Gold, holding on to a comfortable lead at one point let Team Blue back into the game with some late goals and then sealed it off for a 6-5 close but still a 2 pointer win. The good news is Team Blue Andre Blanchette is back on track after clearance from BOHA Chief Cardiologist and some cardio workouts. Team Blue, feeling the blues and still looking for their first point of the season, did a good job jelling with about 2 minutes left in the game and looking forward to next week challenge before the BOHA Tournament break.

Team White, looking big from the rear, although outshot 31-20, stayed in the game with Team Red long enough and then scored on whatever chances they had to secure a big come from behind win 6-3. Never waiver from their defensive strategy, Team White Big Five defensive trap system confused Team Red quick breakout plan allowing Red’s Jet Jones only one breakaway. Jeff “Jet’ Jones, used to 3 to 4 breakaways every game, was a bit cold and tried a hard slider along the ice to Team White goalie five hole. For Goalie George Tan, it was a matter of doing the basics; keep the new stick, a gift from Team Red premier defenceman Ben Chiasson, on the ice.

With six call ups and no Team Captain, Team Green just did not know what the outcome will be. Fortunately, two veterans Howard Gosselin and BOHA Chief Cardiologist Dr. Jean Pierre Mayer Sr., took the team by the horns, scored a couple of goals each for an easy 6 – 3 win, not only elevating Team Green to second place but winning by a close 3 vote margin, joint players of the night over Team White Ted Mulhern. Behind Team Black dressing room door, BOHA best team so far, has already forgotten the minor setback and focusing on their next victim Team Blue.

BOHA News and PR Dept.
Kieran Hackett, BOHA tournament volunteers head hunter, is busy recruiting workers for BOHA Charity Tournament to begin September 24. Please say yes and help him and the whole league out. This is a very worthwhile time for all Bohaniens to pitch in. Just a few hours of your time will do wonders for countless people less fortunate than we are. To date, all Bohaniens are proud to see we, Bohaniens, have donated over $550,000 to the cause. For all our valued spares, you may not be on a team but you are every bit a Bohanien. Come on out, get to know the boys. This is a great time to put your face in front of your name, a big must when vying for a spot as a regular.

Field Reporter
BOHA Week Witnessing Some Stars Shining. Others Are Mostly Just Dust

In the second week of the young season, a few Bohaniens are beginning to shine while most others are still just a speck of dust occupying a space somewhere out there trying to form into stars, hopefully sooner than later.

Spectators who were lucky to get a seat from scalpers got their money’s worth as they were treated by Team Black Mathieu Crevier with a beautiful front cut swerve goal leading his team to a 5-2 win over Team Red and by unanimous vote, player of the game and tied with Team Gold Eugene Bunys as Week two Players of the week. Early reports from the Field Reporters Association are pegging Team Black as a major contender to take it all. For Team Red, a bit of development and a few more games under the belt and they should be fine.

Team Gold, whose sweaters were the only thing that were glimmering last week, rebounded strongly and with new shining star Eugene Bunys 2 pinpoint pass assists, toppled Team Green 4-2 and earning him "Best playmaker of the night" and a joint player of the game award with Team Black Mathieu Crevier. Another game like this and Eugene will surpass his personal best assist record, so far a total of 3 assists in 6 years as a Bohanien. With a big smile and a Dagwoods sandwich in hands, Eugene is a happy man.

Team White, whose D corps has now trimmed down by a few pounds to just less than 500 KG, is at it again. As predicted by League Analyst Dr. Jean-Pierre Mayer, Team White is playing a low scoring quick pass out controlled game. Team Blue, forced to play the modified trap game, had their own Blueline “Jet Jones” strategy, got a couple of clean breakaways but the cement set just a tad too early for the Belley brothers hands keeping the game closed but a well deserved 2-2 tie.

All in all, things at BOHA are still according to plan. For next week crucial games, as predicted by BOHA astrologist Ed Hussey, the moon and stars alignment means some teams will win, some may tie and some will lose.

Field Reporter
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